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The two day rest

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This might be old news, but I've found that setting all your starting players to a 2 day rest, right after the match your team just played, will help out greatly with their fitness recovery for the next match, especially if just 3 days away. I was finding with the more realistic fitness levels on this version, compared to say FM07 which I played for years, makes it harder for your players to recover from the most recent match. We just had a tough UCL match against PSG which went down to the wire, and we now have Liverpool in the league, just 3 days later. I set all the starting eleven to a 2 day rest right after I clicked, 'Leave Game.' Now, three days later, they are all either 96% or 97% for the Liverpool game. This has been a great find for me, as I was rotating like a mad man in the second half of seasons.

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