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Playing As A Weaker Team

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Hi guys,

Been playing as Sheffield Wednesday in the Premiership for the past 3 seasons and although I did well the first 2 seasons, my third season took a bit of a nose dive around November time and since then I've been conceding way too many and scoring not enough. In the summer I had to sell off my best striker and I don't think I reinvested the money as well as I could of (mainly due to me wanting to focus on British players).

I switched from a 4-2-3-1 to a 5-2-1-2 in an attempt to shore up my backline. For the most part it has worked but now I'm not creating nearly enough opportunities for my strikers.

The system I'm playing is:

------------------Deep Lying Forward (S) ----------Advanced Forward (A) -----------------------

---------------------------------- Attacking Midfielder (S) --------------------------------------

----------------- Deep Lying Playmaker (S) ---------Central Midfielder (D) ------------------------

- Complete Wing Back (A) ---------------------------------------------- Complete Wing Back (A) -

----------------------CD (Cover) ------CD (Stopper) --------CD (Cover) --------------------------

----------------------------------- Goalkeeper (D) ------------------------------------------------

You will have to pardon the shoddy recreation as I don't have access to my FM at the moment.

Team instructions:

Drill Crosses - Hassle Opponents - Stay on Feet - Play Out of Defence - More Direct Passing - Play Wider

Rigid - Counter

I've got both my wing backs to cross often, however a lot of the time they go forward, get to the byline, stop, cut back and play the ball to one of my holding midfielders (despite the fact they both have cross often, cross from deep on PI). I think this is one of the main reasons that I don't seem to develop any solid attacks. Only the Advanced Forward seems to score with the assist normally coming from the AMC, and these are always from little through balls.

Just need someone to see if they can understand why I'm not developing any solid chances in the game, even though I tend to boss possession.

Thanks in advance.

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