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Best CM/FM-player all time? And favorite player all time?

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No contest - Juan Roman Riquelme FM07 - FM10 Guy was lethal from 25 yards, always good for 20+ goals a season. He also basically scored every other DFK he ever took.

My personal favorite FM player was from FM07 when by 2012 Carlos Vela was the best striker in the world. Handy as I was playing Arsenal.

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Alessandro Melli from championship series (94-95 i think). he's one of the best goalscorer on this game for me.

and ronaldinho from fm 2010, the other magnificent goalscorer of the series.

steven gerrard from 2008, one of the best box to box midfielder of series with gattuso from cm01-02.

and my all time favorite players are Gerrard and Maldini..

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01/02 you could buy Ronaldinho, Kaka, Julius Agahowa, Javier Saviola, Aruna Babangida as kids and if you looked after them they were the best players out there.

generally Francesco Totti was great...

For LLM who can ever forget The Great Lord Jamie Victory

But the best player I ever played with was FREDDY ADU. I cannot remember which FM or CM it was, you could buy him when he was 13... and if you looked after him right, he would break into any first team at 17 and by 19 until 30 he would give you 11 years of pleasure! (that last bit didnt sound right)

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Mark Collis (Cambridge, CM94EOS)

Ferrah Orosco ( ditto )

Hehe, I remember those two. They were actually the guys coding the Amiga version and they were only in the Amiga version of the game. Collis a AM/F C and Orosco a D RC

Here is the opening screen from CM94 EOS, note aditional code & special thanks to


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Ronnie Pander. FM08. Dutch central midfielder extraordinaire. He shoots, he scores, he tackles, he gets sent off.

Francesco Flachi. FM08. Sign him for Crewe as a bargain not realising he can't play for a whole year. Have him hang around the club then propel us into the Premiership.

Daryl Murphy and Andrew Keogh. FM08.

Lauri Dalla Valle pre-Liverpool.

FM10 Andres Guardado for the novelty of being able to buy him for £4.5m rather than the £30m of the previous few years.

Fabio Paim CM4.

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CM 97/98: Ajax had two amazing strikers: Froylán Ledezma and Benni McCarthy. You could sign them for free after the first season.

CM 99? or 00? Fausto Rossini (Atalanta).

CM 0-something: my two DC were John Terry and Nelson Akwari. They were rock solid: never injured, rarely booked, I had to sell my other DCs because of them.

Also CM 0-something: Barcelona had three world class wingers: Haruna Babangida, Jofre (?) and Jeffren (?). You could buy them for peanuts.

FM 2005 (after the second patch). Ibrahimovic scored for fun. My tactic was: DEFEND! and give ball to Zlatan...

FM 09: Pavel Pogrebnjak.

Worst players: Trezeguet. He is my idol, but in the game he was useless, probably because he wasn't a target man, he wasn't a a fast striker and he wasn't a poacher (not in the way a poacher is interpreted by the ME). Also, Beckahm was quite disappointing, probably because he was too slow to play on the wing.

My favourite has to be Oscar Cardozo: left footed (just like me :) ), tall, strong, great set pieces taker... The most "complete" complete forward.

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Might have already been mentioned because he was well known in-game (and this is an old thread and I've not checked) but David Collins for me. A young ST/AM© who got 60 plus goals per season for me regularly on an old version.

Chris Hope as well. Could play pretty much 8-9 positions.

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Mads Jorgensen on CM99-00. He could be signed for around £1m if you got in at the start, and he was a creative machine. One of my best ever sides was Inter on that version of the game; he was my right winger and finished one season with 33 assists for a 38 game season. I think the runner up for assists that year had about 8. Incredible.

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I don't really have a single player more partnerships

Fm 05- Peter Whittingham and Thomas Hitzlsperger I still haven't had been able to get a central midfield partnership like them won me the Champions league.

Also Martin Laursen and Olof Melberg the best defence I have ever had on a Fm game

Fm 06- Martin Laursen, Olof Melberg and Juan Pablo Angel

Fm 07- Petrov and Reo-Coker

no one else has really been worth putting into this list until this game which is at the moment.

Fm 13- Delph, Gardner and Wilfried

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CM 00/01 - Alan Smith; Alan Smith + Michael Owen = Win (if you can team em both)

CM 01/02 - Maxim Tsigalko; 4-3-2-1 tactic + Tsigalko at the top = Win

CM 4 and 03/04 - Anatoli Todorov (the greatest striker by far); Georgi Kakalov, Jonathan Soriano and Mido (they are good, but cant compare with Todorov), Saviola+Todorov at CM4 makes your team unbeatable (your team scores 5+ goals all the time); Oskitz Estefania (my fav midfielder); Philippe Mexes (def) and Sebastian Frey (GK)

They are visible from all countries with small database and almost cost no money ;x :D I dont know why Anatoli Todorov its not anyones choice for CM4 series :c He is just so OP... Like Tsigalko at 01/02 :D

Anatoli Todorov - damn wasted talent like Valeri Bojinov irl...

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Cherno Samba - from around 2000. At age 16 he kept Shevchenko out of my AC Milan starting 11!

Robbie Keane - 98/99? Bought from Wolves or Coventry, played behind the front 2 he scored 50 - 60 a season every time. In 2 player mode we banned his purchase!

Tommy Svindal Larsson - CM 2 I think, in the age of super cheap world class scandinavians!

Maxi Lopez - 01/02? My mate bought him for Barca in our 2 player La Liga game and he scored about 60 a season. I hated him.

Kennedy Bakirçioglo (something like that). Absolute legend in 99/00 I think it was.

Ah, such happy memories!

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I can't remember which iteration of the game it was, but it was definitely in the "Champ Manager" era, I always used to sign Shane Tolley from Shrewsbury (I think?). I once had him and Jermaine Defoe as my front two for Barcelona.

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Fm 13- Delph, Gardner and Wilfried

Seriously!? Why?

As for Wilfried he is quality in the game and IRL. Utter tank. He has a relatively humble PA, but as an all-round forward one of the best. What are your experiences with him?

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were do i stat

all cm01-02


N'Diaye - mexes - chivu

hersi - kerr - van der vaart - agahowa

skalidis - papadopolous

that was my wonder team

all - 20's bar chiotis who is 25 but once he hits 28 he's by far the best keeper

all these are with the .68 patch

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gk's: chiotis, frey, isaksson

defenders: taribo west, lizarazu

midfielders: mark kerr, bakircioglu, kallstrom, braaten

strikers: cantona, fowler, peter prospar, robbie keane, tsigalko, tó madeira, sigporsson

and the one and only, the best cheat player+tactic rofl mode, OSKARSSON LOLOL

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