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Team Meeting prerequisite criteria

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I would like to be enlighted on this, please.

I think I should be able to talk to my team when I think it is most appropriate, the effects of course would depend on the frequency and arguments.

Instead, I am prevented to do that both when I lose few matches straight or when I win in a fantastic way 2-3 matches. I would have liked to talk to my players sooner rather than later.

Which are the criteria that open/lead to the possibility to talk to my own team ? :confused:

This way I am obliged to talk to the showers' roses and I feel weird doing that


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Yes, pls, someone knows something about this? I have the same issue.

I want to talk to my team, but there is "no reason for it". Moreover, after I clicked on "team meeting" and read that there is no reason, the morale of my players did go down! Is this a bug?

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