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Championship Manager / Football Manager legends

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Do you guys remember these legends?


I know I had a smile all over my face while I was making this article and collecting the photos.

If you want to add some of your favourites and have the prinstcreen, comment here or in the article.

perhaps we could together convince SI to make some kind of official tribute to these stars :)

Of all the guys listed, I somehow most like Roncatto and Tsigalko, they were my favourites.

But others have been a part of my teams a lot of times, too.

You can also check my career at the blog. Comments are much appreciated!

Have fun!


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Aaritalo is the first on the list, Tonton is there too :)

I am still editing the post on the blog so comment there and I will add others too :)

I was almost crying when I made the collection too!

If you have some screenshots share them so I can add Taribo and Bakayoko...

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It would be really great if we collected the real screenshots of those players from the game versions in which they were great. Perhaps someone from SI could help us get screenshots from older games like 98/99 and so on? Who can I comtact for that?

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