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Money problem/possible glitch

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Just recently I've started having a really odd money problem. For some unknown reason I have an R$ next to all my money figures and all the money figures seem to have increased. I've heard before that SI programmed in a code so if you crack the game the transfers will become messed up. However, I haven't cracked my bloody game and the disk is actually in the drive. I haven't experienced this problem since buying the game in January and the problem appeared just randomly whilst I was playing, in stages sort of. First the money figures sort of increased and now the R$ symbol appeared. I want to reconfirm that I HAVE NOT cracked the game and something has genuinely gone wrong, in which case I may need to contact SI and let them know (not that they'll be too concerned now FF09 is coming out). If anyone has experienced this before please could you explain what the problem is. If screenshots are needed I can provide them. Also, I haven't turned my computer off for a few days but this is normal and I've never had this problem before.

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