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Most important things in FM

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Just thought about the most important things in FM -- over the series, I mean, not "improvements" you want or "tweaks needed".

My top 3 favourite aspects are:

1: transfer system - love it. Can't wait for the next window.

2: match engine

3: player/staff accuracy (stats and personality)

What areas of the game give you the most pleasure / matter most?

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Finding and developing players.

Having those players come through for you for the first time in a crunch game.

Upsetting a big team.

Creeping up the manager reputation table (see Genie) and become a big dog.

When you say 'player/staff accuracy' I guess you mean looking at real player's stats?

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I think that's why I've been quick to say the shoddy confidence system is pretty irrelevant. I tend to concentrate on the areas that do work and that I enjoy. The main problem with the transfer system on 2008 is the inflated pricing. Can't imagine getting Deco on 2008 for £5m. But, that said, if it was too easy to sign players would that take the enjoyment out of it a bit?

Perhaps it should be easier to have clubs accept bids but harder to persuade players to join. I can see Barca accepting a £30million bid for Messi, but would he join, for example, Man City or Paris SG? The real life situation with Ronaldinho suggests this might be a direction for the game to take. A frustrating one, admittedly, and the reputation system would need to improve in conjunction with it.

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