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Getting a new job forgotten history.

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I'm currently in the year 2035, i started with Oldham Athletic, after taking them to the Prem and winning the FA cup and league Cup i left to take charge of Tottenham. After 10 years in the role and 9 premier league titles, 4 Champions league titles and numerous cup wins. I left for Barcelona, once again i dominated and won numerous La liga titles, cup wins and numerous champs league titles. I climbed my way to the top of the hall of fame. I was getting a bit bored and thought rather than start a new game, i will resig from my position and apply for a job at a lower league club. So i joined QPR who were in league 1 at the time. After gaining promotion to the championship and sitting in the play off's i got fired due to me leaking to the press that the board wouldn't increase my transfer budget.

Fair enough i thought, so i waited around and started applying for some top jobs. However whenever i apply for a top club so far i've tried Bayern Munich, Man City etc. I get laughed off and i don't even get an interview. In fact the only jobs that offer me an interview are lower championship teams or below. I'm still listed as World class but it seems the game has forgotten my past achievements. Surely this is a bug, it's kingof annoying.

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