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Not able to loan some players out to my Affiliate Club

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On my main save playing as a Serie A club Salernitana (brought up from Serie C!!) I have an affiliate club (Slovak First Division - Zilina) in which I'm able to loan players out to.

Most of my players I am able to loan out, however for a few players, I get a simple message saying "XX Player cannot be loaned to Zilina". I cannot for the life of me find out where or what the reasoning is.

It has nothing to do with transfer window timing (as I can loan out player A, but when I click on player B, I cannot), nothing to do with Age (I can loan out an 18 y/o, as well as a 32 y/o. One of the players that I cannot loan out is 24 y/o). I've tried different Squad statuses, home grown players, played in nation, etc, etc.

If there anything that I may be missing? Is there anywhere in the screens/player profiles explaining why they cannot be loaned out?

Also, IIRC - not near my computer atm - but one of the players was on loan last season, but got the "cannot be loaned" message in the new season.

Thanks in advance!

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