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So, I just realised I might be really weird

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This was an absolutely awesome read! When I was younger me and my friends had something we called The League. It was based off of the English League system but we made our own changes and over a weekend would play all the matches either physically down the park or on our constantly updated FIFA database. It's because of this that I have a strange affinity towards Yeovil Town and why Phil Jevons is somewhat of a hero of mine - they were my elected team to 'control' and in the five/six seasons we played through 'he' scored well in excess of 150 goals..

Anyways, I would love to give this db a whirl, the download link posted earlier seems to be dead though?

Yeah, it expired. I've been playing FM10 exclusively for the past five years, does anyone know if the .xml can be imported into later versions? I'll bang it up again if so.

In the meanwhile, I decided my floodlit games needed a bit more realism...


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So, tomorrow is the final day of the Pro League regular season. In my quest to make Sakatar City the first club to win five leagues in a row, I'm going to fall just short. We drew 0-0 with Chevaliers d'Avril in our penultimate game, meaning Gold Swords now need just a victory against mid-table Ballynoun to secure their first championship since 1994. For the most storied, romantic club in Avrilia, it's been a long wait, and neutrals will be delighted to see Sakatar City's hegemony broken.

Gold Swords have had 300,000 applications for the available 15,000 tickets (capacity at Galanta Hall is 25,000), but have offered free entry to anyone who can produce their ticket stub from the last time they won the championship, in 1994. The league trophy is also on standby in Aroa. Sakatar City need to win away to Bluestripes (Gold Swords' deadly national rivals; unfortunately, also City's deadly regional rivals) and hope the Rapiers somehow slip up against Ballynoun.

Here's a blog post from Avrilia's leading football website, kickback.av, recounting the story of Gold Swords' last league title in 1994: http://kickback-247.weebly.com/blog/keepers-of-the-golden-flame

Mablonda Youth and Picavella Strollers have been relegated from the Premier, while West Insford Challengers will play-off against the third-placed team in Pro League First. East Allen have been promoted to the Premier, just a year after battling through the non-league qualification system to reach Pro League First. East Allen are an unlikely underdog story; they were founded by local businessman Wayne Gallagher in 1985, in an attempt to bring league football to this wintry, isolated Northern town.

Everyone hated them at the time for their moneybags approach to muscling in on the scene. But persistent failure to win promotion to the big leagues brought about a change in approach. The club was remodelled as a pioneering community resource, and while Gallagher is still at the helm, he's taken the long and socially responsible route to success, which has general been welcomed by the footballing public.

On a personal note, I'm gutted that I'm almost certainly gonna miss out on the five-in-a-row, because it will be 2019 at the earliest before I get another opportunity (assuming none of the following have died in that time: my HD, Steam, or me).

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That's very cool! How do you include pictures in your posts?

My league is going well. My side Leopold City have become dominant in recent years so I'm preparing to move onto a new challenge. I have found the the AI clubs are really lax at renewing contracts so it would be really easy for me to poach top players from rival clubs if I wanted to but it would really ruin the competitiveness of the league.

I might have mentioned this before but when I create leagues I keep finding things I want to change in the pre game editor - it's hard to know when to stop!

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That's very cool! How do you include pictures in your posts?

Upload the picture to somewhere like postimage, and then place the link between the tags (img) and (/img), but with square brackets, i.e. [ and ] instead of round ones.

Of course, that picture is a joke, I saw the USB reading lights in the €1.49 shop and couldn't resist, but I don't play FM on my laptop anyway!

My league is going well. My side Leopold City have become dominant in recent years so I'm preparing to move onto a new challenge. I have found the the AI clubs are really lax at renewing contracts so it would be really easy for me to poach top players from rival clubs if I wanted to but it would really ruin the competitiveness of the league.

I might have mentioned this before but when I create leagues I keep finding things I want to change in the pre game editor - it's hard to know when to stop!

I love the premise of your league, I try and keep mine as competitive and "realistic" as possible, as well as trying to win. It's more about the overall narrative than my own success, though I get as frustrated as any FMer when it doesn't work out for me. Don't plunge into a save until you're reasonably happy with the DB!

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And Gold Swords did indeed secure their first title in 20 years. Sakatar City won 2-1 at Bluestripes in a fractious inter-city derby, but Keith Dunne scored a brilliant first-minute goal against Ballynoun and they cruised to a 2-0 win. The municipal government declared a civic holiday (just as their parent provincial government had after North West's victory in the Summer Sports Festival).

Enverdale, from the small Sakatari port town of the same name, join East Allen in Pro League Premier next year. West Insford will play off against sleeping Eastern giants Malternan in the promotion-relegation game. Whitealley Heaton, a tiny inner-city club from the capital, were relegated after defying the odds for three years, They failed to beat their direct relegation rivals United Deschen on the last day. Three of the four promoted clubs (Neveryn, Maryford and Strayton) were relegated, while the fourth (East Allen) won the division at a canter!

The sixteen Qualifying Groups for the National Play-Off Round also reached their climax this weekend. The top two from each group qualify for three rounds of knock-out play-offs on neutral ground, with the last four standing promoted to Pro League First. These are the fixtures for the first round of play-offs, and a brief description of each club.

Fairballagh Greens vs. Marwell Recreational Society (Alterekerstadion, Sakatar, Sakatar province)

Fairballagh are a small club from the semi-rural outskirts of the capital, Sakatar, who have never had a sniff of the Pro Leagues before. Marwell Rec are an old club of gentleman amateurs from the well-heeled Southern capital, Marwell. Historically, a force in Southern football.

Lakeley vs. Capelprice (Sakatar Capital Stadium, Sakatar, Sakatar province)

Lakeley are a relatively big club from a town in the interior of Sakatar province. Provincial champions as recently as 2012, they won the NFA Club Challenge (knockout cup for non-league clubs) this year. Capelprice are a well-funded club from a prosperous part of Insford, Sakatar province's second city. They looked out of contention for the play-offs, but finished strongly. 2013 NFA Club Challenge winners. Both teams would have hoped for an easier draw. This game will be played at Sakatar Capital Stadium, an old-fashioned indoor arena with a plastic pitch which hosts no serious football these days.

Meadowdale vs. Shortswoode (Riverbank Row, Ballynoun, West province)

Meadowdale are a small, recently-established community club from a new town in the North Western interior. Shortswoode are on old amateur club from a sleepy market town in South province. Both came through fairly weak qualifying groups.

Cathcoate vs. Clariners (Francis Park, Sakatar, Sakatar province)

Sakatar-based Cathcoate were once something of a laughing stock, a quaint anomaly in senior football, like their equally scantly-supported rivals, Prince's FC. However, in recent years, they've become a serious force in NPO football. Clariners, though only established in 2008, have looked like a Pro League club in waiting for some time. Based in Crownton on the Clara Salient (a part of Sakatar province which is North of the Line - i.e., north of an imaginary line which divides the country in half), Clariners have serious local money behind them and a strong squad to call on. They won the provincial cup in 2011 and knocked Bluestripes out of the NFA Cup this year.

N.S.A. vs. Port Sunday (Civic Ironworks, Ferres, North province)

N.S.A. are the footballing representatives of the National Sports Academy, based in the Northern city of Ferres (so they've lucked out with the venue for this game). Restricted to players under the age of 21, they were protected from relegation until 2005, and finally relegated in 2010. They have a senior trophy to their name (the Northern Championship Trophy of 1995), and played a few seasons in the Premier. Port Sunday, from the southern tip of East province, were formed by a group of local businessmen in 1999, to bring Pro League football to a town littered with minor clubs who enjoy minimal support. Port Sunday were promoted in 2010, but went straight back down. Fully professional and operating out of a shiny new self-built stadium, they need to return as quickly as possible.

Northwest Junior vs. Union (Marwell Oval, Marwell, South province)

Northwest Junior - note the archaic spelling of the province's name - are a well-supported club from the North Western capital of Aroa. Although always in the hulking shadow of Gold Swords, they beat their illustrious big brothers 3-2 in the legendary 1994 NFA Cup Final. With a strong, experienced, professional squad, a famous youth system and average attendances of 7,000, NWJ really belong in the Pro Leagues. Their most recent relegation was in 2013, and largely attributable to a run of 13 games without a goal (many of which were 0-0 draws). Union (formally: Sakatar Union) are one of the oldest and grandest names in Avrilian football. Founder members of the league and once national champions, they at last found their way back into the Pro Leagues in 2011, turned professional, saw many of their squad play interprovincial football, but were heartbreakingly relegated on the last day in 2013.

Westcourt vs. Dockers (Twinstreet Football Stadium, Shaw's Sands, Sakatar province)

Westcourt Alliance were founded in the sprawling, high-rise, low-rent and football-mad Westcourt area of Sakatar city in 1994. Funded and run by the local community, Westcourt have assembled a large, professional squad featuring several interprovincial players. They won the NFA Club Challenge in 2010, the Municipal Cup in 2012 and the Midnight Football Festivals of 2013 and 2014. The only thing missing is Pro League Football, which the community desperately covets. Dockers, by contrast, are a tiny club from the port area of Enverdale. Playing to minuscule but loyal crowds at Cobb's Quarter, they've massively overachieved to get this far.

Lorcanstown vs. C.C.W. (Picavella Provincial Arena, Picavella, South province).

Lorcanstown hail from the north side of Sakatar city, and were initially founded by an ambitious local entrepreneur in 2003. Despite a spectacular triumph in the 2005 provincial cup, Lorcanstown never made it to the Pro Leagues, and their sugar daddy tired of his plaything. Soldiering on in front of crowds of 1,000, this is as close as they've ever been to the promised land. C.C.W. (Collington Carpentry Works), though dwarfed by their Collington neighbours Pearsons, are a club with a strong tradition, having won five provincial cups and tasted top-flight football as recently as the mid-90s. They won an extremely competitive Qualifying Group to make it this far.

Granagh vs. Glenhamlet (Tarviho Arena, Tarviho, North West province).

Granagh are a tiny village club from the northern tip of North West province, who shocked everyone by defeating Gold Swords in last year's provincial cup final, the first trophy in their history. Having witnessed their local rivals Neveryn winning promotion last year, Granagh have every incentive to follow suit. Glenhamlet Rovers are, as their name suggests, from a small village nestled in a valley just outside the Western capital of Ballinglin. They won promotion to the Pro Leagues in 2011, but found themselves out of their depth, and suffered instant relegation.

Civil Service vs. Julianstrasse (The Old Ground, Sakatar, Sakatar province).

A multi-sport club with senior honours to their name, Civil Service attract relatively large crowds to their games in Francis Park, the huge green space at the centre of the capital city. Julianastrasse, by contrast, hail from a small inner-city community with a Deschen-speaking tradition on the east side of the city.

Southstown Blues vs. Knockshepel (Kohlerstadion, Kohlenburg, South province).

Southstown Blues were created in 1985, to fill a perceived gap for a major club on the southside of Sakatar city. However, the club never managed to wrench significant support away from the city's big hitters, and attendances at The Meeting Place hover around 750. A renewed push and new investment has seen the Blues attract a high-calibre squad of former Pro League players, and reach the play-offs with ease. Their opponents, Knockshepel, are former national champions and one of the three "Classic" clubs from the West, along with Ballynoun and Ballinglin City. Despite a shock relegation from the Pro Leagues last year, they retain the services of Victor Robinson, Avrilia's greatest-ever player, now 33. Robinson has remained with his home-town club his entire life.

Hilltop Heights vs. Londale (South City Docks, Terecuda, South province).

Hotly-tipped for a tilt at the Pro Leagues in recent years, Hilltop Heights have never quite made it over the line. Effectively a sister club to Knockshepel (discussed above), they have won provincial championship to their name, in 1990. Moved to a new stadium this year, in preparation for promotion. Londale is a small, tight-knit town on the Eastern plains, which has begun to cultivate a fine squad in recent years, as evinced by an EFA Northern Plate triumph in 2010. Surprise play-off contenders.

Fontanta vs. Centralians (The Foundry, Sakatar, Sakatar province).

Fontana United 98, to give them their full name, represent a relatively small but disproportionately boisterous Western town. Formerly a sleepy garrison town, Fontana has been transformed in recent years as a transport hub and as one of the few places in Avrilia where large-scale gambling is permitted, garnering a seedy reputation as a result. The football club appears to have benefited from these changes, and aced their qualifying group. One of eight senior clubs in the city of Insford, Centralians played in the Premier back in the late 80s, but have done little of note since.

Northlands vs. Comrades of Aroa (Woodhille Grove, Knockshepel, West province).

Northlands traditionally attract massive local support to Outlands, with attendances of 6 to 7,000 representing comfortably half the town's population. Unfortunately, the club's isolated geographical location at the northern tip of East province, as well as Port Christmas's notoriously wild weather, have made it difficult to attract non-local players. As a result, Northlands have used their gate receipts to develop an outstanding squad of young players from the surrounding area, and look like strong candidates for the Pro Leagues, which they last appeared in 10 years ago. Comrades, by contrast, are attract minimal support in the Gold Swords-dominated North Western capital of Aroa. Attendances of 350 are the norm at Legacy Hall, and their defeat in this year's provincial cup final was the furthest they've ever progressed in a senior competition.

Newhope Town vs. Doncada (Civic Sportsground, Insford)

Newhope (pronounced "New-upp") is a small commuter/railway town in Sakatar province, not far from Sakatar city. Traditionally one of the stronger clubs in provincial non-league football, Newhope have never won anything despite feverish local support. Doncada (formerly Duncogad; the club changed its archaic name along with the city in 2003) were relegated from the Pro Leagues in 2012, having featured in the Premier as recently as 2010. Another club from the interior of Sakatar province, Doncada found form late in the season, winning their last four games 5-1, 3-1, 2-0 and 5-0 to squeeze into the play-offs. Famed striker Carl Harrison has 20 goals in 23 games this year, but surely won't stick around for another season of NPO football if Doncada don't negotiate the play-offs.

Ellisholme vs. Eppeshall (Ouston Manor, Ouston, North province).

Great things have been predicted for Ellisholme over the years; their home town, Prieston, is a large settlement in the Northern urban belt, and could surely sustain a successful football club. Ellisholme featured in the Premier as recently as 1992, and are fighting tooth and nail to get back where they believe the belong. Eppeshall have similar pretensions; eternal rivals of CCW for the dubious title of Collington's second club, the board have invested heavily in former Pro League players this season, but watched them barely scrape into the play-offs. This game will be hosted at Ouston Manor, a dilapidated stadium in a ghost town that used to be one of Avrilia's main railway hubs.

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Thanks guys! In the Pro League Premier/Pro League First play-off, West Insford stayed up with a comfortable 2-0 over Malternan. Coupled with Mablonda's relegation, the result means that East province is now unrepresented in the top flight for the first time in decades; the interprovincial team also performed miserably at the Summer Sports Festival. In the National Play-Off round, the four promoted teams were, in the end, Westcourt, N.S.A., Lakeley and Clariners.

Having compiled a list of the ten biggest clubs in Avrilia earlier in the thread, below is a list of the ten smallest, based on average attendance (descending order). I'm surprised I remember so much about the original backstories of these clubs, considering I created the db five years ago.


Stadium: The Mill, Anabasis, North province (600 all-seater)

Average attendance 2014: 460

Colours: White with pink sleeves.

Hemmed in by the Abbot Mountains and the two large Military Exclusion Zones of Northwood and Grand Lake, the town now known as Anabasis was an isolated rural village until 2005. Late that year, massive inward investment by the Laurea company transformed this nameless backwater into a bustling growth centre, with aspirations of becoming a cultural and economic hotspot. The new boom-town was named Laurea, and flourished briefly, its benefactors even founding a senior football club to carry the company's colours into the sporting arena.

Sadly, but predictably, the venture collapsed amid a crescendo of litigation and recrimination. Within eighteen months, the town was renamed Anabasis, as several thousand chastened and penniless fortune-seekers returned to their cities and towns. Today, the only tangible reminder of Anabasis's turbulent recent past is its football club, which retains the company name (it being illegal, under Avrilian law, for a club to change its registered title).

Laureans' footballing record is one of fairly abject mediocrity. Now represented entirely by the children of those migrants who were too poor to flee when the bubble burst, the team managed to avoid finishing 7th (and last) in its Qualifying Group this year, but made no headway in cup competitions.


Stadium: Grogan Park, Amergina, North West province (1,000 capacity, 200 seated)

Average attendance 2014: 415

Colours: Tangerine with broad lime vertical stripe and blue trim

Established long ago as a club for gentlemen amateurs in North West province's second city of Amergina. With the footballing landscape of the rocky coastal city dominated by Pro League Premier side Amergina A.F.C., The Fellows jostle for an imperceptibly distant second place with fellow amateurs Owergyna Dealish. Pretty much the only notable thing about The Fellows is their garish home kit, typical of old-fashioned gentlemen's clubs. Finished rock-bottom of their Qualifying Group this year, but did at least get a big day out against Amergina in the North West Gold Cup (they lost 0-5).


Stadium: Westown Stadium, Eerbalgower, West province (3,000 capacity, 500 seated)

Average attendace 2014: 388

Colours: All-brown (officially: "Regal Oak")

A small, windswept and rain-lashed settlement on the bleak West coast (the stadium can accommodate the entire population of the village), Eerbalgower entered the old national Fourth Division in 1995, amidst a massive and ultimately unsustainable expansion of senior football. Beanpole striker Tiernán Sullivan became a minor national celebrity in those days, scoring prolifically for a club with one of the worst records in Avrilian football.

With the collapse of the multi-divisional structure, Eerbalgower dropped out of senior football, but local enthusiasts kept the flame alive until the club was invited to rejoin the expanded league system in 2009. Sullivan even came out of retirement for the occasion, leading the line with enough sagacity to earn a call-up to West's non-league team at the 2012 Interprovincial Challenge, before retiring for good aged 36. For a small village, the club's attendances are respectable; an NFA Cup game against national giants Gold Swords brought 1,576 fans to Westown Stadium in 2012.

Eerbalgower are noted for their extraordinary turnover of young players; as in many rural villages throughout Avrilia, lining out for the local football club is seen as a rite of passage. Club historian Harry Deacy estimates that 30% of local males under the age of 45 have made a senior appearance for the club. Eerbalgower finished 6th in Qualifying Group 5 this season, eking out a respectable 12 points.


Stadium: Garrison Fields, Shockton, West province (2,200 capacity, 50 seated)

Colours: Green and black checks

Average attendance 2014: 377

As suggested by the respective names of the club and the stadium, Western Barracks were originally formed to cater for the men of Western No. 3 Regiment, stationed at Shockton, a small village three miles from Western capital Ballinglin. Neither the regiment nor the barracks exist today, and village and club alike are peopled by the families of retired army personnel, and a mixture of retirees and job-seekers from Ballinglin.

A truly obscure club with few achievements of note to its name, Western Barracks performed creditably in their Qualifying Group this season, finishing sixth, but keeping in touch with the leaders throughout. An NFA Cup date with Insford giants Bluestripes brought 1,276 fans to the stadium in 2011.


Stadium: Patrician Hill, Maria, North province (3,000 capacity, 1 seated)

Average attendance 2014: 367

Colours: Red with white trim

Isolated amid the mountain range that stretches across the north-east of the island (spanning the provinces of North and East), Maria is a small rural community with a unique character, notably its informal tradition of matriarchy. The single seat at Patrician Hill, positioned on a mound in the middle of the west terrace, is left vacant in honour of the village's female founder.

Unlike most clubs on this list, Marians have a senior trophy to their name, the Northern Championship Trophy of 1984 (they were beaten in the finals of 1974 and 1982). Marians were pitched into an horrendously difficult Qualifying Group this season, one which featured five teams recently relegated from the Pro Leagues. They managed four draws from their twelve games. The club has failed to advance a single round in any cup competition over the past five seasons, and didn't score once in their six Northern Championship Trophy group phase matches this year. Despite this, and their modest attendances, Marians retain a semi-professional structure.


Stadium: Tavernalley Fields, Terecuda, South province (3,000)

Average attendance 2014: 370

Colours: Red and black quartered shirts

A distant third in the affections of the citizens of Terecuda, the boisterous southern port of the otherwise straight-laced and buttoned-up South province, Rousters offer little threat to Southern Sports Club and Terecuda City. Founded by a troupe of local actors, Rousters remain a recreational club adrift in senior football. The club was formerly well-renowned for its charity exhibition matches, at which celebrities of the day would don the famous red-and-black quarters in light-hearted games which drew large crowds.

Today, Rousters continues to operate as a registered charity, and continues to attract successive generations of free-spirited bohemians. Camaraderie goes a long way in football, and the team spirit forged by late-night drinking sessions and backstage shenanigans enabled Rousters to win the Southern provincial cup in 1989, a triumph they still venerate today. This year's intake, although predictably outclassed in the league, reached the quarter-finals of the provincial cup, where they lost on penalties to Kohlenburg of Pro League First.


Stadium: Manor Grounds, Newley, West province (625 capacity, 25 seats)

Average attendance 2014: 237

Colours: Red with blue trim

One of the real oddities of Avrilian football, Newley Gamesclub is essentially the plaything of the wealthy Summervale family, Western rural landowners and once effectively feudal overlords of half the province. The Summervales maintain professional-standard football, cricket and rugby grounds within their family estate, the Manor Grounds (which also boasts a private railway station attached to the national network). The club itself is strictly amateur, its playing staff drawn from the families who live on the fringes of the lavish estate and tend the Summervale's lands and small factories.

With the flames of radical egalitarianism spreading even to the rural West, there have been calls for the Summervale lands to be expropriated by the state and divided amongst the local population. Newley will form a distinct constituency at the upcoming elections to the Western Provincial Parliament; the current head of the Summervale dynasty is standing as a candidate, and the result may determine the future of this quaint anachronism.

Thomas Summervale, heir to the estate, is a useful cricket all-rounder who has represented West in one-day interprovincial matches (selected on merit, it is largely acknowledged). He is known to be uneasy about his family's hegemony over the local population. The football club formerly played in the First Division, and reached the provincial cup final in 1985. This season brought the usual succession of defeats.


Stadium: Prince's Crescent, Sakatar, Sakatar province (500 capacity, 5 seated)

Average attendance 2014: 138

Colours: Orange with gold trim

For decades, Prince's, and their doorstep rivals Cathcoate, were a running joke in Avrilian football, the caricature of the tiny amateur sides which dot the capital city, Sakatar. Prince's Crescent itself is a small public park in south-central Sakatar, ringed by tall-semi-detached apartments and immediately adjacent to Dominic Close, the park which houses Catchoate F.C.

The two clubs arose of out scratch games played over long summer evening between children from the adjacent parks. These were eventually formalised as the Parks Shield, an annual two-legged competition between the two teams, which was granted senior status in 2010. As a result, Prince's have a senior trophy to their name, having won the Parks Shield in 2013. These games are traditionally televised on Capital TV (no mean feat in the tight confines of the roadside parks), and residents of Sakatar traditionally pick a side to follow each year.

In recent years, however, the two parks clubs have begin to attract some high-quality amateur players, in part due to excellent facilities, in addition to their prime location in the centre of the Capital. Cathcoate have made the National Play-Off rounds three years running, and Prince's weren't a million miles from qualification this year.


Stadium: Balladge Road, Sakatar, Sakatar province (500 capacity, 250 seated)

Average attendance 2014: 166

Colours: Green and white stripes

A small tennis and fitness club tucked away behind a row of garages in inner-city Sakatar, few understood why Balladge Road were invited to join the ranks of senior clubs in the restructure of 2010. In time, the truth became clear; the Balladge Road facility had been purchased by the National Footballers' Union, who converted it into a base for uncontracted players in Sakatar, in order to keep them fit and in touch with the game.

In truth, senior football is a secondary concern for Balladge Road, whose primary function is as a local union HQ, social club and discount gym. Although some sixty or seventy players are registered to play for the club, a relatively small number of these actually appear for the senior team. With a more settled line-up, Balladge Road mounted a serious push for the play-offs this season.

1: 1990 SOCIALS

Stadium: Domack Complex, Sakatar, Sakatar province (500 all-seater)

Average attendance 2014: 148

Colours: All-blue

Another backstreet Sakatar social club masquerading as a senior team, 1990 Socials were formed in, surprisingly, 1990, by the patrons of an inner-city snooker, darts and table football club. Having played in local recreational leagues ever since, no-one is entirely sure why they were invited into the senior fold in 2010; rumours suggest that their addition was simply intended to bring the number of senior clubs in Sakatar city up to a round 30, for the purposes of the Municipal Cup. It's probably not far from the truth.

It's been a largely fruitless slog in the big leagues for 1990 Socials, who don't even enjoy the consolation of bumper attendances for big games. Hemmed in on all sides by housing, the club's stadium resembles a small circus ring, with sheer stands looking down on a sandy pitch. The notional capacity of 500 has invariably been drastically reduced for bigger fixtures, for reasons of safety and TV access. Just 147 fans were admitted for this season's Municipal Cup game against Pro League Premier neighbours F.C. Freistadt (who won 6-0).

In the normal course of events, the survival of a club such as 1990 Socials would be called into question. In Avrilia, however, clubs are never permitted to fold by the National Football Association or municipal, provincial and national government. Losses are always subsidised, albeit with stringent conditions attached. It's a state of affairs which should see Avrilia, and Sakatar in particular, retain its rich assortment of oddities, anachronisms and curiosities for the foreseeable future.

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Tonight sees the beginning of this season's Christmas Cup. Featuring all 32 Pro League Premier and Pro League First teams organised into eight groups of four, the Christmas Cup is a highly prestigious event which takes place after the end of the regular season, and is popularly considered the "winter championship".

In contrast to the huge amount of senior football broadcast live at all levels during the regular season, just one Christmas Cup game is screened live per match-night, followed by a mammoth highlights show featuring all the other games. Home TV, Avrilia's third national network (after state-owned TTV and Altchan) holds exclusive rights to the competition, and has done since its inception in 1981. It's just about the only football they actually broadcast these days, having long since become a byword for the kind of television that caters to a more mature (50+ upwards) audience.

Watching the Christmas Cup on TV with family or friends is a long-standing winter ritual in Avrilia. The final, traditionally played on Christmas Eve, is invariably the top-rated TV show of the year, alongside TTV's annual Christmas horror film, which is broadcast immediately after the final. This year's coverage kicks off with newly-crowned Pro League champions Gold Swords hosting Clifton Town at Galanta Hall.

Meanwhile, Minister for Pro League Football Daniel Mascher (SRP, Ferres Central) has announced the findings of the Advisory Committee on Pro League Player Distribution. In response to allegations of "player hoarding" by Sakatar City, the committee has ruled that the club must offer for free transfer at least half of those contracted players who started fewer than 15 games during the regular season. Exemptions apply to goalkeepers and players under the age of 20. After consultation with the National Footballers' Union, no players will be compulsorily released, and the government will make up the shortfall in transferred players' wages (for those under contract).

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Just discovered a document on an old laptop with the results of the December 18th exhibition games played throughout Avrilian history. I'd forgotten about these. The backstory is as follows; I really fell in love with football during 1990, and remember vividly (out of all proportion to its importance) a match that was broadcast on Eurosport a week before Christmas in 1990 (Eurosport had also been re-running games from Italia '90 throughout December).

The match was Peter Shilton's testimonial played, for some reason, at White Hart Lane between an England XI and an Italia '90 XI. It was most memorable for a goal-scoring cameo appearance from Kevin Keegan, then a virtual recluse. You can check out the goals here:

<--- worth watching to see Lineker, Le Tissier, Gascoigne and Keegan all score for England in the same game!

Anyway, in tribute to the impact this game had on me as a kid, I decided that Avrilia should host a major exhibition match on the 18th of December each year. You'll note from the results that I haven't bothered setting it up since 2010.


1990: North West 7-5 National Select XI (Galanta Hall, Aroa) 23,549

A famously entertaining games between a North West provincial XI and an all-star selection.

1991: Insford City 3-2 Turlogian Choice XI (Azier Valley, Insford) 7,003

Insford City was a select XI drawn from the senior clubs in Insford, Sakatar province. Not to be confused with Insford Town FC. The Turlogian XI was selected by the readers of the national newspaper The Turlogian.

1992: Sakatar Provincial XI 5-3 Rest of Avrilia (Alterekerstadion, Sakatar) 10,000

1993: South 3-6 National Allstars (Marwell Oval, Marwell) 7,700

1994: Gold Swords 7-4 All-Comers (Galanta Hall, Aroa) 25,000

1995: Bluestripes XI 3-1 Gold Swords XI (Azier Valley, Insford) 17,000

1996: Premier Division XI 4-2 Lower League XI (Riverbank Row, Ballynoun) 6,609

1997: Spring XI 3-3* Winter XI (Springhill Rugby Oval, Sakatar) 5,590

A selection of players born between March and May vs. those born October-January. Clearly the organisers were struggling for ideas at this point.

1998: Malternan 3-2 Sakatar Municipal XI (Country Club, Mellick) 15,535

Sakatar Municipal XI was drawn from the senior clubs in Sakatar city.

1999: Henry O'Sullivan's XI 0-1 Reservists (Francis Park, Sakatar) 3,339

Henry O'Sullivan is a famous Avrilian manager. Reservists was a selection of reserve-team players. Not a particularly attractive match-up, as seen by the attendance.

2000: No match.

2001: No match.

2002: Cathcoate XI 5-4 Prince's XI (Francis Park, Sakatar) 9,112

A charity matched played for the benefit of the two tiny Sakatar city rivals described in a few posts above. Both featured star players as guests.

2003: Collington *0-0 Bluestripes (Civic Arena, Collington) 3,000

Collington represented the combined strength of the senior clubs (Pearsons, C.C.W., United Athletes and Eppeshall) in that city.

2004: Otteldam 1-1* Knockshepel (Westbergen, Otteldam) 4,000

2005: Mablonda 2-1 Level Three XI (Mablonda Stadium, Mablonda) 4,472

2006: Sakatar City 3-0 FC Freistadt (Municipal Stadium, Sakatar) 18,500

2007: FC Freistadt *1-1 Sakatar City (Municipal Stadium, Sakatar) 21,300

2008: Premier XI 6-2 First XI (Cliffcrest, Amergina) 7,231

2009: Premier XI 4-3 First XI (Northcentre, Clifton) 3,009

2010: Heroes XI 0-3 N.F.A. XI (Azier Valley, Insford) 22,000

Heroes XI was a team of retired players. The N.F.A. XI was a fairly arbitrary national select.

2011 North Of The Line 1-2 South Of The Line (National Football Stadium, Sakatar) 35,000

North Of The Line represented players born North of an imaginary line dividing Avrilia in half, South represented...well, it's fairly obvious. This match-up was based on the North Of The Line vs. South Of The Line cricket series, which used to be a major event in that sport.

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Lewis Q, could I tempt you to possibly post something like this in the FM Stories forum. We welcome all writers who use FM as a basis for their creations, and someone with as fertile an imagination as yours will do well there.

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Ah LewisQ you almost got me crying with all this.

It brought me back to my childhood where I, with my best friend, had created Leagues, divisions, countries etc in our fictional world and were "playing" them everywhere, from Striker to Sensible Soccer and of course in real life 1v1 football.

You are awesome to have the patience to actually do all that in FM!

Keep it coming, I'm happily reading you(and will definetely skype my friend today to tell him about this) :thup:

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Lewis Q, could I tempt you to possibly post something like this in the FM Stories forum. We welcome all writers who use FM as a basis for their creations, and someone with as fertile an imagination as yours will do well there.

Hi chesterfan2, I did contribute to the stories forum with a blow-by-blow account of the Summer Sports Festival a few months back: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/395537-Joy-in-a-Fractured-State-%28Avrilian-Summer-Sports-Festival-2014%29

That's awesome, Jimmious7. Can you remember any details about your childhood league? It always interests me to hear :)

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Sorry to necro this in the midst of the patch excitement. I've decided I will create a December 18th game this year, and the options are as follows (none will feature players involved in the semi-finals of the Christmas Cup):

Option 1: Three Cities XI vs. National Football Association XI (Festival Ground, Ballinglin)

Three Cities is a traditional ceremonial team drawn from the clubs in the three Western sister cities of Ballinglin, Ballynoun and Knockshepel. National Football XI is just a league select.

Option 2: East vs. National Footballers' Union XI (Mablonda Stadium, Mablonda)

It's been a miserable year for Eastern football, with the provincial team performing terribly in the Summer Sports Festival and the club sides doing little better (Mablonda were relegated from the Pro League Premier and Malternan and Yluf Argan missed out on promotion, as did all the third-tier clubs). This game would provide the province with a little Christmas cheer. National Footballers' Union XI is a selection of unattached players organised by their union.

Option 3: Sakatar City 1974 vs. Gold Swords 1966 (Sakatar Capital Stadium, Sakatar)

Not a veterans' match, but an intriguing proposal for a virtual fixture between digital recreations of two of the most legendary sides in Avrilian history. The game would be broadcast on a big-screen to a live audience in the indoor arena, with 3D footage composited to simulate a live match for viewers at home. NB: I wasn't actually born in 1966 or 1974, but I've adopted my birthdate as the date of Avrilia's independence, rather than its existence :p

Which of those should I go with? :)

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Option 3!

The Virtual Challenge went ahead on Altchan, as a pilot for a new series of digitally reconstructed sports events. The Sakatar Capital Stadium was full to its 11,000 capacity as Sakatar City '74 beat Gold Swords '66 3-0. The general consensus was that the technological aspects worked remarkably well, but members of the Gold Swords '66 team in attendance thought the result was totally unrealistic...

The actual, flesh-and-blood December 18th match was an interprovincial between South and West at the Marwell Recreational Society Ground. This kicked off the Christmas celebrations in Marwell, which hosts a popular public concert on Christmas Eve each year. It was also the first December 18th game to be an actual competitive fixture (albeit at interprovincial rather than club level), rather than an exhibition match.

Both sides were at full strength for this one-off interprovincial, bar a couple of players who are involved in the Christmas Cup semi-finals with their clubs. West won the game 2-1, taking the lead through Ballynoun youngester Daniel Murphy (who only notched up six passes, despite playing the full game!). All-time legend Victor Robinson (playing in the third-level, part-time NPO with his beloved hometown club Knockshepel) scored a brilliant second shortly after the restart, pulling down a goal-kick on his toe before feinting past a defender and finishing with the outside of his right foot. Pearsons' Chris Patterson pulled one back with sixteen minutes to go, but West held on for a 2-1 win despite a glorious late chance for Kenny Greene of Southern Sports Club.

Steven Engel of Clariners (promoted to the Pro Leagues for next year) made his interprovincial debut for South as a second-half sub, at the age of 34. Trevor Gordon of Whitealley was also called from the Western bench in the second half. These two players therefore join a select band who have appeared at both Interprovincial Challenge (non-league provincial selections) and full interprovincial level.

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Fabulous thread, Lewis! Reading that first post really took me back to the days when I was drawing maps of cities and flags and so on. Haven't read all your posts in this thread yet but it should be some nice reading for the weekend :D

Great work! :applause:

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Well, it's the off-season here in Avrilia. The final match of the 2014 season, the Christmas Cup final between Gold Swords and Sakatar City (who finished 1st and 2nd in the league, with Sakatar City defeating Gold Swords in the NFA Cup final) took place on Christmas Eve. As you can see, the final was an all-time classic, with Sakatar City victorious after a scoring sequence that went 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3-, 4-3 in their favour. Daryl Kelly is the first man with the melancholy distinction of scoring a hat-trick in a Christmas Cup final but ending up on the losing side.


In all, the trophies were distributed as follows:


SUMMER SPORTS FESTIVAL FINAL: South 1-3 NORTH WEST (National Football Stadium, Sakatar, att. 35,000)


PRO LEAGUE PREMIER: Gold Swords (9th title)

PRO LEAGUE FIRST: East Allen (1st title)

NATIONAL PLAY-OFF ROUND: Clariners (Qualifying Group 14), Lakeley (Qualifying Group 16), Westcourt (Qualifying Group 14) and N.S.A. (Qualifying Group 1) promoted to Pro League First.

NATIONAL FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION CUP FINAL: SAKATAR CITY 2-1 Gold Swords (National Football Stadium, Sakatar att. 35,000)

CHRISTMAS CUP FINAL: Gold Swords 3-4 SAKATAR CITY (National Football Stadium, Sakatar, att. 35,000)

FORCESPORT SUPER CUP: Avrilia Select XI 1-4 SAKATAR CITY (aggregate score)

SAKATAR GRAND PROVINCIAL FINAL: Chevaliers d'Avril 0-1 WEST INSFORD CHALLENGERS (Victoria Castle, Sakatar, att. 5,400)

NORTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY FINAL: East Allen 0-1 PEARSONS (Eastern Sports Complex, East Allen, att. 5,500)



NORTH WEST PROVINCE GOLD CUP FINAL: Comrades of Aroa 0-2 GOLD SWORDS (Legacy Hall, Aroa, att. 1,589)

EASTERN PREMIER TROPHY: MABLONDA YOUTH 3-2 Yluf Argan (aggregate score)




MIDNIGHT FOOTBALL FESTIVAL FINAL: WESTCOURT ALLIANCE 2-0 Julianastrasse (Nightsborough Park, Sakatar, att. 3,500)

SAKATAR MUNICIPAL CUP FINAL: SAKATAR CITY 4-1 Capital Sports (Municipal Stadium, Sakatar, att. 32,000)

COLLINGTON NEW YEAR CUP FINAL: PEARSONS 2-1 Eppeshall Citizens (Memorial Stadium, Collington, att. 36,500)

CHALLENGER GOBLET FINAL: CAPELPRICE GARDENS 1-0 Insford Town (Sopecross Complex, Insford, att. 3,300)

FOUR VILLAGES CUP FINAL: Trotleigh 0-0 NUBBLESTON (Nubbleston won 6-5 on penalties; Trotleigh Paddock, Trotleigh, att. 1,200)

NATIONAL SERVICES TROPHY FINAL: CIVIL SERVICE 1-0 North Western Naval (National Football Stadium, Sakatar, att. 4,255)



The Fehador Medal is awarded to anyone who scores 20 goals or more in senior football.


Chris McGillen (Sakatar City, Pro League Premier): 48 goals (all-time record & and second consecutive Double Fehador medal)


Sam Allen (Gold Swords, Pro League Premier): 29 goals

Rob James (FC Freistadt, Pro League Premier): 27 goals

Nelson Taylor (FC Freistadt, Pro League Premier): 23 goals

Adam Cherry (Sandcombe F.C., Pro League First): 22 goals

Tony Hughes (Ferres Town, Pro League Premier): 21 goals

Noel Schilling (Sakatar City, Pro League Premier): 20 goals

Eddie Grayson (Lakeley, Qualifying Group 16): 20 goals

Carl Harrison (Doncada, Qualifying Group 16): 20 goals

Keith Dunne (Gold Swords, Pro League Premier): 20 goals

Phew. I'll leave out the winners of the junior level competitions, unless anyone's desperate to see them ;)

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Keep it coming. These updates are fun to read.

Thanks again for posting the original thread last year - not sure if I've ever been so hooked on a save as I am now with my own fictional little world!

I've been zipping through and now find myself in December 2036. My original human manager has taken the job at Southern Cross, one of the biggest clubs in the country who were going through a title drought. He previously had success turning around Leopold City and Queenstown.

My second human manager won three national titles on the bounce with Elizabeth and has dropped a couple of divisions to wake up Soria, a sleeping giant from the Spanish Province.

Needless to say FM15 has had a look in so far!

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As PCs weren't that popular back than and we played outside all day, yes. We had our fantasy football league. We generated the results by actually playing.

You all know that Kinder Surprice eggs, so we used the toys inside them as players. There was a draft and everyone choose his players. I think we had 6 for each team. After that you arrange your players on the field and we played against each other. We had a lot of rules, like the player who's closer to the ball can play with it. You can arrange your players and move them say 10cm if the player who has to play with the ball is 10cm away from it. Than you either shoot at the goal or pass to other player/toy. Was real fun. The goals looked like that https://img1.etsystatic.com/060/0/10147826/il_570xN.684977951_rmtl.jpg. They were taken from some soccer cake. :D

Some of the toys were really awesome for striker roles. They could even lift the small ball really high and score superb goals.

As we all couldn't spend 20 hours outside most of us had their fantasy country and football league at home. I had 3 divisions I think, didn't have enough toys to create more teams. Never occur to me to recreate this in football manager. But in 2002 we all started playing FM and never got back to those toys. :)

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Just wanted to say that this thread was genuinely an inspiration for me finally getting my act together and starting up on this editing project I'm working on, based on nations I've had in various other games and from my childhood. I've really enjoyed your updates, man, and it was reading this that made me realise that putting the time in would be worthwhile and satisfying at the other end- it's great to learn about the world you've created.

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Good gravy, this is absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing, LewisQ. I've never felt compelled to post on these boards before, but just had to say massive kudos to you and everyone else in this thread who has attempted similar feats. I'm another one who's always enjoyed spending hours upon hours on creative escapism projects like this - I always assumed that put me in a very tiny minority, so it's lovely to see so many people in this thread who appreciate such dedication to imagination!

I too recently lost my job, so shall certainly have to try something similar once I inevitably run out of patience with my current vanilla save. :D

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That's beautiful, Barry Plum! Thanks. Sorry about your job. Keep us updated on your progress in this thread if you decide to plunge into these waters!

Lawlore, your project is amazing! I'm gonna subscribe to it now. Wish I had your flair for design!

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Lewis I was fascinated to read your topic. I don't know what is crazier, the fact that someone was compelled to dream up a massively detailed imaginary footballing nation - or the fact that I HAVE DONE EXACTLY THE SAME THING - though not with the same level of dedication or actual "end product". It really is interesting because I thought I was batshlt crazy to dream up something so random and yet here you are taking the same idea to the next level.

In my case it started when I was dreaming up a science fiction story about an alternative Earth where there is an additional, fictional nation (somewhere in the atlantic) ruled by a comic book style villain who sets out for world domination - although all real life countries also still exist. I won't go into details about that whole story branch - but the story led me to believe that such a individual would probably want a play thing like a rich Arab owning a racehorse or football team - so he goes one step further and forms his own football league to one day rival the biggest leagues in world football, together with an international team. Feel feel to roll about laughing as the whole thing is ridiculous, but it is genuinely fun to come up with a bit of creative escapism like this and it is surprising how detailed you can get. I don't really have names for all the teams, etc, but I do have an idea at the back of my mind about who the big teams were and what their philosophies were like.

I've never really gone to the lengths of putting them all into an FM editor - though I did once drop a team into the Premier League once (replacing another team) and added all the players etc. I got bored of it quite quickly though as it was a hideous mix of fiction and reality as a bunch of made up guys where playing against real life players - a bit like the Dream Team TV series I suppose - and the players were just English rather than a new fictional country. If I had the dedication to set up the whole thing from scratch then it might have been a bit more interesting and would have probably held my attention for longer. Still it's great to see someone seeing it through and I hope you get a lot of enjoyment from it.

As a side note - I wish the game did a better job of creating a fictional universe when you start a game without "real players". All it seems to do is change the names, but everything is kept largely the same which takes away the enjoyment of stumbling a new reality where you can uncover entirely new gems at teams where there may not have been such a player before. It's a real shame as it feels like a missed opportunity with every release.

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  • 3 weeks later...

My database was made in fm14. Just re-read my message from before. I meant to say that Fm15 hasn't had a look in yet!

Interestingly my Fm14 FB does work in the fm15 editor so I'm having a play around with it as I had a few ideas for improving the level of detail in my game.

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Hi chesterfan2, I did contribute to the stories forum with a blow-by-blow account of the Summer Sports Festival a few months back: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/395537-Joy-in-a-Fractured-State-%28Avrilian-Summer-Sports-Festival-2014%29

That's awesome, Jimmious7. Can you remember any details about your childhood league? It always interests me to hear :)

Hah I will actually try to find the old dossier that we had written everything into. If and when I do will try to give you the info! :)

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  • 1 month later...

What are the latest goings on in Avrilia?

Re-reading I see I didn't answer a question. My nation is definitely integrated in the wider football world with the Tontugan national team having won the African Nations Cup. We are now in 2041 and four Tontugan sides have won the African Champions League. Eskmouth Oil did it first under AI control. Then my human managed teams Leopold City, Elizabeth and Southern Cross have all won it too.

Southern Cross are consistently Africa's top ranked club and the first division is now the top ranked African league. I've just resigned at Southern Cross and am looking for a new challenge after 5 straight league titles. The last of which was played solely with players of Tontugan nationality to try and make a more even playing field.

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Quality stuff, theres a bloke who does something similar in OOTP. He even drew the train lines etc for the map iirc, a massive Baseball world... a bit easier to do in the sense the game will create random stuff for you, more than FM. So hats off for all the edits! And im following along.

Me and my mate used to create our dads sunday league team 'universe' on SWOS, started out with just 1 league being the Commercial Houses Premier Division and the teams they played with a 1 up (random) 1 down system. Before we expanded it to include 5 leagues, a Senior Cup and a Junior Cup. Played well over 30 seasons and recorded everything, but sadly as we became too good at SWOS, it was more of a walkover in the latter years.

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I have spent days on end on previous versions of the editor creating Leicestershire as a nation, it became a tax haven so the economy was really well off, i made almost every town and village in the county and added a few from the borders too, i let my imagination run away, it was more fun than i could describe

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What are the latest goings on in Avrilia?

Re-reading I see I didn't answer a question. My nation is definitely integrated in the wider football world with the Tontugan national team having won the African Nations Cup. We are now in 2041 and four Tontugan sides have won the African Champions League. Eskmouth Oil did it first under AI control. Then my human managed teams Leopold City, Elizabeth and Southern Cross have all won it too.

Southern Cross are consistently Africa's top ranked club and the first division is now the top ranked African league. I've just resigned at Southern Cross and am looking for a new challenge after 5 straight league titles. The last of which was played solely with players of Tontugan nationality to try and make a more even playing field.

Totunga sounds terrific, it would be great if you made the db available along with a little potted history of the country and league. Keep us informed!

Life in Avrilia is pressing ahead as normal. The votes from February's contentious Southern Governorate election have still not been counted, thanks to a legal challenge from a wealthy landowner who backed the right-wing Vote South campaign, which polls suggest will lose heavily to the government parties.

We're about two months into the new football season; so far, Sakatar City (my team) lead the Pro League Premier, with champions Gold Swords in mid-table. Three of the six provincial championships have reached the final stage; SSC will take on Kohlenburg in the Southern Football Authority Elimination Cup final, old rivals Ballynoun and Ballinglin face off in the Western Provincial Football Combination Cup, and there's an all-Aroa derby in the North West Gold Cup final, as Northwest Junior play the mighty Gold Swords. The Eastern Premier Trophy, Northern Championship Trophy and Sakatar Grand Provincial have just reached the knockout phase.

The laptop storing all my Avrilia documents died, but fortunately I found a USB key with backups for most things. It also contained this graphic of a cornerball field. Cornerball is an indoor Avrilian winter sport featuring two teams of ten - one goalkeeper, four players restricted to the corner quadrants (as marked on the pitch) and five "rovers". Dribbling is not permitting, and the ball must be thrown (shot or passed) as soon as it's received, which makes for a fast-moving spectacle. The players in the centre quadrants (one from each side) may contest for the ball, but tackling is otherwise not permitted. Cornerball is seen as a slightly archaic, eccentric game but is still popular in certain parts of the country during the winter months.


(I've been looking for a game or simulator which could approximate cornerball for years, but so far International Handball Challenge is the only thing I've found, and I can't be bothered with its steep learning curve).

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Hi Lewis,

Was just wondering if there was any update on this. Do you tweet, or do a blog? When I found this post a few weeks ago, I've referred it to so many people and they are all v interested. And impressed.

Hi vsmplkd! Thanks for the interest. This is the only place I do updates (I thought the thread had run its course, to be honest, but I'll keep updating if people are interested). I'll do an update on the run-in to the league campaign shortly.

Tonight actually sees the second leg of the Sakatar Municipal vs. Insford City Bi-Municipal Cup tournament (a "ceremonial" - a non-first class game between select XIs). It's been played late in summer/early in autumn between selections from the senior clubs of Sakatar (the capital city) and Insford (the second city of Sakatar province) since the late sixties, with varying levels of interest and eligibility criteria.

This year, the two squads contain relatively few players from big clubs. Sakatar Municipal XI (formerly Sakatar Metropolis - the name was changed at the behest of the Municipal Council) have restricted themselves to players born in Sakatar, while Insford City XI draw their squad from players based with one of the city's eight senior clubs. The first leg finished 1-1 at Victoria Castle, Sakatar (home of Chevalier d'Avril).

I've only played this tournament intermittently over the past few years, mainly because setting up games outside the main database is a pain in the ass, but I came across a doc listing the results of the fixture throughout the years, which were as follows:


Sakatar Metropolis 2-1 Insford City

(Hanley Gardens, Sakatar - 3,500)


Insford City 1-1 Sakatar Metropolis

(Civic Ground, Insford 4,000)


Sakatar Metropolis 2-0 Insford City

(Alterekerstadion, Sakatar 7,000)


Insford City 4-2 Sakatar Metropolis

(Azier Valley, Insford 14,000)


Sakatar Metropolis 2-2 Insford City

(Garrinadini, Sakatar 4,000)

Insford City 2-3 Sakatar Metropolis AGG 4-5

(Civic Grounds, Insford 7,700)


Insford City 0-0 Sakatar Metropolis

(Azier Valle, Insford 20,000)

Sakatar Metropolis 1-0 Insford City AGG 1-0

(Alterekerstadion, Sakatar 10,000)


Sakatar Metropolis 5-0 Insford City

(Victoria Castle, Sakatar 5,400)

Insford City 3-5 Sakatar AGG 3-10

(Civic Grounds, Insford 4,100)


Insford City 2-3 Sakatar Metropolis

(Azier Valley, Insford 16,000)

Sakatar Metropolis 4-1 Insford City AGG 7-3

(Alterekerstadion, Sakatar 10,000)


Sakatar Metropolis 0-1 Insford City

(Victoria Castle, Sakatar 5,400)

Insford City 1-2 Sakatar City AGG 2-2

(Civic Sportsground, Insford)


Insford City 0-0 Sakatar Metropolis

(Azier Valley, Insford 19,000)

Sakatar Metropolis 1-2 Insford City AGG 1-2

(Municipal Stadium, Sakatar 25,000)


Sakatar Metropolis 1-1 Insford City

(Municipal Stadium, Sakatar 21,000)

Insford City 2-0 Sakatar Metropolis AGG 3-1

(Azier Valley, Insford 20,000)


Insford City 1-1 Sakatar Metropolis

(Civic Sportsground, Insford 8,000)

Sakatar Metropolis 2-2 Insford City AGG 3-3

(Municipal Sportsground, Sakatar 15,000)


Sakatar Metropolis 3-2 Insford City

(Victoria Castle, Sakatar 5,000)

Insford City 0-2 Sakatar Metropolis AGG 2-5

(Azier Valley, Insford 17,000)


Insford City 0-3 Sakatar Metropolis

(Civic Sportsground, Insford 7,500)

Sakatar Metropolis 0-0 Insford City AGG 3-0

(Garrinadini, Sakatar 3,750)


Sakatar Metropolis 4-1 Insford City

(Parade Ground, Sakatar 34,000)

Insford City 5-1 Sakatar Metropolis AGG 6-5

(Azier Valley, Insford 16,000)


Insford City 2-0 Sakatar Metropolis

(Civic Sportsground, Insford, 7,600)

Sakatar Metropolis 0-1 Insford City AGG 0-3

(Alterekerstadion, Sakatar, 8,000)


Sakatar Metropolis 1-0 Insford City

(Parade Ground, Sakatar, 15,000)

Insford City 1-1 Sakatar Metropolis AGG 1-2

(Civic Sportsground, Insford)


Insford City 4-1 Sakatar Metropolis

(INPark, West Insford, 4,700)

Sakatar Metropolis 3-1 Insford City AGG 4-5

(Alterekerstadion, Sakatar, 9,000)


Sakatar Metropolis 1-1 Insford City

(Victoria Castle, Sakatar, 4,900)

Insford City 0-1 Sakatar Metropolis AGG 1-2

(Azier Valley, Insford)


Sakatar Metropolis 3-0 Insford City

(Hanley Gardens, Sakatar, 4,800)

Insford City 0-3 Saktar Metropolis AGG 0-6

(Ringmeadow, Insford, 600)


Insford City 0-0 Sakatar Metropolis

(INPark, West Insford, 4,700)

Sakatar Metropolis 1-1 Insford City AGG 1-1

(Municipal Stadium, Sakatar, 18,000)


Sakatar Metropolis 2-1 Insford City

(Alterekerstadion, Sakatar, 9,800)

Insford City 2-1 Sakatar Metropolis

(Civic Sportsground, Insford, 7,500)


Insford City 1-1 Sakatar Metropolis

(Azier Valley, Insford, 18,000)

Sakatar Metropolis 1-1 Insford City AGG 1-1 AET 1-1 PENS 5-4

(Victoria Castle, Sakatar, 5,400)


Sakatar Metropolis 2-0 Insford City (Victoria Castle, Saktar, 5,400)

Insford City 1-2 Sakatar Metropolis (Civic Sportsground, Insford, 5,000) AGG 1-4


Insford City 1-1 Sakatar Metropolis (Sopecross Complex, Insford, 3,700)

Sakatar Metropolis 1-1 Insford City (Hanley Gardens, Sakatar, 5,300) AGG 2-2 AET 2-2 PENS: 2-4


Sakatar Metropolis 3-2 Insford City (Alterekerstadion, Sakatar, 8,800)

Insford City 2-1 Sakatar Metropolis (INPark, West Insford, 4,500) AGG 4-4 AET 4-4 PENS: 3-4


Insford City 1-0 Sakatar Metropolis (INPark, West Insford, 3,100)

Sakatar Metropolis 0-1 Insford City (Garrinadini, Sakatar, 2,780) AGG 0-2


Sakatar Metropolis 0-2 Insford City (Cusaknock, Sakatar, 1,000)

Insford City 1-3 Sakatar City (Centralians F.C., Insford, 1,700) AGG 3-3 AET: 4-3

1996-2001 Not played


Insford City 1-1 Sakatar Metropolis (Civic Sportsground, Insford, 2,253) AET: 1-1 PENS: 3-2


Sakatar Metropolis 2-1 Insford City (Victoria Castle, Sakatar, 3,009)


Insford City 1-1 Sakatar Metropolis (Azier Valley, Insford, 5,545) AET: 3-2


Sakatar Metropolis 0-0 Insford City (Francis Park, Sakatar, 3,100)

Second leg not played, trophy shared


Insford City 4-1 Sakatar Metropolis (INPark, West Insford, 4,000)

2008-2012 Not played


Insford City 1-2 Sakatar Municipal (INPark, West Insford, 4,700)

2014 Not played

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Sakatar City (my team!) sealed their fifth title in six years this week. The fixture list seemed to have mapped out a dramatic finale to the season, with City hosting reigning champions Gold Swords on the final day, but Gold Swords' season slumped after a 0-1 defeat to City at Galanta Hall in the summer. Sakatar City sealed the title with two games to spare, after a comfortable 2-0 win over Ballynoun.

Gold Swords can claw back some prestige in tonight's NFA Cup final, which pits them against their ancient rivals Bluestripes. This game is a sort of trans-provincial derby (Gold Swords are from Aroa in North West province, Bluestripes from Insford in Sakatar province), dating from the days when the two teams regularly duked it out for the title in scintillating, legendary contests.

Cup final coverage rotates between the four national broadcasters (state broadcaster TTV, Home TV, Altchan and cable sports channel Forcesport). This year it's Altchan's turn, and they've laid on the customary day-long schedule of cup final programming, as follows:

0800 – 0915: Cup Final Breakfast

Presenter Joe Molloy (43, Insford) is joined by former Gold Swords and Bluestripes players and celebrity fans as he hosts a breakfast preview of the final from the Cookson Suite of the National Football Stadium. Includes news updates.

1130 - 1145: Cup Final Update

Richard Erlingham (27, Sakatar) reports from the Bluestripes camp.

12:15 – 12:30 Cup Final Update

Martin Gray (45, Aroa) brings us the latest from the Gold Swords camp.

14:00 – 15:00 Two Paths to Glory

Harry Hughes (50, Knockshepel) presents a round-up of Bluestripes' and Gold Swords' paths to this year's NFA Cup final.

15:15 – 16:30 Passengers Are Reminded

A televised staging of Roger McJames's celebrated 1984 play about a penniless Bluestripes fan trying to make it to the cup final (live from The Central Snooker Hall, Insford). Starring Eric McGuirk (36, Insford)

16:30 – 18:30 Cup Final Curtain-Raiser: Insford City XI vs. North West XI

A pre-game “treat” for early birds at the National Football Stadium, as an Insford City XI (minus Bluestripes players) take on a North West XI (minus Gold Swords players and featuring a few celebs). Commentators: Comic duo Stephen Leitch (26, Insford) and Hugo Dempsey (28, Insford)

1845 – 23:00 NFA Cup Final (kick-off at 20:00).

Coverage of what promises to be a titanic clash between ancient rivals Gold Swords and Bluestripes, live from the National Football Stadium, Sakatar. Coverage presented by Keith Martin (38, Moirera) with punditry from Richard Kennedy (46, Newvale, former Gold Swords manager and current North West provincial team manager), Jimmy Woods (49, Sakatar, former Bluestripes manager), James Ramsay (35, Insford, legendary Bluestripes left-back) and Mark Sanders (36, Collington, former Pearsons midfield stalwart). Commentary from Alex Walshe (44, Ferres) and Scott Harley (38, Landelia, former journeyman left-back).

23:30 – 00:15 The Loser Lounge

Comedian Ray Phillips (45, Ballynoun) hosts a post-cup final “cabaret wake” with supporters of the losing team. Featuring guests, musical interludes and comedy sketches.

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A quick update from Avrilia, where the football season has just ended. It came to a climax, as ever, with the final of the Christmas Cup on December 24th. There was no repeat of last year's classic, where Sakatar City defeated Gold Swords 4-3, but there was a huge surprise as Mablonda Youth (living up to their name - the starting XI had an average age of 21) defeated champions Sakatar City on penalties after a hard-fought 0-0 draw. Victory in the "winter championship" was a huge consolation for a club which has sunk rapidly over recent years, failing this season to escape the First Division after defeat in the promotion/relegation play-off.

As noted above, Sakatar City secured their fifth title in the past six years, and a record thirteenth overall. Gold Swords, the North-Western giants who claimed their first title in twenty years last season, imploded amid in-fighting and rancour amongst their star players. Elsewhere, it was a memorable season for Enverdale United, a small club from the south-western coast of Sakatar province, who held their own in the Premier, won the Sakatar Grand Provincial, and reached the semi-finals of the Christmas Cup.

Eighteen-year-old Adam Hughes of Bluestripes was the season's standout player, scoring an incredible 34 goals, level with Sakatar City's irrepressible Chris McGillen as the top marksman in Avrilian football. The young Hughes, from the semi-feudal village of Newley in West province, is being hailed as the greatest prospect since another young Westerner, Victor Robinson, shot to prominence in the mid-90s.

It was a decent season for Bluestripes, as they seek to rebuild after several years in the doldrums. The sleeping Insford giants won the National Football Association Cup on penalties, after a dire 0-0 draw with deadly historical rivals Gold Swords at the National Football Stadium in Sakatar.

Northern rivals Clifton Town and Newvale United will have one another for company in Pro League First next season, after both were relegated from Pro League Premier. Clifton at least had the consolation of winning the Northern Championship Trophy, after yet another penalty shoot-out against Northern titans Pearsons at the Memorial Stadium in Collington.

Terecuda City will resume their rivalry with fellow Terecudans Southern Sports Club (who won the Southern provincial championship) in the top flight after finishing as Pro League First champions. Insford Town return to Pro League Premier after a five-year gap, having finished as runners up in the first division, in an incredibly tight finish which saw just three points separating 2nd from 6th. The relegated clubs were Domingana, who finally succumbed on the last day after years on the slide, Clariners, a promoted side who battled gamely but just lacked the firepower to stay up and Yluf Argan and Picavella, who both endured nightmare seasons and were never likely to survive.

The four teams coming up next season are Whitealley Heaton, a small club from the capital city Sakatar, who bounce back instantly after relegation in 2014; Northwest Junior, a very well-supported side from Aroa, returning to the Pro Leagues after two years in the third tier; Fishermen, a side from the south-Eastern fishing village of Port Sunday who enjoyed a memorable season; and National Iron, an historic club from the industrial north-east quadrant of the capital city.

The complete list of this season's winner is as follows.


Sakatar City (13th title)

Cliton Town and Newvale Utd relegated


Terecuda City and Insford Town promoted

Domingana S.C., Clariners, Yluf Argan and Picavella Strollers relegated


Whitealley Heaton, Northwest Junior A.F.C., Fishermen and National Ironworks S.C. promoted.



Bluestripes 0-0 Gold Swords AET (National Football Stadium, Sakatar, attendance 35,000)

Bluestripes won 3-0 on penalties



Sakatar City 0-0 Mablonda Youth AET (National Football Stadium, Sakatar, attendance 35,000)

Mablonda Youth won 5-3 on penalties


5/2/2015 - 12/2/2015

Gold Swords beat All-Avrilia Select XI 7-0 on aggregate.



Enverdale 1-0 Sandcombe (Valeview, Enverdale, attendance 3,500)



Pearsons 1-1 Clifton Town AET (Memorial Stadium, Collington, attendance 36,500)

Clifton won 4-3 on penalties



Ballynoun 1-1 Ballinglin City AET (Riverbank Row, Ballynoun, attendance 12,000)

Ballynoun won 5-4 on penalties



Kohlenburg 0-2 Southern Sports Club (Kohlerstadion, Kohlenburg, attendance 7,000)



Northwest Junior 0-1 Gold Swords (Newbrake Centre of Excellence, Aroa, attendance 7,000)


04/05/2015 - 14/05/2015

Malternan beat Mablonda Youth 2-1 on aggregate


November 2015

Port Sunday C.F. beat Mablonda Youth 3-2 on aggregate


November 2015

Malternan beat Northlands 4-2 on aggregate


27/08/2015 - 03/09/2015

Lakeley beat Northwest Junior 4-0 on aggregate



Westcourt 0-3 Sakatar City (Nightsborough Park, Sakatar, attendance 3,500)



Skarmwell 0-0 Nubbleston AET (Skarmwell Stadium, Skarmwell, attendance 2,843)

Skarmwell won 3-1 on penalties



Army S.C. 2-0 N.W. Naval (National Football Stadium, Sakatar, attendance 7,774)



C.C.W. 2-2 Eppeshall AET (The Workshop Fields, Collington, attendance 3,000)

Eppeshall won 4-3 on penalties



Bluestripes 3-2 West Insford (Azier Valley, Insford, attendance 22,000)


July 2015

Cathcoate beat Prince's F.C. 4-1 on aggregate



Westcourt 2-0 Julianastrasse (Nightsborough Park, Sakatar, attendance 3,500

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Great to get a news update from Avrilia - they are always worth waiting for!

My game world has reached 2057 - we move at a slightly quicker pace than Avrilia.

In the national first division, Clinton Tigers won the title for the second time, having broken their duck back in 2054. Tigers come from Clinton, a suburb city on the southern banks of the Elizabeth river, across the river from the nations capital Kensington. They won the title on goal difference from the nation's most successful side, Southern Cross (19 titles since 1960). Previous winners Celestehaven (4) and Esk Sporting Club (7) came in third and fourth recovering after struggles in recent years. Both have had long spells in the lower divisions. Two other former champions Leopold Petrol (6) and Elizabeth (7) were relegated along with tiny Lake Ford, a well back village team from Elizabeth province.

Large clubs Leopold City (9) and Port Clinton Arsenal (3) remain stuck in division 2 as smaller provincial clubs Sporting Hoogveld, Toledo Mariners and Anduja Stars were promoted to the top flight.

Other big clubs are in ever bigger dire straits. Capital club Kensington Alliance (7), the most storied club in Elizabeth province were relegated to Division 4 along with Libertad de Soria (4) the second most successful side from the Northern Spanish province. The third division was won by Army side National Barracks on goal difference from semi professional college side Electors.

Independence Cup

The Independence Cup was won by Sons of Willeminawijk for the fifth time. They triumphed 3-0 against Southern Cross at Independence Cup. All of their 5 triumphs have come in a very successful last 14 years which has also seen them win the African Confederations Cup 3 times.

Provincial Titles

Elizabeth Province: Played since 1905, it is the oldest tournament in the land. Kensington Alliance (29) are the most successful club but they have only won the tournament once in the last 30 years. Their city rivals Kensington Elizabeth (23) have made in roads in the past few years including a tournament best 5-in-a-row between 2029 and 2033 (when they were also National title winners 4 years in a row).

Both semi finals were won on penalties. Little Lake Ford triumphed over Uruguay to reach their first provincial final, whilst factory team Tontugua Metal lost to Clinton Tigers. Tigers triumped 3-1 at Independence Stadium in the final in front of a capacity crowd of 58,900. Goals from Tangles Jerome and Collin Sylvester inside the first 11 minutes gave Tigers a great start. Kiko Sylvester responded for United but only after Lou Orlando had seen red.

Esk Province: First played in 1920, the Esk Province trophy has been dominated by three clubs, Southern Cross (44), Eskmouth Oil (37) and Esk Sporting (19). Therefore it is a pretty big deal if another side from the province breaks through to make the final! Since 2005 only Wickham Juventus have won the title. Southern Cross overcame Esk Sporting in the most recent final on penalties after a 2-2 draw. Xerzes Spinters scored twice for the Stars whilst Garcia Cleveland and Dungue Van Meer replied for ESC.

Oosten Tontuga Bekker: The Eastern Province of Tontuga was founded by Dutch settlers and their OTB started in 1935 with Batavia Coal triumphing over Celeste Spiders. Wins in this tournament have been far more evenly distributed than the Esk Province although the Leopoldsburg sides, Petrol (24) and City (28) have dominated recently. Having said that Sons recently won 6-in-a-row between 2050 and 2056 but lost the 2056 final to Celestehaven (15). The Oranje won 3-2 thanks to a hattrick from Juan Lappi.

Spanish Province: This began back in 1926 and has largely been dominated by Lions of New Leon (34). Soria (23), General Patista (19) and Port Banacor (19) are the other most successful teams. Leones have been in the doldrums in the past 20 years but won the most recent title 4-1 against Toledo Mariners with a hattrick from international striker Mario Toledo. The Mariners have reached the top flight in recent years with big backing from a sugar daddy but have never won the provincial title.

FM16 - I've also been developing my database in fm15/16 so it now works in the new game. I've added a few new teams and competitions but haven't quite got involved enough in it yet for it to be as addictive as the original game above!

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Any more updates, Abu? How's the national team doing?

The 2016 season has just got underway in Avrilia. Notable results include:

*Northern giants Pearsons winning the first silverware of the season with a 3-0 win over non-league United Athletes in the Collington New Year Cup final.

*Champions Sakatar City beating the All-Avrilia selection 3-1 in the first leg of the Forcesport Super Cup.

*Gold Swords suffering a shock 2-1 defeat at village side Meadowdale in their first game of the North West Gold Cup.

*Eastern rivals Mablonda Youth and Malternan drawing 0-0 in the opening round of Pro League First fixtures.

The following were the ten most expensive transfers of the close-season (note that fees are listed in avrils, Avrilia's domestic currency; a separate currency - the exo - exists for external trade deals, over which the government has a monopoly).

1: Kevin Roberts (19, St) - Chevaliers d'Avril to Sakatar City for a825,000

Probably the finest prospect in Avrilian football, after Bluestripes' teenage sensation Adam Hughes. Roberts started his career in the Academies League, with the National Sports Academy Under-17 side. In 2014, fallen Western giants Ballinglin City paid a40,000 to take him into the Pro Leagues, in a controversial "cradle-snatch" deal (it being frowned upon to sign players from Academies League clubs before they graduate).

He took to senior football with ease, scoring 25 times in 39 games before Chevaliers splurged a325,000 to bring him to Pro League Premier. 17 goals later, the Black Knights cashed out for more than double their money, as champions Sakatar City paid a gargantuan a825,000 for Roberts's services, with utility midfielder Rudolf Steiner going the other way. The pacy, explosive young Ferozian has made an instant impact, scoring City's fastest-ever goal after fourteen seconds of his début in the Forcesport Super Cup season opener. Long-term, Roberts is being groomed as a successor to City goal glutton Chris McGillen, now in his thirtieth year.

2: Damien Henning (19, MLC) - Bluestripes to Sakatar City for a725,000

A controversial deal which revived the "player-hoarding" allegations made against the prize money-bloated champions last year. Although an extravagantly gifted playmaker, there is no obvious place for Henning in the Sakatar City line-up, especially now that manager Dean Harper appears to be moving towards a novel 3-1-1-3-2 formation.

Hennings's departure was rumoured to be the chief reason behind manager Teddy White's resignation (despite having won the NFA Cup last year). In his place, businessman Ian Darren - brother of Bluestripes's chairman - has been brought in to restructure the squad, with ample financial resources placed at his disposal, before a new manager is appointed.

3: Steve Saunders (19, AM/FC) - Enverdale United to Bluestripes for a625,000

Darren's first big-money signing is that of Merla-born teenager Saunders, a catalyst for little Enverdale United's sky-rocketing fortunes in recent years. Saunders was a key player in Enverdale's successful battle against Pro League Premier relegation, as well as their victory in last year's Sakatar Grand Provincial. A pacy young front-man who likes to play off the striker, Saunders spent four promising but uneventful seasons with Ballinglin and Enverdale before erupting onto the scene with seventeen goals last season.

4: Kevin Walton (19, DC) - Amergina to Bluestripes for a625,000

A second big-money move in two seasons for the quick and forceful Ouston-born defender, who also began his career at Ballinglin. Amergina paid a club-record a250,000 to bring him to Cliffcrest, before selling him on for another club-record fee. The mammoth price tag may well prove a millstone for such a young player.

5: Keith Charles (23, DLC) - Ballynoun Comrades to Bluestripes for a500,000

Bluestripes were lacking options at the back, but the spending of over a million avrils on two centre-halves has provoked a certain amount of consternation. Charles, a classy ball-playing defender, played a pivotal role in Ballynoun's fine season, and his departure has signalled a wholesale exodus of talent from the Western champions, to the dismay of observers hoping to see a more even spread of talent and silverware outside the major cities.

6: Kevin Shaw (20, DC/DM/MC) - Clifton Town to Kohlenburg for a170,000

With high attendances and a wealthy benefactor, Pro League First side Kohlenburg have opted to splash the cash on a young centre-back/defensive midfielder with a notable lack of pace. After starting his career with hometown club Mablonda Youth, Shaw moved to Northerners Clifton Town for a40,000 last season, winning the Northern Championship Trophy but also suffering relegation from Pro League Premier.

7: Jim Sullivan (19, DL/WBL) - Centralians to Enverdale United for a130,000

Enverdale chose to lavish some of the spoils of their successful season on a third-tier left-back, albeit a highly sought-after one. Sullivan was superb for a Centralians side which failed to make the play-offs after a bruising Group 11 campaign replete with local derbies against other teams from Insford.

8: Josh Morgan (17, DM/MC) - Yluf Argan to Sakatar City for a100,000

A third six-figure signing for the champions, and something of a boon to Davidsburg-based Yluf Argan, relegated from the Pro Leagues last season and shedding their highest earners in order to adjust to new financial realities. Morgan is seen as a fine prospect, firmly in the mould of City's pitbull captain Liam Quinn, but has made just one appearance in senior football. The fee, therefore, raised plenty of eyebrows.

9: David Hutton (21, ST) - Domingana to Ballinglin City for a85,000

Domingana are another club attempting to trim the wage-bill after a disastrous relegation from the Pro Leagues. Mercurial forward Hutton was one of their better players last term, with fourteen goals and eight assists, but returns to the club which sold him to Domingana in 2014, with the beleaguered Northern club taking a a100,000 loss on the deal.

10: Warren Cole (27, MC) - West Insford to Chevaliers d'Avril for a65,000

A classy playmaker who pulled the strings for his boyhood team's best-ever side, Cole has moved the short distance to the capital city for a new challenge with Chevaliers d'Avril. A noted free-kick expert and scorer of scorching long-range goals, Cole will be hoping to help the Black Knights improve on a recent past littered with various cup-final defeats and skin-of-the-teeth relegation escapes.

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Sensational developments in Avrilia, where Gold Swords manager Rodney Hanlon has been sacked three games into the Pro League Premier season, after falling out with several star players. Chairman Donald Young - patriarch of the Young family which has controlled the club for generations - has temporarily taken charge of transfers and first-team affairs. Young appears to be attempting to assemble something as close to the North West provincial squad as possible, with huge bids already submitted for North West interprovincials Ronan Gannon of Enverdale, Bryan Reynolds of (non-league!) Southstown Blues, Duane Flynn of Ferres Town and Tom McGee of Merlan. Supporters' groups have held massive rallies outside Galanta Hall in support of the manager who delivered Gold Swords' first title in twenty years, and in opposition to the authoritarian turn of the club's ownership, and the perceived greed of its playing staff.

Meanwhile, here's a gallery of this season's Pro League Premier kits. Any opinions on best/worst? West Insford's home kit was voted the nicest in a national poll, with Gold Swords "purple dawn" third kit adjudged the ugliest.


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