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Best CM/FM-player all time? And favorite player all time?

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Marcelo Salas and Rodrigo Barrera both from Universidad de Chile, can't remember which version but I think it was CM2.

I think it was that version.

Back in the day when you could only choose England or Scotland (and if you chose Scotland, you got pretty much a different database of players to sign) - i chose to manage Falkirk.

I had Miguel Mercado from Bolivar who was awesome - 40-50 goals a year.

Backed up by Ivan Dobrovolski on the left wing and Viktor Leonenko!

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It would have to be a Regen i had on FM11 i brought him from Palermo at 19 and had him tutored by Vidic in my United team.

He was labelled as the next Franco Baresi, he was 6ft8" and about 15 stone something, he came to me with Heading, Jumping and Strength 18, Tackling 17, Marking 16, Composure and Concentration 15

After a year of tutoring with Vidic, i used him as Vidic's replacement after Vidic broke his ankle..........Vidic never started another meaningful match for me.

The lad had become a beast Heading, Jumping, Strength and Tackling 20, Concentration and Marking 19 and Composure 17 plus most of his other mental stats were either 15 or over. Just wished he was faster at pace and acceleration than 12.

I used to stick him on the back post from corners and he's smash in about 15 a season in all competitions

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In 01 I liked Sheffield Wednesday and speed and dribbling were great stats. Tijjani Babangida was an awesome free transfer. Next one I played in 03/04 it was speed and technique and Daniel Brathen was my hero. Think the game mispelled his name but I didn't care.

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Ah.. Got me thinking to some of my most fave players througout CM/FM series...

01/02 - Taribo West or Haribo as I called him, To Madeira the fake portuguese goal machine, Nikiforenko, Nesta from AC Milan forged one heck of a partnership with Sami Hyypia for me that helped me on a 20 games of clean sheets in a row till they both eventually had to sit out a game due to accrued yellow cards, Kim Kallstrom AM from Hacken who would score and assist, Kennedy Bakircioglou, Stefan Selakovic, Isaac Okoronkwo, Assane N'Diaye from shakthar (RIP), Agahowa, Mike Duff for a bargain 100k who would become one of the best and most consistent RB's in the game... The list could go on there were that many bargains and players.. Then on the 3.9.68 patch came the supergreek freaks - Papadopoulos, Tobros, Skalidis and a few more.. Skalidis has a vid on youtube of his insane scoring streaks.. Oh and both him and to madeira have fake twitter accounts :D

CM 08 : Daniel Agger was insane at cb in one of the formations I had, Would score shedloads of goals and a solid and consistent defender.. I even threw him upfront for a while when my striker Craig Linfield who was another beast got injured for 2 months and Agger even played well up there, consistently scoring goals I am sure he went onto become my top scorer that season with an insane 60+ goals for a defender!!

As for FM my fave has to be Andrei Arshavin - signed from his russian side, would terrorise fullbacks and score loads.. think that was on FM06

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"Super" Kyle Wilson.

Started off as a youth product as Crewe, and in real life was a lower league Journeyman striker playing for such teams as Altrincham, (loan), Barrow, (with his Dad as Manager), Droylsden, FC Utd, (3 spells), Macclesfield Town, Hyde, Chester etc etc etc.

His real life career was seriously curtailed in about 2006 when he suffered a pretty rough ACL injury and never recovered fully. He is now playing for Conwy Borough in what I think is the equivalent of the Welsh Championship, but is regularly hampered by injury problems. :thdn:

From about.... FM05(ish) I think, he was an absolute lower league God in the game. He scored goals for absolutely everyone and became a firm favourite in the early issues of the Dafuge Challenge. I would like to say "I discovered him", but the reality is that I am sure I was just one of many and I just shouted loudest.

In the early issues of FM he had either N.Irish or Irish as a 2nd Nationality, and after firing my Hitchin team all the way to the Premiership, (scoring hundreds of goals in the process), he then proceeded to fire either N.Ireland or Ireland all the way not only to the World Cup Finals, but the World Cup Final itself while managed by the AI. He scored over 50 INT goals for whoever it was. Of course they lost, (I have a feeling it was Ireland but not 100% sure as in future issues of the game he always had N.Ireland as a 2nd Nationality), but that's still pretty special.

Until I get a son in the game, (still waiting), he will be my favourite FM player.

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I always signed Lionel Morgan on CM. He was ace for a team wanting promotion out of the Championship/division 1 when he was at Wimbledon or in later editions a free agent. (once he got over the ligament injury).

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Maximal Tsigalko, without ANY doubt! Best CM/FM player ever. Scored trillions of goals and helped me win everything with Cambridge Utd back then.

And an Argentinian named Ezequiel Gonzalez, who was a world class false 9 who like Tsigalko scored in every game. Gonzalez played for Cambridge well into his 40s, I think he was 44 when he finally retired. Sadly there are no Screenshots from that save anymore...

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wow this thread has really been brought back from the dead!  

To answer the question, mine is likely to be newgen/regens,

I remember having a right back that was my captain and followed me around half a dozen of my clubs.  Should have really left him behind a long while back as he was no where near up to the standard but he was pretty consistent  and sentimentality plays a huge part in this game always has

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