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World Cup awards


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I wished you worked in a pawn brokers.

This is the Castrol Index XI - FIFA.com's ranking system. I imagine this is different to the actual team of the tournament that they release.


Thiago Silva

Stefan de Vrij

David Luiz

Mats Hummels

Toni Kroos


James Rodriguez

Wesley Sneijder

Benzema Robben


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Time erases memories of performances, but that award will always be there. I've no doubt people will look at it in the future and it will cause Messi's performances to be remembered as much better than they actually were.

The same reason '54 is remembered as Puskas' great tournament, '74 as Cruyff's, '06 as Zidane's etc.

tbf to Messi, people also say he had a rubbish 2010 wc just because he didn't score, despite actually playing brilliantly. Individually he was better in 2010 than now, but it doesn't stop people from saying he was poor.

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That cone looks like it's made of pure gold. Another epic waste of money.

Cone is the word we use here in Brazil to refer to strikers that don't move often.

That 'award' is a fake one to criticize Fred, there wasn't any real gold being used.

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