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[FM15] The Hart Chronicles - Volume I: Paul Hart's Alphabet Career


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congratulations on finally winning the league with Toulouse. I've been stuck for 8 seasons in Ligue 2 on my current save, so its nice to see success is possible in France! Looking forward to seeing where you go next.

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congratulations on finally winning the league with Toulouse. I've been stuck for 8 seasons in Ligue 2 on my current save, so its nice to see success is possible in France! Looking forward to seeing where you go next.

Yeah Ligue 2 can be a hard division to get out of. In my last long term save in France it took me about 4 seasons to get out, but I got quite lucky with some good youth in-takes that gave me players to use/sell, without them I'd have probably been down there a lot longer. I think on FM10 I spent about 6 seasons struggling to get out of Ligue 2, then instantly got relegated back down before going straight back up. I then spent about 10 seasons in Ligue 1 more or less entirely in mid-table, with only a French Cup and a Europa League Semi Final to shout about, before finishing rock bottom and going straight back down to Ligue 2 again :D

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Congratulations to LeedsUnitedFan2, ExeChris, SounessTash, Maw74, DB08, jim owen, Dev'o and Koetzer who all correctly guessed Villarreal!

LeedsUnitedFan2's 2nd ever win shoots him right to the top of the bankrupt table, with Maw74 behind him in 2nd. ExeChris makes some movement up the table, as does DB08. Dev'o gets a big win in his first ever bet, which sees him start up as high as 6th place. jim owen rises as high as 4th place, whilst SounessTash flies up to 3rd. Koetzer guesses correctly to see himself remain top of the table - he is not just £1 away from being the first person to reach the £100 mark with real imaginary money, as LeedsUnitedFan2, Maw74 and Nobby all have of course reached the £100 mark in the bankrupt table.



  • Every poster starts this thread with £10 to spend on BET-PH71.
  • You can only make one bet in each round.
  • You can use this money to bet on each different BET-PH71 when I move to a new club.
  • You can bet as much or as little as you like on each one.
  • If you select the winning club then you get the profit/winnings added to your overall total.
  • Once you go bust that's it - you're out!


Username       Bets Made      Bets Won     Bets Lost     Balance
Koetzer            7              6            1         £99.00
SounessTash        8              5            3         £75.00
glennuk            4              2            2         £43.00
jim owen           6              3            3         £38.00
Wavelberry        11              4            7         £38.00
Dev'o              1              1            0         £34.00
DB08               6              3            3         £32.00
Sven.              1              1            0         £28.00
deltablue          9              5            4         £20.00
tastaiwan          4              2            2         £14.00
Orikoru            6              3            3         £11.00
apchivers         15              6            9         £10.00
sherwinriga        7              3            4         £13.00
ExeChris          11              4            7         £10.00
GDH38              1              0            1          £8.00
MDH2001            1              0            1          £8.00
ManUTactician247   2              0            2          £7.00
Bitner             7              1            6          £5.00
DodgeeD            6              1            5          £5.00
Lenzar             3              0            3          £5.00
Cougar2010         3              0            3          £5.00
grindline          1              0            1          £5.00
Hairyflump         1              0            1          £5.00
andychar           7              3            4          £4.00
Maaka              4              1            3          £4.00
RobAlridge4810     1              0            1          £1.00
LeedsUnitedFan2   14              2           12        £804.00 (BANKRUPT)
Maw74             13              5            8        £300.00 (BANKRUPT)
Nobby_McDonald     4              1            3        £155.83 (BANKRUPT) 
nie jem frytek     6              3            3         £29.00 (BANKRUPT)
Mr Adam            1              0            1          £0.00 (BANKRUPT) 
RSJ                1              0            1          £0.00 (BANKRUPT)
Northernpilgrim    2              2            0          £0.00 (BANKRUPT)
dllu               2              0            2          £0.00 (BANKRUPT)
nomorezen          2              0            2          £0.00 (BANKRUPT) 
Kalemlyco          7              0            7          £0.00 (BANKRUPT)

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So basically what happened was, after I turned down Real Madrid, they went for Thomas Ayasse who has just won the Bundesliga with Wolfsburg. He of course did not turn down Real Madrid, as who could turn them down (apart from me of course :cool:). This led to Wolfsburg needing a new manager and they took the chance to hire a certain German manager...


Neuer will return to Germany and the Dzeko Arena to manage Wolfsburg again, which thankfully freed up the Villarreal job. I applied for the Villarreal job and they expressed massive interest, but couldn't offer me it because they wouldn't be able to pay the compensation. In FM talk this basically means if you want the job you have to resign from your current post. So I did exactly that, putting an end to a very successful and enjoyable time at Toulouse. This actually led to Valencia manager, Tin Jedvaj, being linked to the Toulouse job, which quite funnily could have led to me being able to take arguably a much better job in the Valencia post. Toulouse ultimately decided to hire former Real Madrid boss Andre Schurlle instead, meaning I did take the Villarreal job in the end.

Oh and just as a bit of a sidetrack, Edinson Cavani, who Kabongo replaced at Fulham, has recovered from the disappointment of losing that job by taking over at Barcelona, who he just won La Liga with. That's certainly a lot better than taking over Middlesbrough in the Championship :D

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Obviously my first move was to bring in the best scout in the entire world :brock:


I was absolutely delighted when I noticed I had been reunited with Alfie Armstrong, who I had some good times with for the USA U23's and the USA full team. So when Sevilla offered £10M for him I told them where to go, but I did offer them £17.25M which was his minimum release clause. They matched it straight up and off he went. Our GK also left as he was desperate to join Sunderland. I didn't really get why he was so desperate to join them, but it looks like they won the Europa League last year and so are in the Champions League this year, which was why he was so keen. Fair play I guess.


We got a bigger budget than expected due to Armstrong's departure, so can't complain really. Manuel Vobler was the biggest signing - the 28 year old German will be our first choice striker and hopefully he can bang a load of goals in. Redouane Herkat is our 22 year old Algerian left winger, who I'm hoping for good things from. Nils Zinke is a promising 22 year old German left back. Emmanuel Herbaut is our new GK, the 26 yar old Frenchman has been sitting on Lyon's bench going to waste for 2 years now, so hopefully he will be raring to go. Melvin Bertrand joins me from my old side, the 25 year old French CB hadn't played a lot in recent years for me due to bigger and better arrivals, but he should get game time for me again now. Willy Lebreton is a 26 year old French DM, he's not been playing at Monaco, but he will certainly be playing here. Nihat Sabanovic is an exciting 27 year old Bosnian RW who should be an absolute steal at £2.6M. Last but not least, Bradlew Hewitt is a 27 year old English CM who should hopefully do good things in the middle of the pitch for us.


We drew Austrian side Sturm Graz in the 3rd Qualifying Round of the Europa League. I think it was due to tiredness and a lack of fitness, but we really didn't play that well in the home leg. Thankfully we managed to comfortably win the away leg, with new striker Manuel Vobler getting a fantastic hat-trick.

We will play Vaduz of Switzerland in the Playoff Round. A pretty good draw all things considered as there were a lot of bigger names on offer - fingers crossed we can do it.

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Nice to see him going make Adam a better scout. So, Villareal is a strong Spanish team, then they are quite excellent in the league. So, how's Spain doing well after you are hired by Villareal?

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Nice to see him going make Adam a better scout. So, Villareal is a strong Spanish team, then they are quite excellent in the league. So, how's Spain doing well after you get sacked?

They just won the 2048 Euros, so not too bad really.

Vaduz aren't Swiss ;)

The Swansea of Switzerland :brock:

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We managed to beat Vaduz of Liechtenstein 5-2 on aggregate, they did give us a bit of trouble in the away leg but since we had 3 away goals and they had none, we were never in any concrete danger of being eliminated.


We only had 1 La Liga game this month, which was against another of the 'V' sides, Valladolid. I got my La Liga career with Villarreal off to a good start as Vobler was the only scorer in a solid 1-0 win.


Nothing much of note other than Barcelona losing their first match and being 18th.

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Not the best start to our Europa League campaign. We were outclassed at Zola Stadium by Chelsea, with Jeser Ramirez's late goal proving nothing more than a consolation.


I'm reasonably confident we can have a go at qualifying. Lens aren't a particularly special side from the times I played them, whilst Volendam are in theory, the whipping boys. Watch them beat us or something now :D


Just noticed I forgot to include this match in the last update. Our season started in extraordinary fashion as we shipped 4 goals against Malaga, but came back to make it 4-3.


Apart from a disappointing loss to Real Betis, it has been a pretty promising month. I'll admit that we should really be beating sides like Las Palmas and Cartagena anyway, but Bilbao are a decent team so to beat them away from home is a good sign.


We're 4th so far which is quite nice to see. I'm starting to wish that Valencia's manager had got the Toulouse job now :D

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A very convincing 3-0 win at home to Lens, but then a terrible slip up at home to Volendam. We were 2-0 up and despite letting a goal back in the 70th minute, I thought we'd done enough for the win. But Volendam equalised in the 93rd minute which was a massive surprise and a huge set back.


We've now given Lens a huge glimmer of hope which will make the last 3 matches a lot more stressful.


We started the month off terribly with an embarrassing 2-0 loss at Eibar. We bounced back from it though, as we came from behind at Espanyol to record a great win, which included a last minute penalty to win the match. We beat Rayo with absolute ease, with it being 5-1 in the end. We then had a home match against Valencia, who were not just top of the league but also unbeaten. We put in an incredible performance and I was pleasantly surprised to come away with it with all 3 points and a huge win. We then went to bottom place Real Zaragoza and lost 2-0 ffs :D


The table looks reasonable so far, but I'm still gutted we lost to Eibar and Zaragoza. It looks like we can beat anyone on our day, but then on other days we'll be awful and lose to teams we should be comfortably beating.

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Some very sad news...


He unfortunately only had them in 20th place and it wasn't looking that promising for them :(

Here's hoping he can get another job soon, although having been sacked twice already in his career it looks like he may not be as good a manager as he was a player.

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A much improved set of results in the Europa League. Two big ones which means we have qualified for the knockout round already.


Not sure if they seed the 1st knockout round of the Europa League with the CL sides coming in, but hopefully we can top the group anyway.


Not the best month really. It could've been worse of course, but we really could've done with winning at least one of these matches.


Sevilla now sit top of the table, with Real, Barcelona and Valencia all very close behind them.

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I tell you what... Manuel Neuer might be an even better transfer negotiator than he was a goalkeeper :D


That's now just under £12M we've received this season in add on fees for this guy :D :D

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Any more big payments to come?

We've got a 20 percent profit on his next sale, which if a Real Madrid or Barcelona came in for him, would come in handy. He was signed for £32M though (not sure if that's including the extra £12M we've received or not) so not sure how much we'd get if I was still here.

It doesn't look like there's any big clauses for any other players, but he does seem to have stuck an awful lot of 20 percent sell on fee clauses on players he's sold to decent sized clubs, so hopefully we can get the odd 1 or 2 million here and there.

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Zamora really weren't too much trouble. It was almost embarrassing at times.


We lost pretty badly to Lens, but oh well.


Bit annoyed that we could have topped the group even with a draw at Lens, but again, not the end of the world. We have Celtic in the 1st Knockout Round, which is a decent draw when you consider sides like Real Madrid and Toulouse were on offer. Although not sure we could've actually got Madrid tbf.


A pretty decent month tbf. We beat top of the table and red hot in form side Sevilla, in similar fashion to how we beat Valencia earlier in the season. We then scored a very late winner against Real Sociedad to get another 3 points, which was great. We lost at the Nou Camp to Barcelona, but it's not an easy place to go and we looked alright at times.


We're now down to 5th. Due to Spain's coefficient only the top 3 sides get Champions League football at the minute.

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Transfers Out


You get a limit of 25 squad players in Spain, which is a lot different to France, so I was keen to get rid of the deadwood ASAP, which meant Cabello and Rubio both leaving.

Transfers In


I used some of that money and the money we got from those clauses to buy two new players. Henri N'Diaye is a versatile CAM who boosts our midfield options, the 27 year old Senegal international joins us for £4.6M. I also signed yet another former Toulouse player, Mohamed Yildirim, joins us. He's failed to get into the starting 11 at my old side much like Bertrand did, but this was again due to much better top level CB's coming in - Yildirim can certainly do a job for us, especially at that price.


Meanwhile, we've progressed to the Spanish Cup Semi Final. Levante gave us a tough couple of games, we could only manage the one goal but we made it count to get through. Athletic Bilbao weren't as good really, it was tight though and I was still worried they'd come back in the away leg, but an 87th minute away goal from Riherts made sure we made the Semi Final. We have avoided Real Madrid and Barcelona and will play Espanyol in the Semi Final.


We started the year off with a disappointing 3-1 loss at home to Real Madrid. We bounced back though by beating Levante and Valladolid. We could only muster up a draw against Malaga though, then lost 4-0 to Athletic Bilbao, who got revenge for us winning twice against them in the Spanish Cup. Tbf if you gave me the option I'd take the Cup win probably.


We're now down to 6th and at the moment it's looking like our best shot at Europa League football next season is winning the Spanish Cup. I actually think we might qualify for it even if we're runners up, if we make the final and Real Madrid or Barcelona already have it. I still think we can recover and challenge for 6th place though.

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A very proud and cool milestone. Pretty crazy especially when you consider that apart from the odd meaningless international game I've pretty much played/watched all of those games in extended highlights :cool:

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We smashed Espanyol in the home leg, which meant that barring a disaster in the second leg we'd made the Spanish Cup final. We did lose, but it was not a disaster, and when Vobler made it 2-1 we could breathe a sigh of relief as the away goal meant game over for Espanyol really. This puts us into an extremely good position now, as with Real Madrid in the final, who will almost certainly get Champions League football, we will now definitely have Europa League football next season despite what happens in the league.


Whilst we're on the subject of the Europa League, I really cannot emphasise enough how close we came to being eliminated. I was quite pleased to draw Celtic, as there were far stronger teams on offer, but we really didn't look too good over the two legs. We let in 2 away goals in the first leg which was really bad, but we somehow managed to battle back to get two goals back late on which gave us a boost going into the away leg. Celtic took a 1-0 lead and I was ******** it thinking we'd be out for sure. Luis Ortiz equalised on the night but obviously with away goals it meant we still needed one more, but we did have the momentum and I thought we could do it. But the goal just didn't seem to be coming, until Redouane Herkat popped up in the 88th minute to slide home a huge goal which meant we won the match and qualified for the 2nd Knockout Round.


Pretty hit and miss really. Las Palmas not a terrible side by any means and will be challenging for the Europa League places, if we didn't have the Europa League spot in the bag then that would've been a huge loss. Losing to Cartegena far from good news either, but we did at least win our other two games of the month which were both away matches, albeit against relatively average mid-table sides.


We're now in 7th place. My one gripe with the two losses is that if we'd won those games we'd actually only be 2 points off 3rd place and the Champions League place that comes with it. I think that's gone now though, so I'll probably rest players in league games if it means giving us an advantage in the Europa League matches, as I think that's our best route to the Champions League. Although with sides like Toulouse, Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, Valencia, Chelsea and Wolfsburg all in it - that's way easier said than done and we'd need a very kind draw to even get close to the final, let alone win the thing.

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Some very sad news...


He unfortunately only had them in 20th place and it wasn't looking that promising for them :(

Here's hoping he can get another job soon, although having been sacked twice already in his career it looks like he may not be as good a manager as he was a player.

You tempted to try and get him in as a coach?

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You tempted to try and get him in as a coach?

Yeah I've offered him a job both times that he's been sacked to keep him going before getting a new job, but ever sine he left Toulouse as a coach he seems insistent on only being a manager - which is fair enough, I guess. He's been out of work for like 4 months or something though :( I'm hoping he'll get a new job soon. I think a few PL jobs have come up, think he was linked with one, but he's not had any luck yet. He'll probably have to take on another Championship job and work his way back up I imagine.

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A difficult away leg in Germany, but we had no problem comfortably dispatching Stuttgart 3-0 in the return leg in Spain. We've made the Quarter Final, where we will face Montpellier. A pretty good draw as going by my time in France they weren't anything too special really.


I decided against resting my players for the Europa League return leg and played a full strength side against Espanyol. It was probably just as well that I did as we only just got out with a point with them. Espanyol were relentless and were playing more like their neighbours over at the Nou Camp. Vobler scored an incredible 4 goals but that was still only enough for a point. We beat Zaragoza which was nice, but losing to Valencia was quite disappointing, especially as it increased our gap behind them.


We're down to 8th, which is a bit crap, but we can get back to at least 6th with our games in hand.

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Kabongo is finally employed again!


Peterborough have flirted with promotion to the Premier League for the last few years, they even came 3rd last season but missed out on the playoffs. It seems their manager has been sacked for failing to deliver the playoffs again this season. Let's hope Kabongo can get them back on track and in the Premier League in a few years time!

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We smashed Montpellier in the home leg which gave us a huge advantage, especially as they didn't get an away goal. Montpellier needed a 3-0 win to drag it to extra-time, to their credit they did get those 3 goals, but we also got 3 goals, which meant it was a successful return to France for me. We've got Borussia Dortmund in the Semi Final which will be a very difficult game as they're a top side. We have a potential final of Real Madrid or Toulouse. It would be absolutely incredible to face Toulouse in the final, with the possibility of getting Champions League football out of it. That's a pipe dream at the moment though, especially as it will be tough for them to get past Real Madrid.


A very strong month in the league to be honest, with exception to the loss at Sevilla. A bit annoying though as if we'd beaten Sevilla we'd have been in with a real shot at 3rd place. Although tbf we've still got Barcelona and Real Madrid to play, so it would have been very difficult still.


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Just had a look at the Premier League table by chance and it looks mental! Kabongo might have made a huge mistake in leaving Brighton as they could somehow pull off a historic Premier League win. The last day of the season looks like it will be absolutely crazy as Chelsea host Man City, whilst Brighton are at home to my old side Ipswich.

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We put in a really fantastic performance in Dortmund and came away with 2 huge away goals. Unfortunately we couldn't capitalise on this advantage, especially since Dortmund scored two goals themselves, but they really outshone us anyway and we couldn't get one goal - let alone two. Dortmund ultimately met Real Madrid in the final and won the thing.


Not the greatest end to the league as we lost to Madrid and Barca as expected, we did take a first half lead at home to Barcelona, but we couldn't hold onto it. We did at least win 3-0 on the last day, although since it came even after the Spanish Cup final, it really was a redundant and meaningless game for us.


We've got 6th place which gives us Europa League of course, but we would've had that anyway with the Spanish Cup so it doesn't change too much, maybe gives us a bit more cash, but La Liga doesn't pay out big money for changes in places like the Premier League does anyway.


I was really hoping we can pull off the big one and win the Spanish Cup, but despite taking a very early lead we just didn't have enough. Real Madrid are so dangerous that they can go long periods without looking that threatening, then one attack and bang it's game over. A shame to end the season on a bit of a downer, but it was a decent run and there's no huge shame in losing to Real Madrid.

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As I've said previously I'm trying to win all the divisions before I hang up my boots, in order to do so, I of course need to win the Bundesliga as I never managed it at Borussia Dortmund. Wolfsburg and Werder Bremen are the main options for this. Werder Bremen aren't really an option at the moment though as they've been relegated to the point of no longer being a playable team. They've been sitting in the German 3rd Div for 6 years now, until they're promoted back up they're not available.


Manuel Neuer did very well in his first season at Wolfsburg as they retained the title. I don't think taking over the Wolfsburg job will be like Toulouse or Villarreal where I have to build them up to win the league, it shouldn't be too difficult, but getting the job at the right time could be an issue. I still need to win La Liga with Villarreal of course - so I can see it possibly being a long wait to get the Wolfsburg job depending on how things go. Nueur seems to be a guy that doesn't seem to hang around anywhere too long. He's actually 63 so he might not have too long left anyway. He's already managed Germany so I'd be surprised if he ended up with that job, he's not managed Bayern yet though so maybe he'll take that route even though Wolfsburg are out performing them at the minute.

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He hasn't been there that long yet, but Kabongo's record is 4 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. Not a terrible start to things and hopefully with a summer and some transfers he can regroup next season and get The Posh in the Prem.

Speaking of the Premier League though, it looks like Kabongo made a massive mistake in leaving Brighton...


Absolutely unbelievable scenes! Scott Sinclair of all people has led unfancied Brighton to unthinkable Premier League glory! And take a look at this for last day drama...


What a match the City game must've been. If either City or Chelsea had found a winner they would've topped the table as Brighton didn't win! Whilst if Ipswich had found a late winner then all 3 sides would've been on equal points and City would've won it on goal difference :D

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Season 35 (V)illarreal


I'd say this season we pretty much met the minimum target I had in my mind. I think ensuring we had European football was the target with the intention to build on that, then anything above that was a bargain. I was pleased with our Spanish Cup run and our Europa League run - I would add that we got quite lucky with our draws to get that far in the first place though, so if we don't do as good next season I wouldn't necessarily say that was regression or stagnation.

Squad pt 1, pt 2

GK - Emmanuel Herbaut was signed for £3.3M from Lyon and he was an absolute steal at that price. He missed a few games with injury and had a couple of poor matches, but for the most part he was a fantastic keeper for us this year.

DR - Andoni Zubizarreta was our first choice RB and to be honest he's not that great really. This is definitely a position I will be looking to strengthen this summer.

DL - Nils Zinke was signed from Dortmund over the summer and the 23 year old did alright. He's a good talent that has potential but I did expect more from him tbf.

DC - Melvin Bertrand was first choice CB for the entire season and he did well and showed no real rust from several years on the Toulouse bench. Up until January it was Jeser Ramirez who was his partner, he wasn't great so I signed another ex-Toulouse guy, Mohamed Yildirim, who tbf, didn't actually do much better an in some instances was worse. I'm a bit stuck about what to do. I'm hoping Yildirim can adapt to La Liga with time so we don't need another CB as on paper him and Bertrand should be a good partnership.

DM - Willy Lebreton joined for £2.5M and for that price he was undoubtedly a bargain. He was by no means an amazing performer and could be a bit sketchy defensively at times, but overall he contributed well to build up play and took some great and important penalties throughout the season.

MC - Bradley Hewitt joined for just over £2M. The Englishman was solid in the center of midfield, but he wasn't hugely great either. He was good enough but I do feel like we could maybe do better.

AMR - Nihat Sabanovic joined from Juventus for £2.3M. For that price he was yet another absolute bargain, he did quite well with 12 goals and 10 assists. He's not a perfect player though and he was a bit injury prone, which lead to Latvian, Vladimirs Riherts covering for him every now and then - Riherts did okay too tbf.

AML - Redouane Herkat is a promising young Algerian winger who we got for £4M or so. He was alright but not exactly great, with just 6 goals and 10 assists all season. He was injury prone too which gave even more game time to verstaile Vladimirs Riherts.

CAM - Pascual is a 21 year old lad who came through the Academy here at Villarreal. He's got real potential that he's kind of failed to deliver on this season. Perhaps that is a bit harsh as he did give us 7 goals and 16 assists, but his stats indicate he's capable of far greater than that and with any luck he can do better next season.

ST - Manuel Vobler was signed for £5M from Fulham and he was by far signing of the season. He's not a flashy striker by any means, but he's got good mental stats, good in the air, a great finisher and is just always fit. He was our only ever present with 63 games this season, this guy just doesn't get injured which is great considering our other striking options were pretty thin on the ground. He ended the season with 43 goals and 16 assists which is fantastic, although his record of 22 goals in 37 games in the league is not amazing, I mean it is very good but the 43 goals in 63 games makes him seem like a next level amazing striker which he isn't really. He's just very efficient and does well in our system. He's got a lot of clubs interested in him and with his minimum fee release clause at £15M, I'm really hoping that nobody comes in for him as he would be a big loss.


Season     Club                Division          Position      Achievements
2014/15    Arsenal             Premier League    2nd           League Cup winners 
2015/16    Arsenal             Premier League    1st           Premier League winners
2016/17    Borussia Dortmund   Bundesliga        3rd           German Cup & Europa League winners
2017/18    Borussia Dortmund   Bundesliga        2nd           Euro Super Cup & German Super Cup winners
2017       Cameroon            N/A               N/A           Confederations Cup runners up 
2018       Cameroon            N/A               N/A           N/A
2019       Cameroon            N/A               N/A           African Cup of Nations winners 
2018/19    Dinamo Moscow       Russian PL        2nd           Russian Cup winners
2019/20    Everton             Premier League    2nd           N/A
2020/21    Everton             Premier League    7th           League Cup winners & Champions League runners up
2020       France              N/A               N/A           N/A
2021       France              N/A               N/A           European Nations League winner
2022       France              N/A               N/A           World Cup winner
2021/22    Getafe              La Liga           5th           Qualified for Europa League
2022/23    Getafe              La Liga           9th           Europa League semi finalists 
2022       Holland             N/A               N/A           N/A
2023       Holland             N/A               N/A           N/A
2024       Holland             N/A               N/A           European Championship runners up
2023/24    Ipswich Town        Championship      1st           Promoted as Champions  
2024/25    Ipswich Town        Premier League    13th          N/A
2025/26    Ipswich Town        Premier League    4th           N/A
2026/27    Ipswich Town        Premier League    4th           N/A
2027/28    Ipswich Town        Premier League    1st           Premier League & FA Cup winners
2028/29    Juventus            Serie A           1st           Serie A, Italian Cup & Super Cup winners 
2029/30    Juventus            Serie A           1st           Serie A, Champions League, Italian Cup & Super Cup winners
2030/31    Kuban               Russian PL        6th           Qualified for Europa League
2031/32    Kuban               Russian PL        7th           Left in November
2031/32    Liverpool           Premier League    6th           Joined in November. FA Cup winners.
2032/33    Liverpool           Premier League    2nd           Europa League & Community Shield winners
2033/34    Man United          Premier League    1st           Premier League, League Cup & Community Shield winners
2034/35    NAC Breda           Eredivisie        3rd           Qualified for Europa League
2035/36    NAC Breda           Eredivisie        7th           Left in December
2035/36    Olympiakos          Greek SL          3rd           Joined in December. Greek Cup winners & Qualified for CL.
2036/37    Porto               Portuguese PL     1st           Portuguese PL & League Cup
2037/38    Porto               Portuguese PL     1st           Portuguese PL, FA Cup & Super Cup
2038/39    Porto               Portuguese PL     4th           Super Cup winners. Left in April. 
2038/39    Q.P.R.              Premier League    19th          Relegated
2039/40    Q.P.R.              Championship      2nd           Promoted 
2040/41    Rangers             Scottish PL       3rd           Scottish Cup & League Cup winners
2041/42    Rangers             Scottish PL       1st           Scottish PL winners 
2040       Spain               N/A               N/A           N/A 
2041       Spain               N/A               N/A           N/A
2042       Spain               N/A               N/A           World Cup quarter finalists. Sacked. 
2042/43    Toulouse            Ligue 1           4th           Qualified for Champions League
2043/44    Toulouse            Ligue 1           5th           Europa League semi finalists 
2044/45    Toulouse            Ligue 1           3rd           Europa League winners
2045/46    Toulouse            Ligue 1           3rd           Champions League & European Super Cup winners
2046/47    Toulouse            Ligue 1           3rd           World Club Cup, European Super Cup and Coupe de la Ligue winners
2047/48    Toulouse            Ligue 1           1st           Ligue 1 & Coupe de la Ligue winners
2042       U.S.A.              N/A               N/A           N/A
2043       U.S.A.              N/A               N/A           Gold Cup runners up
2044       U.S.A.              N/A               N/A           N/A 
2045       U.S.A.              N/A               N/A           Gold Cup winners
2046       U.S.A.              N/A               N/A           World Cup Group Stage
2043       U.S.A. Under 23s    N/A               N/A           Copa America Group Stage
2044       U.S.A. Under 23s    N/A               N/A           Olympic Games runners-up
2048/49    Villarreal          La Liga           6th           Spanish Cup runners-up

Trophy Cabinet

World Cup                  x1 - 2022 (France)
Olympic Games Silver Medal x1 - 2044 (U.S.A. Under 23's)
African Cup of Nations     x1 - 2019 (Cameroon)
North American Gold Cup    x1 - 2045 (U.S.A.)
European Nations League    x1 - 2021 (France)

Champions League    x2 - 2029/30 (Juventus), 2045/46 (Toulouse)
Europa League       x3 - 2016/17 (Borussia Dortmund), 2032/33 (Liverpool), 2044/45 (Toulouse) 
European Super Cup  x3 - 2017/18 (Borussia Dortmund), 2045/46, 2046/47 (Toulouse) 
World Club Cup      x1 - 2046/47 (Toulouse)

Premier League    x3 - 2015/16 (Arsenal), 2027/28 (Ipswich), 2033/34 (Man United)
FA Cup            x2 - 2027/28 (Ipswich), 2031/32 (Liverpool) 
League Cup        x3 - 2014/15 (Arsenal), 2020/21 (Everton), 2033/34 (Man United)
Community Shield  x2 - 2032/33 (Liverpool), 2033/34 (Man United)   
Championship      x1 - 2023/24 (Ipswich) 

Ligue 1           x1 - 2047/48 (Toulouse)
Coupe de la Ligue x2 - 2046/47, 2047/48 (Toulouse)

German Cup        x1 - 2016/17 (Borussia Dortmund)
German Super Cup  x1 - 2017/18 (Borussia Dortmund)

Greek Cup   x1 - 2035/36 (Olympiakos)

Serie A           x2 - 2028/29, 2029/30 (Juventus)
Italian Cup       x2 - 2028/29, 2029/30 (Juventus)
Italian Super Cup x2 - 2028/29, 2029/30 (Juventus) 

Portuguese PL          x2 - 2036/37, 2037/38 (Porto)
Portuguese Cup         x1 - 2037/38 (Porto)
Portuguese League Cup  x1 - 3036/37 (Porto)
Portuguese Super Cup   x2 - 2037/38 (Porto), 2038/39 (Porto)

Russian Cup x1 - 2018/19 (Dinamo Moscow)

Scottish PL         x1 - 2041/42 (Rangers)
Scottish Cup        x1 - 2040/41 (Rangers)
Scottish League Cup x1 - 2040/41 (Rangers)

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Some excellent news as we now only need to finish 4th to get Champions League thanks to our rise in the coefficient places.


It really is very tight though. I take full credit as a result of Villarreal reaching the Semi Final :brock:

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