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Your thoughts on my 4-3-1-2 narrow/ FM15

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So, I started playing beta release yesterday evening. I picked my favoruite team, ManUtd. The tactic I chose is 4-3-1-2 due to lack of quality wingers and a lot of good central midfielders. I also bought one more CM, James McCarthy from Everton. My wish is for my 4 midfielders to play diamond, similar to Van Gaal's vision.

GK - De Gea- GK/D

DR - Rafael - CWB/A

DC - Blind - BPD/D

DC - Jones - CD/D

DL - Rojo - CWB/A

MCR - Herrera - DLP/S

MC - McCarthy - CM/D

MCL - Di Maria - RPLY/S

AMC - Januzaj - AM/S

STR - Rooney - DLF/S

STL - Falcao - AF/A

Team Instructions:

Control, Flexibile

-short passing (I am aiming to play possesion football)

-play out of defence

-work ball in to the box

-close down ( I want my players to win the ball as soon as possible after losing it, but I don't want them to lose shape by being to agressive hence didn't pick "close down more")

-play wider (due to lack of wide players, I want my team to stay wider so the MCL and MCR can help defensively with opposition wingers)

-more expressive

player instructions:

Di Maria - run wide with the ball and cross more often (him being my roaming playmaker, I want him also to pick the ball and run wider to the left, making defences lose their postiton by trying to close him down, also great crosser that he is,I want him to put pressure on the defence by crossing often)

AMC - roam more

This far I like what I see..but lowest ratings often go to MCR and AMC postition, I don't know why. any suggestions?

Also CWB's are fantastic..I hardly ever used them in FM14 but they give so much going forward, I absolutely love it!

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First thing that glared to me was your MCR and DR. Rafael, due to his role and his natural style of play will surge forward, with Herrera being both static and suspicious defensively. Surely that side could be caught on the counter by some of the better PL wide players, So I'd either give him a Box-to-Box role or replace him with a player with better defensive skills and good Composure and Positioning, Carrick would probably better in this role on this set-up.

Upfront, I can't recommend the AP-A role for Januzaj enough. With this role he'll stay fairly deep, get the ball and either spray a pass to a better-placed player or charge forward with his great speed and technical skill. Got a very good result by playing Raheem Sterling this way on the previous FM.

The rest of the set-up look pretty solid to me, been playing a diamond formation with my beloved Liverpool on my FM15 and I love it, good luck!

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Ive used a very similar system, but with MCR as a B2B instead of DLP, similar thinking to above post. Has been quite nice, beat Swansea 4-0 in the first match :) Only thing I noticed is that you are somewhat exposed to deep balls through or above the defensive line, especially if the other team has pacy forwards. Any suggestions to counter this, would a team instruction of drop deeper be best?

Do you use the same system against stronger opponents or on a cold tuesday night ion stoke? Or how do you go for the more defensive approach?

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I'd switch Herrera to Box To Box, and Januzaj to AP(a) or Trequartista. Also, I'd consider playing Blind in McCarthy's spot(perhaps even moving it to the DM slot), he's not good enough in the air for a CB outside of emergencies.

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I've tried the diamond with Arsenal. I'm close to giving up on it. Playing a diamond in the FM 14 ME is suicide given how ridiculously quick wingers are, how accurate crosses are and how useless full backs are defensively. The outside central midfielders don't cover the spaces and the diamond takes ages to move from side to side.

In short don't bother.

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I am having great sucess with this tactic. I've made MCR to box to box, also DLF to CF/S, the attacking midfielder is either AP/A or AP/S..depends if I play control or standard. I'm in January, 1st season and I have +9 point lead on the table with a game in hand.

Also I won at Stamford Bridge by moving MC to DMC position and after I took the 2-1 lead, Chelsea started to put pressure on me and scored for 2-2. Then I went for 4-2-2-2..with two DM's (DM/S and DM/D), MC's (B2B and RPLYM), ST's( DLF/S and P/A)..counter-close down less and removed shorter passing..This proved a masterstroke where I scored a winner and could even add more. So, this will be a nice away tactic for tough matches.

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