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[FM15] Thailand Complete Football Pyramid

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[FM15] Thailand Complete Football Pyramid

Hi guys!

This file contains the complete Thai football system. I did my best with help of thai friends to make the rules and the format as close as possible to reality :) Everything is based on the 2015 rules.

Prize money, TV rules, schedules, etc etc were all tweaked to match real-life.

I also updated some awards / country rules / famous players / competition winners etc etc

Competitions included:

- Thai Premier League

- Thai Division 1 League

- Thai Division 2 Regional League



-Central & Eastern

-Central & Western

-Bangkok & Field


- Thai FA Cup

- Thai League Cup

- Kor Royal Cup (Super Cup)

- Toyota Premier Cup

- Singapore Cup (If Singapore is loaded, Thai clubs may get invited)

Have fun... let me know of any problems / incorrect research.

Download Link:


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The format changes for the foreigners in 2015: The number of foreign players is restricted to five per TPL team, including a slot for a player from AFC countries. A team can use four foreign players on the field in each game, including at least one player from the AFC country: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Thai_Premier_League ;)

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