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Cup Comp error (possible bug?)


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I've edited the Scottish League Cup into a tournament with a Preliminary Round, Group Stage and Knockout Round sections. Having validated the rules and tested in game I have a bizarre problem which I can't get my head around, I'm unsure if this a problem with my settings within the editor or a bug within the editor/game.

So this is the post season schedule;

  • Stage 0 - Preliminary Round
  • Stage 1 - Group Stage
  • Stage 2 - Knockout Phase


The Preliminary and Group stages are working exactly how I want them, however I'm having problems with the Knockout rounds; from the group stage 2 teams per group should qualify to the Fourth round, this is shown in the in game group stage rules.


However on completion of the group stage the schedule somehow changes and the 4th round and quarter final are skipped, giving me this new schedule.


Stage 2 kicks in at the Semi final stage with 12 teams given a bye to the next round and the two finalists not being teams involved in the semi final!


These are my editor settings;

Stage 2 Rounds


Stage 1 Qualification Rules


Stage 2 Team Rules


Another issue is when getting player/team stats from the tournament its only giving stats from teams involved in stage o off the competition. Does anyone have any idea if I've gone wrong anywhere or if this is perhaps a bug?

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