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Best CM/FM-player all time? And favorite player all time?

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I think almost all of them were real apart from T* M******. Or were there any other fakes? I signed Tsigalko on 07 for old times' sake, he was actually ok (and he's definitely real).

Ferrah Orosco and Mark Collis were fake.

Wasn't Collis one of the game designers and Orosco the person responsible for acquiring/generating Cambridge's stats. Was overlooked and they made it into the game as superstars

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Fan Zhiyi (Crystal Palace) - Only ever CM/FM player to be a D/M/A RLC or have I dreamt it?

Niclas alexandersson of Gothenburg could definately play all positions. This was a couple of years before he signed for Sheff Wed IRL.

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Niclas alexandersson of Gothenburg could definately play all positions. This was a couple of years before he signed for Sheff Wed IRL.

Paul Warhurst (sp) could play anywhere through the middle of the park in early CMs. Lamptey was a AMRLC.

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Anatoly Todorov and Evandro Roncotto are my two all time favorite players (CM 03/04). Todorov was a striker and Roncotto was a FLC. Deadliest striker pairing I´ve ever had and I´ve been playing since the very first champ man (that´s a long time ago) and Football Manager 3 before that. I think Todorov got close to 50 goals one season for me and Roncotto got some 30 something assists and well over 20 goals. Todorov was Bulgarian and Roncotto ended up playing for England at the age of 27 since he was strangely never picked for Brazil.

Tony Dennis (regen) was a centre back I loved. Nurtured him and he started playing in my first team at 17. Captained the side from 22 and won many awards and trophies. Never did get his stamina over 12 though :(

oh my god, i didnt think any other person had ever found these gems!!

props to me and you haha

that was my strike partnership for Birminhgam city and i scored 140 goals in a single premier league season

my reserve was Georgi Kakalov who was from the same club as Todorov and he was class as well

more recently in 08: Ever Banega from Boca

07: Mascherano

06: Enyeama and Gonzalo Romero

CM 03/04 - Xano, the guy was an absolute monster on the right wing

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Thanks for making this thread :). CM 4 it was Pablo Nino and David Trezeguet.

FM 05 it was Adriano and Rosicky.

FM 06 it was Kameni and Iaquinta.

FM 07 it was Aguero and Higuain.

FM 08 it was and still is Matias Fernandez and Juan Manuel Mata.

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Alex Notman and Jimmy Davis were the jewels in my Notts County team that dominated English football back in CM 99/00.

Can't remember if I signed Phil Mulryne as well, basically any Man U offcasts I could get my hands on!

Alex Notman is god in CM 00/01...

Also Christian Johansen from Rosenborg. Develops in the greatest goalkeeper in the world when is 21 years old.

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I will always remember CM01/02 when I took over a random English club and got Stockport County. I signed Arsenal's Paulinho for peanuts and Derek Asamoah from somewhere; Paulinho and Asamoah scored 30 goals each and Jon Daly scored 25 goals to rocket me to the Premiership in two successive seasons.

I was given a grand total of £700k to survive in the Premiership. Needless to say I got relegated.

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FM07 - Benoit Leroy: He would cost around 100k or so and was very steady, good captain candidate and very good from penalty kicks. He would consistantly bag in around 10 goals a season plus 10-15 assists.

FM08 - Elliot Grandin: He tends to be expensive, depending on how early you pick him up, but his pace/quickness and finishing ability make him so very deadly. Consistantly a 20+ goal scorer.

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Sorry can't remember exactly which versions.....


Freddy Adu




Cherno Samba



Maxi Rodrigez

Van Der Vaart (before he was know irl)

Ian Harte (some versions)

Chris Sutton

Sebastian Frey (again before he was famous)

Paul Warhurst - in some of the first versions - just class in a glass.

I will add the goalkeeper Stekelenburg (sp) I think it was 06 or 07...I got him for peanuts as a youngster and stayed with me for donkeys!!

Also, another keeper....Bogdon Labont (FM08)- I managed to get him as Hearts manager for a million, he played one season, absolutley immence and sold to the premiership for £9m.

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Tó Madeira and the greeks (Anastasios Skalidis and a few other of his fellow greek players that were just as good as him).

edit: Alexandros Papadopoulos is one of the other greeks. I know there were atleast one more amazing player but i forgot what his name was.

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I can always remember Djalminha (moany bugger).

Good god, he's worse than your average hormonal 15yr old teenage girl, every ruddy club i had him at he'd kick up a fuss going off on strop after strop not giving a stuff who he upset or hacked off and usually his stay at my club was short and he was often sold off.

Kennedy Bakircioglu - was a sensation in 00/01

Yep, that's when the great man was at his best. I didn't love him quite so much on that game when i was in charge of Hammarby though :D

I found this on wikipedia, i had no idea these players didn't exist.

An example of a cheat player is Tó Madeira, who is not actually a real life player.

I thought it was common knowledge To Madeira doesn't exist, if i remember correctly the person 'To Madeira' was at the time a Portugal researcher, i could be wrong though.

Cherno Samba is my favourite player of all time. It pains me to see how bad he is in FM08. :(

He was at his best on CM 00/01, he was part of many a lethal strikeforce.

Abgar Barsom, arround 99/00 IIRC. Defense destroyer.

Great shout, although i think he was better on 01/02 when he was at Djurgardens.

Personally i always love Mohammed Camera a young striker that starts off on CM 00/01 at Bordeaux who unless gets signed by someone never actually gets any good but if you signed him up he'd develop into a world class striker, he had an uncanny knack of scoring from 45 yards too :D

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