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Passion4FootballManager.com - Contributors & Admins WANTED!

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Hi everyone at Sigames Community.

My name is Espen Høgli and I'm the founder and owner of www.mypassion4footballmanager.com. I have played the game since I was 14 years old (over half my life!). I'm a resolute guy (to use the FM player personalities description) who feels everything lays in the details!

But enough about me...

The blog was started 2 years ago this August and after a year running I got approved as Sports Interactive fansite - something I'm really proud of. It's been a long and hard journey with tenth of hours each day working to improve the page and a lot has been sacrified in my life the past years, but everything for the FM community right?! For me "Nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes a longer time".

But anyway, since the blog started I've tried to share of my unique vision, knowledge and personal opinion about the game in the aim to discuss everything from basic things - for those who has just got to know Sports Interactives Football Manager series - to more in-depth articles for the ones who has played the game for years but just needs new motivation or refreshen their memories. I like the website to be for everyone, no matter of expertise.

I like to think Passion4FM is: everything Football Manager - or at least thats the final goal

Since the blog was started over 3Million visitors has visited my site - an incredible number and something I would never have dreamt of when I started.

The website, who was a personal blog, aims to increase everyones knowledge of the game with great resources and guides - providing all the tools people need to succeed. The website contains at the moment guides and tips about training, tactics, player and staff recommendations, such as best FM wonderkids and other great content which will make your daily management hopefully easier or makes you enjoy FM even more!

You will also find football articles or articles that is tied to Football Manager - with the aim to merge real life football with FM

We are currently sharing our love for the game at:

Twitter - @Passsion4FM

Facebook - Passion for Football Manager - Football Manager Community

Steam - Passion for Football Manager

(Please use hashtag #Passion4FM)


Now has the day come that I'm reaching out to all those great people on Sigames Community!

I'm searching for people who likes to either join the staff (me and one more) making the page even better by sharing your tips and tricks, tactics and/or knowledge about real life football coaching (for a brand new section which will be announced later) - or who are an experts on creating custom databases or FM graphics; kits, logos, facepacks or skins, in order to improve the current download section.

As some of you might have noticed the website has no operative Youtube account either, so we are also looking to partner up with someone - being our official Youtube partner

We are looking for everyone who likes to work for an established fansite - and who got ideas, motivation and determination to help Passion4FM grow!

For the right person, it will be a chance to become a future co-owner of the website

The only requirement is: writing proper English - as our fanbase is mainly from UK and USA.

Drop us an email or contact me by PM in order to get more information

Have a great summer & Thanks for taking the time to read this long thread!

Best Regards

Espen Høgli

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