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Future transfers: High-profile left back to replace Monreal, who just is not good enough. Also Tielemans(?) from Belgium is joining us as a free agent. 4-5 star potential. Had to offer him crazy wages though because all big teams were after him. I also have Ruben Neves as 4. midfielder, and after Tielemans is joining I have 5 MC's. Will probably sell Cazorla because he only has 1 year to go and move Wilshere to cover for Özil as AMC.

Congratz on your title win.

Was taking a look at Neves myself. I knew he was a great talent in real life but he looks like he'll be some player on FM15. Porto aren't willing to sell, though. How much did you buy him for?

Hey mate, what are your individual instructions for Szczesny? That's an amazing pass completion ratio for a GK.

Just "Distribute To Centre Backs". That way, he only rolls the ball out or passes to the two centre backs instead of hitting it long. Since I tend to play a short, patient passing style, my centre backs will often pass back to the keeper and they'll keep the ball amongst themselves until they can play forward. Slightly risky when being pressed by the opposition forwards, but useful for building from the back.

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Great to see so many starting with Arsenal and using this thread. Quite enjoy reading through everyone's updates, seeing how people go about making their own mark on the club. Congratulations to everyone on their success!

When the full game is released, I will certainly (hopefully) be more active in this thread, in terms of updates. I'm currently using my Arsenal save as a tester - getting used to the game, scouting a few players. It's a foundation save.

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People getting big money for Campbell - what price did you offer him out for? I can't get anyone willing to give me even as much as £6m upfront (initially offered him out for 10, now just doing so at his value, which is 8.5m or so)

offered him out right at beta start for 12m, got immediately bid by Monaco (didn't load France)

15m offered came back claused

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Congratz on your title win.

Was taking a look at Neves myself. I knew he was a great talent in real life but he looks like he'll be some player on FM15. Porto aren't willing to sell, though. How much did you buy him for?

Embarassing to tell but 20 million euros first transfer window. :) Most of that was somekind of future clauses. He will be my future captain because his leadership is great and there arent that many great young players with leadership like that.

And thank you.

By the way, Dan Crowley seems to have really a high potential ability in my game. Gnabry has been on loan for 1,5 seasons (lots of games) and 0,5 season getting substitute appearances for me, but he is not improving pretty much at all.

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Not happy with the start I have made. Scoring well but seem to get undone at the back by anyone with pace. Defence seem isolated even though they push up without a DM there too.

Ultimately, I like to play Tika Taka football. I love it when football is played like that and love applying pressure high up the pitch.

With these in mind, I cant decide how to have my midfield three triangle. Without a DM it just seems to unsafe. However I dont want my strikers to get isolated because then the Tika Taka will never happen.

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September Report

13/09/14 | Barclays Premier League | Emirates

Arsenal 5 ( Ozil 10 , Welbeck 12 , Mignolet O/G 44 , Giroud 79 & 90+1)

Liverpool 1 ( Sterling 57 , Skrtel S/O 8 , Gerrard S/O 83))

16/09/14 \ UEFA Champions League(Grp Stage) | San Memes

Arsenal 2 ( Diaby 6 , Susaeta O/G 15 , Diaby Inj 87)

Athletic 2 ( Gurpegi 23 , Muniain 41)

20/09/14 | Barclays Premier League | Old Tafford

Arsenal 2 ( Campbell 20 , Ozil 64)

Man Utd 3 ( Falcao 26 , Mata 29 , Van Perise 76)

23/09/14 | Capital One Cup (Rd 3) | Emirates

Arsenal 5 ( Oxlade-Chamberlain 1 , Dede 9 & 41 , Welbeck 56 , Ozil 70)

Aston Villa 1 ( Kozak 5)

27/09/14 | Barclays Premier League | Emirates

Arsenal 3 ( Alexis 1 & 26 , Dede Inj 15 , Oxlade-Chamberlain 77)

West Brom 1 ( Wisdom 84)

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First season roundup:

Happy with my first season. I made a few changes to the squad and the squad will continue to be changed going in to next season.


I've only played 1 tactic throughout the season, it was as follows:

GK: Szczesny/Ospina (SK/S) - Distribute to CBs

RB: Debuchy/Chambers (WB/S) - Pass it shorter, Run wide with ball

CDR: Mertesacker/Nkoulou (CD/D) - Close down less, Pass it shorter

CDL: Koscielny/Nkoulou/Saul) (CD/D) - Close down less, Pass it shorter

LB: Gibbs/Gaya (CWB/A) - Pass it shorter, Run wide with ball

CMR: Wilshere/Saul (CM/D)

CML: Ramsey/Wilshere (B2B/S) - Close down more

AMR: Walcott/Sanchez/Ox (W/S)

AMC: Ozil/Cazorla (T/A) - More direct passes

AML: Sanzhez/El Shaarawy (IF/S) - Pass it shorter

CF: Welbeck/Giroud (AF/A) - Move into channels, Hold up ball

Mentality: Control, Shape: Fluid, Instructions: Shorter passing, Pass into space, Whipped crosses, Push higher up, Close down more, Higher tempo, Be more disciplined

I've found that this has worked really well for me. Early in the season, I was being absolutely destroyed by balls over the top when my defenders were closing people down, hence the "close down less" on my CBs. The majority of my goals were either my AMC playing it through to my CF, or my AML cutting in and scoring.



As per the screenshot, I moved quite quickly to ship out players that I didn't want to keep. I'm very happy to have received £15m for Podolski and £8.5m for Monreal. In January, Diaby got me £6m which was a nice little bonus.

My biggest incoming signing was Stephan El Shaarawy for £27m. This was a bit of a panic buy, as I wanted Reus initially who wouldn't come. I was expecting a little more from El Shaarawy, but stats wise he still did OK. He was firmly second choice behind Sanchez on the left once Walcott was available. He did still score 9 goals in 14(13) games, contributing 4 assists. If a good offer comes in for him over the summer he will be let go.

Staff changes:

I changed the staff around quite a bit. The following screenshots show who is working with me:





As you will see from the screenshot, I scored the most goals by a bit of a distance. The only team close to me is Chelsea, and even they aren't particularly close.

My 4 losses were all away from home - 4-2 to Sunderland, 2-1 to Man City, 4-2 to United and 2-1 to Chelsea.


Footballer of the year: Alexis Sanchez

Golden boot - Danny Welbeck (32)

Young player of the year - Aaron Ramsey

Manager of the year - Me

Team of the year - Mathieu Debuchy, Laurent Koscielny, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck - Wojciech Szczesny and Kieran Gibbs as substitutes

Other competitions:

CL: I lost in the QF vs Real Madrid, 4-3 on aggregate

FA Cup: Won! 4-1 in the final vs Man Utd

Capital One Cup: Lost 3-0 in the 3rd round vs Wolves. This was a VERY disappointing game from my youngsters. Coquelin in particular performed poorly and was subsequently shipped out.

Community shield: Lost on penalties to Man City. The game itself finished 2-2.

Player stats in all competitions:


As you can see, there was a decent spread of goals between my striker and my attacking midfielders. I would have liked some more goals from my CMs though.

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Suprised to see so many shipping out Monreal, he's been excellent cover. I can't find any fault in our starting full backs, although having only brought in Dragovic for CB I am getting quite exposed by injuries atm.

Last match was:





at the back with Hayden and Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill on the bench. Still managed to roll over QPR 6-0 though.

Also, Santi has been something of a revelation for me, as has Walcott since his return from injury. As for Danny Welbeck... just WOW

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October Report

01/10/14 | UEFA Champions League(Grp Stage) |Emirates

Arsenal 4 ( Alexis 3 , Welbeck 18 , Dede 32 , Welbeck 42)

Legia 1 ( Swierczok PEN 76)

04/10/14 | Barclays Premier League | Stadium Of Light

Arsenal 5 ( Campbell 1 , Koscielny 22 , Giroud 41 & 48 & 73)

Sunderland 2 ( Larsson 45+1 , Smith 69)

18/10/14 | Barclays Premier League | Emirates

Arsenal 3 ( Giroud 17 & 56 & 68)

Crystal Palace 0

22/10/14 | UEFA Champions League(Grp Stage) | Emirates

Arsenal 3 ( Welbeck 43 , Oxlade-Chamberlain 52 , Toprak O/G 89)

Leverkusen 3 ( Szczesny O/G 66 , Kielbling 82 , Drmic 88)

25/10/14 | Barclays Premier League | Emirates

Arsenal 4 ( Fernandez O/G 22 , Cazorla 23 , Girood 50 , Arteta 72)

Swansea 1 ( Fernandez 14)

29/10/14 | Capital One Cup( 4th Rd) | Emirates

Arsenal 3 ( Giroud 8 , Cazorla 28 , Welbeck 83)

Norwich 0

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Anyone played with 2 DM? I used to play that way on FM14 and had a lot of sucess but I'm not sure how it would translet to this arsenal team...Would Rambo or Wilshere flourish in that position?

It all depends on what role you want. I.e registra . I assume you have a more defensive player playing next to them ?

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6 league games to go in my second season, 2 points behind both Chelsea and Man utd, with liverpool being a point behind me in 4th but with a game in hand, so very close! Won the Capital One Cup against Watford 2-1, lost in FA cup 6th round to Chelsea away and about to play Real Madrid in the QF of the chmpions league

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Anyone played with 2 DM? I used to play that way on FM14 and had a lot of sucess but I'm not sure how it would translet to this arsenal team...Would Rambo or Wilshere flourish in that position?

this is something i am finding hard to get the balance too, I want to have the option of using both jack and rambo together in some games too but I do no want to drag them into dm position where they are not natural. Currently im fiddling around with dlp defend and b2b. think the way the game is its hard to find balance unless you use an asymmetric formation

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what do people think of Rabiot? Sven Bender's been disappointing so far so may sell him either in Jan or at end of season I'm also keeping an eye on De Jong whose contract runs out at the end of the season also Rabiot has just signed a new contract with PSG(9.75k/week)

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Schniderlin is turning out to be disappointing at DM too. After an excellent start (so good that I shipped Coq and Flamini out) his form fell off a cliff and he's now third choice behind the somewhat pedestrian Arteta and the excellent Romero. Seriously considering shipping him out.

Nkoulou turned out to be an inspired bit of business, I now have him and Balanta as back-up CBs but they are close to pushing Mert and Kos out as they are really performing. My other signing was Memphis Depay. He's a very exciting talent and good back up for the in-form Poldolski just needs some work on his finishing.

With Welbeck, Podolski and Sanchez scoring loads of goals the only area of real concern is in the centre of the field. Wilshire is average, Diaby is okay but injury prone, Ramsey is good but can't play 60 matches a season, Ozil has one good game in ten and "thinks the manager lacks credibility". He may have to go.

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have to agree with what people are saying RE keeping monreal hes been great in my save..

Also i picked up Andre Ayew who has been on great on my left wing with Cazorla behind welbeck and i've been banging in goals the Ox is also a beast in this FM...

Not sure if anyone else has this problem but Ozil's condition is always seems to deteriorate and not recover quick like everyone else'sin the squad and like the poster above me says he only seems to play one good game in 10 which is frustrating..

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I've not played that much due to a dicky laptop atm, but one game I did manage to play and it ended up been 8-5 to Chelsea, I was 5-2 up with 10 mins to go...This has to be some kind of bug!

REgardless, the said dicky laptop came to my rescue and killed itself so the game was technically null and void and I think the next time I managed to get it played it was a rather uneventful 2-1 loss!

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England won the Euro 2016 championships with a 1-0 win over Portugal, Wilshere with the winner :cool:

Start of 3rd season

Transfers in

Godin - 5.25m*

Tiago llori - 6m

Alvaro Jimenez - 2.1m

Denis Suarez - 1.5m*

Luis Muriel - 2m

Micah Richards - 4.4m* (From Bournemouth :o)

Alvaro Vadillo - 5.75m

Louis Samson - 350k

Yamil Ravidero - 4.5m (future transfer date)

* = Transfer listed

Players out

Walcott - 18m

Dede - 12m

Cazorla - 5.5m

Jenkinson - 5.5m

Mertesacker - 4.5m

Sanogo - 3m

Every player sold except the last 2 requested to leave, Jenkinson only because Liverpool bid for him and he had asked to accept it no matter what so :(

Hoping to get 2 competition wins this season, after missing out on the league narrowly 2 years in a row i fully believe this is our year! Also got job offers from France, Italy and Holland but will focus on Arsenal first!

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November Report

01/11/14 | Barclays Premier League | Etidhad

Arsenal 1 ( Welbeck 22)

Man City 1 ( Aguero 52)

04/11/14 | UEFA Champions League( Grp Stage) | BayArena

Arsenal 1 ( Alexis 66)

Leverkusen 1 ( Kiebling 90+2)

10/11/14 | Barclays Premier League | Emirates

Arsenal 3 ( Walcott 44 , Wilshere 50 , Welbeck 86)

Stoke 0 ( Diouf S/O 26)

22/11/14 | Barclays Premier League | The Circle

Arsenal 2 ( Campbell 12 , Dede 48)

Hull 0 ( Dawson Inj 6)

26/11/14 | UEFA Champions League(Grp Stage) | Emirates

[/b]Arsenal 1[/b] ( Welbeck 21)

Athletic 0

29/10/14 | Barclays Premier League | Emirates

Arsenal 2 ( Duff O/G 60 , Welbeck 66)

Burnley 0

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I've just started an Arsenal save to mess around with before the final reach, but might stick with it for a bit considering the kind of business I was able to do during the first window so far. The squad seems like a ton of fun!

Transfers Out

Aaron Ramsey - Man Utd - £35m + Phil Jones

Mesut Ozil - Chelsea -£50m

Wojciech Szczesny - Napoli - £13m

Lukas Podolski - Liverpool - £13.5m

Tomas Rosicky - Swansea - £1.4m

Total: £113m

Summary: While the departures of Ramsey and Ozil seem a bit drastic, the amount of cash I received for Ozil can probably cover my next 2 transfer windows, while for Ramsey I got a defender for the next 8+ Years in Phil Jones and a pile of cash. Time will tell if I have made the right moves.

Transfers In

Stephane Ruffier - AS St-Etienne - £5.25m

Jack Cork - Southampton - £5.75m

Chris Smalling - Man Utd - £7.5m

Phil Jones - Man Utd - P/Ex

Total Out: £19.5m

Summary: A bit of a thrifty window on the spending side, the players in covered the players leaving that I didn't already have cover for and the money is there if I need to make a splash in the January transfer window. A net profit of £93.5m and getting Jones who would have taken some unsettling and about £26m made me come out of this window feeling like a winner. Another purchase hasn't been ruled out with Will Hughes on my shortlist to give the midfield a bit more depth.



This is what my first team is shaping up to look like for the final matches of preseason into the beginning of the season. Once Walcott is back from injury he will take over the AMR role from Chamberlain, while Campbell will be rotating into both the AML/AMR positions once Theo is back. Giroud will get most of game time up front with Welbeck rotating in for lesser league and cup matches. For the defense, Mertesacker will be rotating with Jones, while Chambers will get some significant game time rotating in behind Debuchy.


So far the preseason has been a success with the new signings settling in well, with the only downside being that Smalling picked up a small injury putting him out for 2 weeks.

Chelteham 0 - 1 Arsenal

Feyenoord 1 - 3 Arsenal

Academica 1 - 3 Arsenal

Chievo 1 - 7 Arsenal

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I must sort out my laptop soon, it's making getting some serious FM game time very difficult! Got through to the CL group stages (from what I remember I should walk the group!), got QRP in the cup, and the international break has been and gone. Now I just have City to play with a depleted midfield.

Have to stick with my 3 at the back for the next 4 months as Gibbs (my only left back) is broken, but the fact that Ozil & Ramsey are been told that they need 2 weeks off by the Physio is taking the biscuit a little…Is this a bug? I’ve done nothing with my training that I haven’t done on other FM’s previously (no rest days, but full match tactics as to get familiar with the formation etc quickly, overall workload is light) Anyway, Wilshere is coming back from injury, as is Rues who will hopefully make his first team bow in a 20 min cameo. I’m just hoping to batten down the hatches and escape with a draw!

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These injuries are starting to do me in on my Arsenal save. I was told on the bugs thread that there is no issue with injuries in FM15 and it must be my training. I've introduced rest days before and after matches, the intensity of training is set to low. I've reduced risky tactics like hard tackling and ensured that they don't play at a high tempo and still I'm getting 2 or 3 injuries per match. It's rare that I can make a tactical substituation.

As of 10 Dec 2014 we have Walcott, again (4 months), Diaby again (2 months), Wilshere (2 months), Ozil (3 weeks), Mertesacker (3 weeks), Arteta (2 weeks), Gibbs (1 weeks) and Giroud (1 week) on the treatment table. Balanta, Ospina, Debuchy and Sanchez are all having light training after their recent spells out. All have individual training but not at an intense level.

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Hmmm. I think I've clearly done something wrong then. I am tempted to restart the season or wait until the editor comes out and "fine tune" the injury-proneness attributes. I've got Chelsea and Man City coming up and I won't have any defenders on the bench. I'd appreciate any other tips though.

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Hmmm. I think I've clearly done something wrong then. I am tempted to restart the season or wait until the editor comes out and "fine tune" the injury-proneness attributes. I've got Chelsea and Man City coming up and I won't have any defenders on the bench. I'd appreciate any other tips though.
maybe your just being really unlucky with injuries personaly i find fitness needs a little improvement but injuries seem fine
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I don't know if this'll be useful, but I find not playing anyone with a condition below 92% and subbing off players who's condition drops below 70% where possible leads to less injuries. Also, if anyone picks up a knock it's probably better to get them off the pitch as soon as you can rather then let them play on, as there's a good chance the injury will just get worse. I still get the odd injury but I've never had a major crisis managing the players' fitness this way over the past few editions of the game. Plus this gives my fringe players more game time, so their fitter and readier to step in when need be, which I think is especially important this year as match fitness takes longer to increase.

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Has anyone been able to land Reus?

EDIT: Okay, so I just managed to get him to agree to a £150k p/w contract with a £35k appearance fee plus tons of other clauses. I'd normally not do this but it's Marco ****ing Reus!

I find i him to be way underrated :( Managing Dortmund and Memphis Depay could easily replace Reus (I bought Depay in January transfer window, i never use the transfers in first window option) . Due to be loving Reus IRL I'm sticking with him but yeah....Reus isnt what he should be as far as I'm concerned.

Probably one of the most underrated players in this years FM.

Anyway, Arsenal and Dortmund my favorite clubs. Personally my best signings have been Depay and Lucas Romero. I highly recommend Eric Durm he is real good at Left back. Also Carlos Fierro probably the best false number 9 money can buy :)

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I'll back up the comment "Personally my best signings have been Depay and Lucas Romero". Both are already more than capable members of the squad.I'm rotating Depay and Podolski as both are in form. Romero is now my first choice holding midfielder. I'll check out Eric Durm.

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December Report

02/12/14 | Barclays Premer League | Stamford Bridge

Arsenal 3 ( Welbeck 51 , Giroud PEN 64 , Cazorla 90)

Chelsea 2 ( Costa 48 & 54 & Inj 56)

06/12/14 | Barclays Premier League | Emirates

Arsenal 4 ( Welbeck 59 , Walcott 65 & 88 & 89)

Aston Villa 0

09/12/14 | UEFA Champions League | Wojska Polskiego

Arsenal 2 ( Giroud 10 , Alexis 43)

Legia 1 ( Radovic 54, Bednaruk Inj 64))

13/12/14 | Barclays Premier League | Emirates

Arsenal 4 ( Giroud 1 , Dede 15 , Alexis 34 , Giroud 55)

Newcastle 1 ( Coloccini 17)

16/12/14 | Capital One Cup( Qtr-Final) | Emirates

Arsenal 3 ( Walcott 13 & 15 , Oxlade-Chamberlain 41)

Crystal Palace 1 ( Ospina 46)

20/12/14 | Barclays Premier League | Emirates

Arsenal 3 ( Walcott 7 , Chambers 17 , Oxlade-Chamberlain 88)

QPR 2 ( Vargas 77 , Caulker 85)

26/12/14 | Barclays Premier League | White Hart Lane

Arsenal 2 ( Giroud 4 & 75)

Tottenham 2 ( Dembele 2 , Lamela 47)

28/12/14 | Barclays Premier League) | Emirates

Arsenal 2 ( Welbeck 10 & 51)

Everton 1 ( Naismith 86)

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Buy Munir from Barcelona. Play him upfront as Giroud back up or in your starting eleven. He's amazing as every role upfront, as CF - S, he scored 11 goals in 7 appearence. He's just scored an hat trick against West Ham in 15 minutes and the game isn't finish.

Sanchez is amazing too, but Welbeck struggle a lot to score and to get good performance.

Walcott is a beast when he wants to..

Mertesacker is bad as hell.

In January 2015:

3rd in the league behind Chelsea and City.

Still in FA Cup and in CL. Facing Athletico next round.

Off course this may only be in my game but it's just to give everyone else an opinion.

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End of Season Update 2014/15

Premier League


As predicted, we won the league with ease, securing the club's first league title in nine years with five games to spare by defeating Swansea 3-1. Unfortunately, we couldn't go the season unbeaten as attention turned to other competitions and I rotated the team more and more. Our unbeaten run ended at Man City, losing 2-1 despite leading for a good part of the game. Further losses to Sunderland and West Brom away made it a pretty poor end to the league season.

Danny Welbeck was named Footballer of the Year and Chamberlain was awarded the Young Players' Player of the Year. Several of the players were named in the Team of the Year, too.

Champions League

A competition we did fantastically well in, even if it did end in tears. We came from behind to defeat Porto 2-1 in Portugal in the first leg of the last 16, then got a dominant 1-0 at home to set-up a quarter-final tie against Juventus, who we had already played twice this season.

We defeated them at home 3-0, putting us in a very comfortable - almost too comfortable - position for the second leg. In Turin, we absolutely battered Juventus' goal, mustering well over 20 shots, but lost the game 4-3 due to Carlos Tevez being an amazing player; he scored twice from distance and set-up Llorente for another. The 6-4 aggregate score flattered Juventus.

The semi-final pitted us against Bayern Munich. Playing the first leg at home again, we turned in an excellent performance to go 2-0 ahead, but conceded an away goal in the last minute. In Germany, we snatched the lead in the first half, then at the start of the second half we tore Bayern to pieces, scoring twice in five minutes to all but seal our spot in the final. Bayern scored twice from corners late on, but it wasn't enough.

It didn't go our way in the final against Real Madrid. Cazorla gave us the lead and were the better side for the majority of the game, but Madrid went 2-1 ahead before half-time and Kroos injured two of my players, leaving me with just one tactical sub to make. We managed to level the game in the second half and take it to exta-time, but unable to make any more subs, Madrid's fresher legs gave them the edge, and Benzema scored the winning goal. Despite throwing everything at them in the second period of extra time, we just couldn't find a way past Casillas, and Madrid won their second consecutive Champions League.

FA Cup

Not much to say about this one. We got some favourable draws up until the semi-final, where we played Chelsea and lost to a last minute goal from Schurrle. Chelsea went on to win the cup.

Capital One Cup

We defeated a spirited Watford team 3-0 in the final to win a nice bonus trophy.



I've very pleased with the performances of the players and, especially, the productions levels of all my forwards. Even after I changed formation from 4-2-3-1 to 4-4-1-1, my wide players continued to score and assist, while Welbeck was the ultimate beneficiary of some superb service into the box.

Here are a few screenshots of the players I thought developed really well over the course of the season:






At this point, I'm not foreseeing many changes to the squad. I agreed a deal with Everton for John Stones in March, so he'll arrive to add to our defensive options. Some players, such as Diaby and Rosicky, have talked to me about leaving for me first team games so they'll be sold. Giroud has also spoken to me regarding potential interest from Bayern Munich and I've promised him I won't block a move if they bid, so that'll be an interesting one. If he does leave, I'll likely use Podolski as my backup for Welbeck.

The plan is to make Serge Gnabry and Dan Crowley more prominent members of the first team squad next season, with a view to replacing the ageing duo Podolski and Cazorla. With Wilshere out for four months and Ozil out for six, there'll be first team opportunities for them.

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Currently 13 points behind Chelsea with 10 games to go in the 2016/17 season :( Won the CoC for the second year running :cool: WIll do update on transfers at end of season, just knocked Porto out of the 1st KO round of CL, and have Watford in the FA cup 6th round, Chelsea are the only big team left in that competition as well! :)

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This is how I'm lining at the end of the 2nd season. Depay is insanely good, Sanchez is very disappointing, Ramsey has been average. Welbz is brilliant, scoring close to 40 goals in both seasons.




GKd - Chez / Ospina

WBs - Chambers / Debuchy

CDd - Mert / Chambers

CDd - Balanta / Kos

WBa - Gibbs / Natxo

WMa - Theo / Sanchez

B2Bs - Ramsey / Wilshere

CMd - Lars Bender / Arteta

WMs - Depay / Chambo

Ta - Ozil / Munir

AFa - Welbz / Munir

Crowley, Zelalem, Gnabry, and a few regens get game time too.

Podolski, Rosicky, Diaby, Flamini, Giroud, Cazorla, and Campbell, have all been shipped out. I may cash in on Theo or Sanchez this summer.

No room for Wilshere in the midfield that I want, I'm considering converting him to LB (which I've done in previous versions of FM with great success).

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