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Help with attributes panel


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Hi, can I change the height and width of the attributes panel? See a screenshot below, but the gist of it is that there's scroll lists in my attributes panel and I can't see recent developments to a players attribute, so want to increase the height and depth just a bit. Perhaps at the expense of the box to the right with info on preferred foot etc.


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The Attributes panel and the extra bit are controlled by the 'player attributes panel profile.xml' file located in the panels folder, at the top of the file should be this line:

<layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" layout="-3, -1" offset="0" gap="15"/>

You can reduce the gap value to free up some space, whilst the -3 number sets the width of the attributes panel and -1 sets the extra details width, these two numbers act as a ratio, so by default the attributes panel takes up 75% of the space with the extra panel getting 25% of the space, you can adjust these ratios to adjust how space each side gets. Or you can change the -3 to -1 and the -1 to a fixed number this will assign the right panel to a fixed width of how many pixels you set, whilst the -1 tells the attributes panel to use the rest of the space.

If you want to increase the vertical height to get rid of the scroll bars then you need to edit the 'player profile.xml' file also found in the panels folder, in that file look for this code near the top of the file:

<container default_height="410" priority="1">

And increase the height value.

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Thanks, but I don't have a 'player attributes panel profile'. The panels I got from someone else when we worked on facepacks for FM15, might even have been FM14, and I think he downloaded them from somewhere else, the panels fit the previous games but not this and I guess that the absence of the attribute panel is a reason. Are there new panels for FM16? I downloaded artdekdok's panels mods for FM15 now too but didn't find a 'player attributes panel profile' there either. Could you share a file?

I've got the 'player profile.xml' at least and found the code, will check on that later, thanks alot!

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