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How do I make a trade?

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  • You can trade for a specific player by going into his profile and clicking on “Approach to Trade” from his Action menu. You can also right-click on a player name to open his action menu on the team roster screen for example
  • Alternatively, you can approach a team to trade with by going into their team profile and clicking on “Approach to Trade” from the team Action menu
  • Once you are in the trade screen, you can add players, player rights or draft picks into the trade
  • To add a player, click on “Add Player” and you will be taken to the team screen. From here, click on the button in the left-most column to mark a player or multiple players included in the trade and click on the back arrow to return to the trade screen
  • Player rights can be added the same way using the “Add Rights” button
  • Draft picks can be added to the trade using the “Draft Picks” dropdown in leagues with drafts
  • You assistant will give you additional information about the needs of the other team and his own views on the trade offer currently on the table
  • You can either submit the trade offer to the other team directly by clicking on “Offer” in the actions or you can check how they feel about the proposed trade by clicking on “Gauge Interest”
  • Gauging interest from the other team will give you an idea on if they think the trade is fair and if it has a chance of being accepted once submitted.
  • If you don’t add anything from the other team into the offer, you can either “Offer” the trade to the other team to see what they would be willing to offer in return, or offer the player/rights/picks you have added to all the other teams in the league by clicking on “Offer to All”
  • Similarly, you can only add players/rights/picks from the other team to the offer and “Inquire” what they would want in return

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