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I need just a couple of changes


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Well, long story short: I wanted more panels, rows and information porn on my games, and there are almost no skin I like in my resolution (1366x768) so I edited a skin with no knowledge about skinning to get what I wanted.

And I managed to do it! It doesn't look that different to the original, but it now has the little details I wanted. Basically, I changed things by trial and error, touching here and there until (almost) everything looked good. What doesn't look good are basically two things I captured in this screen:


Since I'm zoomed out at 75%, "long" numbers show like what you see inside the red circles. The same happens with Last 5 games at the Squad screen. Since I couldn't "move" the limit on those panels, the solution I found was to locate the font used for attributes numbers and replace it with a "thin" font. And hooray, I was semibold, I changed the font for it and the numbers were shown how I wanted, except that the header (or blue circle thing) also took the changes and it looks so narrow now that it barely serves its purpose.

So, header.xml should tell me how to define the text only for header and maybe use the same thing for ... but I do not have a skin to modify from by trial and error or the knowledge to do so. Or do the same just for the attributes numbers, or numbers at all since the Last 5 Games isn't solved by this and I do not want to reduce the font size, it's at the minimum possible size I can read (especially for match widgets) and I literally spent hours playing with font sizes to get there by watching the same goal and reading the same news over and over again.

So I'd need some help from the experts to get the piece that would let me edit "just" those couple of things. I don't care too much about Last 5 games tbh, but I do care about the other two things as they're kinda essential.

TL;DR: Noob needs how to specify a font to use just for attribute numbers, or any number if possible, and another one to use just for the header.

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