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[FM16][MOD] Debski's World of Hairstyles (2580 new Regen hairstyles)


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Released: 30.11.2015 22:00



Brand new hairpack for FM2016 adding 2580 new fresh styles for your regens/newgens!

Make your long-term saves so much more enjoyable, with this new addition to complete the FM experience.

The download includes thousands of hairstyles from all over the world, and will make you want to keep even the shittiest of regens just because they look so good ;-).

Due to the new type of regens from FM15 to 16, a very small percentage of the hairs will not fit 100%, as the width of regen faces varies by a small margin this year, making some heads too narrow and others too wide - this is nothing we can do anything about, and as written it should affect only very few players.

Tested and looking well on light and dark skins as well, and save game compatible. Goes perfectly along with other installed graphics (hairpacks, logos, kits and so on).

Enjoy guys!






Step 1:

Please be aware that this graphical mod DOES NOT go into the "Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016" folder as normal graphics do (kits, logos, faces and so on). It will not work/have any affect if extracted here.

Instead extract the whole folder "Debski's World of Hairstyles for FM16 v1.0" into the following directory on your computer:

"[YOUR FM GAME FOLDER]\data\facegen\hair"

(Default place to look for this folder is "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2015").

Step 2:

The above mentioned folder (hair) should now contain minimum 6 folders. The "afro", "asian", "euro", "hispanic" and "mixed_race" standard folders by SI, alongside with your new "Debski's World of Hairstyles for FM16 v1.0" and eventually other custom graphics you might have installed.

Step 3:

Open up your game, go into preference > interface and click the "Clear Cache" button. When done, close the game. Run again, and everything should be up and running.

Files are save-game compatible, meaning you don't have to start a new game for them to make effect.


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I assume this won't change anything for the current regens already in game?

It will most probably change their current hair, but it's not 100% sure. But if it does, it stays withing the same category (ethnicity, color and length).

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Please tell me there are no players wearing glasses and stuff like that.

Excited to try this!

Not seen any glasses, but have noticed a couple with pierced ears, just little black/white dots, not too bad really.

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Anyone noticed haircuts changing each time you load a save? not all players but some?

I have same issue...some players have dark short hair and after game restart the same players have light brown and long hair and beard...

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I have a problem. Many regens (if not all of them) have 2 faces. What I mean. I.e. a certain regen named Carey, sometimes has hair like dreadlocks with no beard, and sometimes is skin head with heavy beard. It's always one or another. And there is no way to tell when he has which. (It happens with other regens as I said earlier)

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