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Help with my 4-3-3 - struggling to finish

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So I made a very proud post about my 4-3-3 earlier, which you can see here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/421725-4-3-3-Non-League-The-way-to-go?p=10213458#post10213458

I have made very few changes to it since then, except for toying with an IF (A) on the left and tweaking the roles in midfield when appropriate. And over time I'm noticing we're scoring fewer and fewer goals. At the start of the season we couldn't stop scoring if we'd tried, but now the opposite is becoming true. We haven't scored a goal from open play in our last 3 games, shocking frankly for a team almost guaranteed to win the title. This worries me because we're guaranteed promotion so we're going to be facing off against tougher opposition very soon and if we can't score against Wingate & Finchley, we haven't got a hope in hell against Bishops Stortford.

It's weird because i'm searching to see what's wrong and i keep coming up empty. Morale is good, we don't have any particular worries on the injury front, form for the majority of the squad is still good and our chance CREATION is as good as it always has been. We just can't seem to get the ball to go in the net. This has been the case for about 3 months now and it's getting worse with every game so I can only assume there's a flaw in the tactics as i can find no other explanation. 10 Internet points to whoever can spot the cause because this is really concerning me now.

Here are the details on the tactics, recent form and some examples of the games i'm referring too.

Formation: http://puu.sh/gmlkH/446c7215ea.jpg (Control Mentality, Structured Shape)

Team Instructions: http://puu.sh/gmlmV/5f882a18df.png

Recent result/upcoming fixtures: http://puu.sh/gmlie/0a7cb38382.jpg

A few examples;

(1st) Bognor 0-3 Margate (6th) :http://puu.sh/gmlmV/5f882a18df.png

(13th) Wingate & Finchley 1-0 Bognor (1st):http://puu.sh/gmltU/217c377120.jpg

(1st) Bognor 2-0 Maidstone (3rd) :http://puu.sh/gmlxl/815c322fe4.jpg (I know what you're thinking, but they were 2 very cheap penalties)

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