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Edited Competition Problems (Possible Editor Bugs?)


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I've tried to create a new database with a 16 team Scottish Premiership with the following structure;

2 rounds of fixtures followed by a split into 4 groups

1st - 4th - Championship Group

5th - 8th - European Playoff Group

9th - 12th - Relegation Playoff Group

13th - 16th - Relegation Group

4th place of the Championship Group then plays 1st (5th) place of the European Playoff group for the final Europa League position, 4th (12th) in the Relegation Playoff Group then plays 2nd (14th) from the Relegation Group with the loser qualifying for the relegation playoffs with three teams for division one.

However I have came across a number of consistent errors/bugs;

No matter what I try when the championship group starts every clubs has 0 points instead of carrying with the points from the 30 league games before hand. I have even tried using the Belgian Jupiler League as a template within the editor as it has a similar structure to what I am trying to create and again no points are carried over (the europlay off final also does not play when using this method).

With my original data I have all my European places awarded correctly e.g. 1st - Champions League and 2nd & 3rd - Europa League however after the European Playoff final all European Places change with teams in the bottom half getting the only Champions League place.

Other errors I've experienced is that the promotions from the Championship to the Premiership will not happen resulting in the second season starting with the same teams while the Championship remains on the playoff final screens, however League 1 will start a 2nd season.

Ive also noticed to matter what i change with the editor the saved editor file also has 425 changes!

Which all leads me the following questions;

Is this structure possible in the editor?

Have I made any possible errors?

Are issues here perhaps bugs within the editor?

I can provide screenshots, saved games and editor files if needed!

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have you set everything properly? upload file so we can see it.

also my advice is to go step by step. first try to make league with split in 4 groups. when you set that its easy to add playoff between teams from different groups

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So I've redone my league without the positional playoffs.

I have successfully made the league split into 4 groups however this still has the points set to 0 in the new group, this doesn't really effect anything as the European places etc come from the original table, in the final version of this league these sections will be hidden anyway. by using the ranking levels I'm hoping that teams should remain in there section e.g. if 5th place has more points than 4th they'll remain 5th in the table like the current SPL split. this means for the playoff position I can just set 4th place on the overall table to play 5th place in the overall table as opposed to 4th in the Championship Group playing 1st in the European Playoff Group which could cause 1st v 8th playing one another based of the results of the groups, if that makes sense.

My only worry about the above setup is say after a few years Scotland gain an additional European spot, 1st and 2nd = Champions League and 3rd - 5th = Europa League I'd have 2 sides playing a playoff for a European Spot which they already have, is there a way to set the team in the last European position to play the team just outside of it which would obviously change based on the nations co-efficient, I fully expect this to be too advanced for the editor in all honesty.

Anyway the below file is a 16 team SPL with the 4 splits, the main problem I have right now is the leagues stall after the playoff finals and fail to move into the second season, if anyone could spare some time to take a look it would be much appreciated.


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first question. do you want to all other stages to be separate stages or sub-stages in stage 0? i see here much things i dont like. it can be done with less pain... also do you want points transfer in all 4 groups? in that case you can make stages 1,2,3 and 4 "hidden" and all their fixtures will be included in stage 0.

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I was looking at making these separate stages but it sounds as if would be easier making these sub stages within sage 0? I agree that making stages 1-4 would be the way forward in regards to point transfer!

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The reason I went with editing the competition was I wanted to keep the history and records for the league however I never knew that these pages can now just be copied from one page to another within the editor now, so it looks as if starting from scratch as a new competition using sub stages within the extra games of stage 0 is the way to go!

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