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Cup with Groups


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I am trying to create a domestic cup with 2 qualification rounds leading into a group stage and then onto the knockout rounds, Champions League/Europa League style. I've tried a few settings and even tried copying the advanced rules for the Champions League however no matter what I try I keep getting a "no teams found for stage 1 (Group stage)" error when validating the settings in the editor.

I have split the competition into 3 sections;

Stage 1 - Qualifiers

Stage 2 - Group Stage

Stage 3 - Knockout Stage

Within my stage 0 settings I have the following fate action to qualify the winners into the group stage;

Qualify team for stage, second qualifying phase, winning team, 1, group stage

And within the stage 1 settings I have the following team rules to add the qualified teams to my group;

Get qualified teams from stage, 0, qualifying round, second qualifying phase

However I have had no luck, does anyone have any ideas as to what else I could try?

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