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SI Sports Centre - For all your youth development, training, tactics and general FM articles

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SI Sports Centre is a site run by myself and is relatively new, it used to be called The Chalkboard Diaries but I re branded when my old hosts left me in a bit of bother when they went bust deleting all my back ups etc. So after being a bit disheartened and taking a few months way, I'm now back and more active than ever. I have lots of stuff up on the site already, some old and lots of new stuff. I update the site quite regular with some weeks seeing new articles added every other day.

Some of the things you can find on the site include;

  • The School of Defensive Arts - This is a series I did that focuses on defensive football and aims to show that the name defensive can be misleading and you can still create good attacking football while using a defensive strategy.
  • Creating A Tactic - Design, Create and Maintain - This is another series that walks you through the thought process of creating a tactic and maintaining it over a period of time.
  • Ajax - When Real Life Meets FM - While its about my save with Ajax what it really is, is a comprehensive training guide detailing how training works in FM and shows many in game examples.
  • Brazil 1970 - My attempt at recreating the famous Brazil tactic from the 1970's. I walk you through my thinking and discuss the issues I have along the way and offer solutions to fixing them.
  • Building A Tactic From The Beginning - This is something I wrote recently and is another series. However this time not only do I walk you through how to create a tactic I also discuss the creative things behind the whole process from it just being at the ideas stage.
  • Interviews - I talk to real life coaches, principal advisors, assistant managers and so on. I put a twist on the questions asked as they all have an FM flavour to them. It's a bit like FM meets real life.

That's just some of the things I have to offer, there is much more not listed too.

I'm also on the look out for more guest bloggers. So if you are interested in writing regular or one off then please let me know via this thread. I'm happy to host other peoples articles and full credits will be given. I used to do this on chalkboardiaries and they were really popular. So it's something I am wanting to do again. Don't worry about your writing experience as that doesn't matter, all I ask is you are passionate about the piece you've wrote and it links to FM in some way :)

You can find me tweeting updates and new additions on the blog at https://twitter.com/Cleon81/

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