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Publish a EHM 2007 format database to Steam Workshop

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1. From the the Start Screen select Import Database

2. Import your Database.

3. From the Start Screen Select Downloads

4. “Local Path for Content” -> Select -> Choose the folder for your created Database and select “OK”

For example, the folder location would be: <EHM install directory>\data\database\<Your DB>

Typically, the install directory is C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Eastside Hockey Manager)

Please note this requires a working “database.db” file inside the folder for your database.

Optional extra files for custom databases: extra_config.cfg, record_config.cfg, transfer_rules_config.cfg

5. Enter the information and select “Publish” to publish your item.

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Do I need to include EHM 2007 format database files when I upload them to the workshop?

No. Once you have imported the EHM 2007 database to the new EHM 2015 format, you can copy the newly created "database.db" and any extra configuration files (see: Extra Files below) into a separate folder and point the local path there.

Local path: {game installation folder}\data\database\

This is the folder where the select path dialog starts. Choose your imported database folder (or create it) and put the database.db file into there.

Required files for uploaded databases: database.db

Possible extra files: extra_config.cfg, record_config.cfg, transfer_rules_config.cfg

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