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Update 15.0.3 released for Football Manager 2015 Pre-Release Beta

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As you may have noticed SI staff have been monitoring the bugs forum to make sure any issues which are found are immediately looked into. Because of this, we've already been able to locate and fix a few issues which were in the original release for a small update.

As always this update is save game compatible, you will not need to start a new save game for this to work in your game. We are aware there are some issues which have not been fixed which we are still looking into, the most notable of which is the crash which sometimes occurs on the individual training screen. For the time-being we ask users not to use that screen until we can give it the all-clear. Also there are no match engine changes included in this build other than optimisation.

The list contains the following fixes:


- Improved general performance

- Improved trackpad performance

- Fix for issues affecting 10.6.8 NVIDIA Macs

- Fix for crashes during processing and going into a match

- Fix for crash on quit


- Improvements to goalkeeping

- Improved goals from direct free kicks

- Fixed consistently, unrealistic high scorelines in lower leagues

- Fixed skin tone issues

- Fixed headed backpasses leading to goals

- Reduced own goal levels

- Hundreds of other changes to match AI

- Further polish to animations


- Fixed issue where selling a player for a large fee would reduce the users transfer budget

- Fixed issue where users could sometimes not offer a contract to a player they had made an enquiry for

- Fixed issue in contract negotiations where including the ëOne year extension after X league games would prevent the user from agreeing terms with the player

- Fixed issue in contract negotiations where selecting Use Existing Terms would prevent the user from removing some competition bonuses


- Improved balance of the ease at which a player can be talked around when they are unhappy

- Improved balance of the amount of teammates who support players in their unhappiness

- Fixed issue where players would ask to leave for first team football before they simply asked for more first team football

- 'Request Tutoring’ option has been added to increase the amount of tutoring options the user has

- Fixed the ability to offer continent-specific tournament football to players not playing in that continent

- Fixed rare instances of promises to accept a bid for a player being broken when no bid was made

- Balanced the regularity at which players will request new contracts

- Fixed board meetings being generated harshly and the ability to set yourself multiple points targets from within a board meeting


- Amended Champions Cup seedings for 2014/15 season

- Improved Liverpool Champions Cup Quarter Final scheduling

- Fixed drafts not being scheduled correctly

- All A-League matches are now on TV

- Fixed players not coming off DL6 at the end of their stint

- Fixed Re-entry Draft Two pick duplication

- Fixed issue where Young Designated Player contract logic was being applied incorrectly at times preventing User offering a contract to a player

- Fixed issue where Free Agent retained Season Ending Injury status meaning they couldn’t be registered

- Fixed NYCFC manager job becoming Insecure when they join MLS

- Toned down NYCFC trade activity before they join MLS


- Fixed AI managers being incorrectly questioned and talking about the user struggling

- Fixed Team of the Year player in incorrect position

- Fixed not enough nations available to manage

- Fixed subscription selections being reset on save/load

- Fixed results in League Cup counting towards club’s Highest Scoring League Game record

- Fixed English Premier Division Top Goalscorer Record is Sheringham with 1 goal

- Fixed view Incident button on controversial penalty incident news item doesn’t show the foul

- Fixed completely blank news item


- Adjusted Dutch wages in both Eredivise and Juplier League

- Fixed an issue where a player would retire immediately after signing as a Player/Coach

- Fixed an issue where a player would retire without giving the correct reason

- Adjusted coaches training workload

- Fixed an issue with transfer budgets after adjusted season expectations mid-season

- Fixed the issue of a users profile changing unexpectedly


- Various skin fixes

- MLS now be playable in Challenges

If your game version doesn't immediately update (the game has to be closed for it to update), please try closing down Steam and re-launching it. The version number will now be 15.0.


Please provide any constructive feedback here - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/400085-Official-Football-Manager-2015-Pre-Release-Beta-Feedback-Thread

If you encounter any issues with the game, please raise them in our bugs forum here - http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/417


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