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Sunday evening game


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Dear FMO´er

Welcome to the FM Online Forum

We understand you want to get your FM Online experience underway as quickly as possible but we do have some ground rules within our forum, so here is a quick overview which should help you get going.

Please dont forget to take some time out and read our forum thoroughly, there is plenty to help you with just the click of a button!

Your new and you dont quite know where to start? Then I would recommend reading the FMO Basics thread, this guide will tell you exactly what it says, the basics to getting a game of FM going online. Click Here to View the FMO Basics Thread

You´ve read the FMO Basics but your still stuck? Best use our easy to use Help Thread, everything can be asked in here, even if its never been asked before, dont be afraid! The moderation team and the regulars of the forum will try and answer your questions when we can!Click Here to View the Help Thread

Once you got up and running you will either be hosting a game yourself or be wanting to join one, well we cater for everyone, each of the following threads has an easy form to follow:

Short Term Game Thread - This one is used if your looking for a "kick about" Click Here to View the Short Term Game Thread

Available Player Thread - Within this thread your opening yourself up for everyone who needs players to say you want a game and your serious about wanting to play in a game regularly. Click Here to View the Available Player Thread

Clan Advertiser - You´ve decided to create your own clan but need players, then post in this thread to tell fellow potential players that you need them! Click Here to View the Clan Advertiser Thread

Of course once your up and away it may still happen that in your clan thread you make the odd mistake here and there and need some corrections or have a special request, herefore you can use the Mods Request Thread, we will take a look and see what we can do for you! Click Here to View the MODS Request Thread

If you want to interact with some of the forum regulars then you can also visit the FMO Off Topic Thread, anything goes here, well as long as its not FMO! Click Here to View the FMO Off Topic Forum Thread

That should get you started, if you have anymore questions or requests then follow the links above and ask away!

Please adhere to FMO and SI Games Forum rules at all times!

Good Luck and lots of fun with your FMO Experience!

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