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Hey Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the news that FM Bootroom is now live. We're a brand new site but with big ambitions, we hope to be here for many years to come providing you with all your needs for the greatest game of all, Football Manager. We will be uploading new content daily, whether this is tactics, shortlists, guides, articles, graphics so it is all in one place, making it easier for you to access.

Over the coming weeks, you will see changes as we will always be striving to improve the site at all times such as new forum software, new main website which is coming real soon and gadgets to match. We're hoping to make our own downloads page very shortly, allowing you to download all the files you want very easily without going to external sites to download, which can be a pain as we know.

We're also looking to build a decent sized team of writers & designers to be able to produce new content daily whether this is guides, articles, or graphics we want to allow you to have a place which you will find interesting and we hope to give a friendly community atmosphere where everyone is involved with all the banter and activities should they be interested in so.

We'll also be offering a live podcast service along with downloadable podcasts, which you will be able to engage in via social media with hashtags and we will discuss any questions you have, whether it's something to do with real life events, sports or just football manager, everything will be welcome in order to provide you the best service possible.

Hope to see you around,

Kind Regards,

FM Bootroom Staff.


Any feedback is welcome, without feedback we won't know where to improve or where we are doing well.

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