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Minimum Release Fee Bargains!


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Not sure if there is a thread for this already but i was wondering which players people found with good minimum release fees?

I recently signed Kompany for £12.75mil minimum fee release but that was in the 2nd season and he had signed for Leverkusen i think.

Anyone have any great finds at the start of the game?

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here is a shortlist i created using a game with players that have Release Clauses. I have these leagues loaded:

England - League 2 and Above

Spain - Top Division Only

France - Top Division Only

Germany - Top Division Only

Italy - Top Division Only

Holland - Top Division Only


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zapater is VERY cheap, and very good.. i think he cost around 10 million euro.

He refused point blank to join my Newcastle side. We were defending premier league champions and had just lost in the final of the Champions' League.

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