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A Yard Out- Insert Quirky heading here

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What's up ladies and gentlemen, my name is A Yard Out or Jack, whichever you prefer!

All about me!

You may have heard of me, you may not. I've been making videos for 10ish months now, so I've been around a while and I am very happy with my progress (Over 300 subscribers as I type!). I'm known for being entertaining while still teaching you why I am successful. I fully believe you can only learn optimally while enjoying yourself, so I subtly tell you small bits of information that you can very easily pick up and absorb and put implement straight into your game (FM, and occasionally real life football as I am a qualified coach).

What to expect!

I post a multitude of FM related content, from being the exclusive host of the popular Eclipsing Abramovic, regular FM saves and also being one of the few official hosts of other FM Addicts databases on youtube which range from FA England, "What if London was a country", "What if Nike and Adidas set up professional clubs", "What if Englands leagues split up regionally" and loads more! All of these can be chosen by the community when a slot for a new series opens up on my channel.

I am not just a funny, informative, modest guy though; I also innovate! My Salford series comes with it's own unique, and more optimized screen layout which can only be found on my channel! I implemented it in episode 7 as a special episode for 200 subscribers but as I got good feedback for it, I kept it! My Salford save is also the only (As far as I know) series to be in both youtube and blog formats.

Where to find me

Fancy checking me out? You can find my twitter here.

My unemployment/journeyman save here:

My Salford save here:

And finally, you can subscribe/view my channel by clicking here!

You can also find my blog below, even if it isn't as active as I'd like it to be. It's certainly a good looking website!


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