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UFAs only signing 1 year deals (NHL)


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Well, after playing a bit more, I have to say that this problem, at least in the NHL, seems to be pretty much gone. That said, I'd still rather see players signing longer contracts (never seen a contract longer than 5 years) and with a raising salary.

In Europe, however, I still see many, many 1-yr deals. In richer leagues, like the KHL or NLA, contracts should be longer, especially for the richer teams and/or the best players.

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I really have a problem here... Teams only resigning players (and signing big name UFAs) to 1-2 year deals...


Sidney Crosby:

2020 (I know he's 32, but still..) - 1 year extension (Coming off a 41 goal, 96 point 2019-2020 season)

2021 - 2 year extension

2023 - 1 year extension

2024 - 1 year extension (He's still producing at 40 goals a season)

This seems to happen with everyone not coming off entry level deals, while players coming off entry level deals are generally signing 3-4 year deals. I think even though a player is over 28, if he is still producing he should be getting a longer contract. If Stamkos hits free-agency IRL he will get the max 8 years on a deal, in EHM he gets a 1 or 2 year deal.

There is a problem here and hopefully this can get resolved ASAP

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What version and rosters are you playing?

I am not seeing this in my game. Normally players will sign 3-4 year extensions but I agree that even that is a bit outdated nowadays now and probably a leftover from the previous version as you rarely have any contract running any longer than 4 years. I have even seen my players rejecting insanly contracts just because it was long term - at least i think that was the reason. Why else would they reject an 8y deal for like 9m a season.

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I also am not seeing it. Contracts should be richer and longer, but frankly most of players as peter said sign 3-4 years extensions.

I agree that contracts should be improved, but I'm not seeing 1 year deal in the NHL anymore. In Europe, though, the situation is still bad.

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