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Norwegian Newbie Guide for Football Manager 2016

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I run a Norwegian game blog, and I have created a three part beginner's guide to Football Manager 2016 (in Norwegian) - total of about 6.000 words. The guide is meant as a quick introduction to the game, and how to get going, as many new players find it difficult and overwhelming to start a new game. I have based it from my own point of view - how I - as an experienced CM/FM-player for 20 years - do it when I start a new manager career.

It was published in three parts, and they are available below.

As mentioned, it is in Norwegian and intended for Norwegian audience. It can possibly be translated via google chrome for others. Hope someone will find it useful, or - as this forum might have mostly experienced users, perhaps someone will share it with less experienced friends :)


Kristian Foshaug


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