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How to Sack a Players Agent (FM14)

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I am after some help on FM14. I have 3 players in my team that are asking for pay rises from about £10k per week to above £100k per week which as just madness. I am sure i have seen this somewhere in the game but is it possible to ask a player to sack his agent and if so how do i do it as their agents demands are way too high.

cheers for any help

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Usually they won't react well initially, but if you respond with "I know you are reluctant to sack your agent but I really think you should" it's 50-50.

I've had at least 10 players sack their agents and then sign new contracts with me, thus avoiding agent extortion in fees. I guess that's why most agents despise me :)

But if it works you got to be quick to offer new contracts because they will eventually get new agents.

Also, a little tip: If you want to sign a player who is out of contract and his agent's demands are insane, offer him a trial. Once he is at your club as a trialist you can have the above conversation with him and maybe get him to sack his agent making it easier and cheaper to sign him. I signed Mascherano this way. His agent was asking for 140k wages and 2.5 mil in fees. I offered him a trial and he accepted. After I got him to sack his agent, I signed him for 47k wages and 250k fees.

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