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OTF World Cup 2014 Sweepstake - Let The Samba Begin!

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List of entrants by sweepstake:

1. hilly_boro

2. gillsminnow

3. Samamatara

4. Emersonlfc

5. darren1983

6. SouthCoastRed

7. Robbie.Knox

8. Jorg

9. richjb78

31. DaveHill

11. Nooney


13. Jonno-Blood

14. Pago

15. Merry Miller

16. ShyBaldBuddhist

1. readingfanman

2. Jonno-Blood

3. Robbie.Knox

4. TigerChris

5. darren1983

6. Jorg

7. Emersonlfc

8. Umney

9. ShyBaldBuddhist

10. gillsminnow

11. Pukey

12. Neil Brock

13. Bigmarsh

14. ReggaeBwoy

15. JackJCFC

16. EnterUsernameHere

17. Bhoy

18. Gorando

19. Gizzyspop

20. Pago

21. Merry Miller

22. SJ234

23. Kain

24. Bliss

25. seanydude

26. STaphouse

27. hilly_boro

28. SSC

29. Anti Spiral

30. FM94

10. SCR

12. Nooney

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I'm amazed I managed the whole sweepstake without any major mistake if I'm honest!

Good luck to all, and I expect to see you either with your sweepstake national shirt, or of course, if you expect them to be the worst team in the tournament, the three opposition shirts.

For anyone upset/ annoyed with their sweepstake team/teams, why not enter the Predictions Competition and prove you know a lot about World Cup Football, and just got unlucky here?

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Just logged into my Paypal. Very sneaky SSC, but $5 isn't £5, I'll refund you the $5, and can you send over the money in £ please?
:D the little scamp!
SSC so sly!

:D :D :D Sorry guys! Not being a cheat... I've resent.


I feel so guilty getting Brazil..! :D

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  • 2 weeks later...
But that doesn't win me money :D

Would be a bit rubbish to have the advantage pre-tournament of drawing Spain and to still get money for them because they were so ****...

That said, having drawn Spain I will be completely 100% ok with it :D

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