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OTF World Cup 2014 Sweepstake - Let The Samba Begin!

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I also have had £10 sent from someone with the initials PD. If this is you, (I think it might be SCR), please claim.

If you are on the list above and don't think you should be, let me know.

Sorry...did it in a hurry cos I knew I'd be away a few days, and totally forgot my user name on it. Yes thats me, but it was £20, and the other £10 was for the predictions comp

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Bliss set to pay me by the end of the day. :thup:

For those of you who have messaged me and said you are paying me Monday/Tuesday, the trust is there, so don't ruin it! Will try set myself up to do a live draw later on. If I haven't managed to get organised, it'll be done tomorrow during the day.

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The only person not to respond an SI employee.

I demand a free copy of FM15 for the inconvenience he is causing.

Appears tongue in cheek, but you actually mean it. I like it :cool:.

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