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Heynckes Bayern

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I just took over Bayern entering my 4th season. I have a tactic that I created 4-3-3DM wide, which works quite nice. It is based on short passing and high pressing,really attacking.

But I wanted to try and make tactic of Jupp Heynckes from the season they won CL. I am not sure how they played but I know it was fast and direct.

Any ideas?

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They weren't direct. Bayern under Heynckes was more of a complete team. Dont mistake their play against Barca in d ucl as how they really played. In defensive shape, the team played wit the famed 2banks of four and the AMC pressed high along wit d striker. So every zone of the field was covered. They mixed slow probe wit direct play in most games.

High pressing, high line, normal pass and tempo with a control mentality will do for default set up

Use a 4-4-1-1 then adjust according to opposition.

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