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[FM2014] The Caribbean Megapack [V.2]

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It is my pleasure to finally release the Megapack. Delayed by layers of pesky bugs, we finally have something to show for it.

Please do not upload this file elsewhere - link to this page (not the file directly)

Special Thanks to Etzella and MotoClub for the work they did last year, lovingly transferred over this year :)

This Pack contains (new features in italics)

Caribbean Champions League, feeding into a rebuilt...

CONCACAF Champions League

Etzella's ABCS Tournament (Bonaire are finally here!) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABCS_Tournament

MotoClub's Copa Guyana http://www.rsssf.com/tablesg/guyanescup.html

MotoClub's Coupe de l'Outre-Mer - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Coupe_de_l'Outre-Mer

MotoClub's Trophee Antilles-Guyane - http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trophée...ntilles-Guyane

MotoClub's Division Excellence (club cup btw Sint Maarten, Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy, but since Saint Barthélemy aren't an independent nation (and can't thus be picked by editor) Anguilla are used).

Windward Islands Tournament

V.2 adds some U20 tournaments for the region - game bugs prevent a proper U20 qualification, so I've added a Caribbean and Central American U20 tournament so that the U20 teams play games.

Anguilla (AFA Senior Male League, Knock-Out Cup)

Antigua and Barbuda (Premier Division, First Division, Second Division, FA Cup)

Aruba (Division di Honor, Division Uno, Cope Betico Croes)

Bahamas** (BFA Senior League, PDL leagues, President's Cup, Grand Bahama Cup, New Providence Cup, Abaco Cup)

Barbados (Digicel Premier, Division One, Second Division (Lambert Thomas, Edwin Harding, and Carlos Griffith Zones), Third Division (Harold Griffith, Victor 'Gas' Clarke, Major Hugh Barker, and Gordon Douglas Zones), Knockout Cup)

Bonaire (Kampionato, Kopa MCB)

Bermuda (Cingular Wireless League, First Division, Player Development League (Reserve teams play in it), FA Cup)

British Virgin Islands (BVIFA Premier League, Terry Evans Knockout Cup, Wendol Williams Cup, Heiniken Challenge Cup)

Curaçao (Seksha Pagá)

Dominica (Premier League, First Division)

Dominican Republic (Ligua Mayor Coca Cola, Copa Independencia)

French Guiana (Championnat de Division d'Honneur, Championnat de Promotion d'Honneur, Coupe de Guyane, Coupe de France, Coupe de l'Union Nationale des Arbitres de Football de Guyane, Coupe de la Municipalité de Cayenne, Coupe de la Municipalité de Matoury, Coupe des Savanes)

Grenada (Premier Division, First Division, Second Division (A and B), Waggy-T Super Knockout)

Guadeloupe (Division d'Honneur, Promotion d'Honneur Régionale, Promotion d'Honneur, Coupe de Guadeloupe)

Guyana (GFA National Super League, Mayors Cup)

Haiti (Digicel D1, Coupe d'Haiti)

Jamaica** (National Premier League, Super Leagues, Champions Cup)

Montserrat (MFA Championship - Montserrat haven't had a league since 2004, so this is following the previous format)

Martinique (Championnat National, Promotion d'Honneur Régionale, Promotion d'Honneur, Première Division (A and B), Coupe de Martinique, Trophée du Conseil Général** (a cup between the winners of all 5 leagues) )

Puerto Rico (Liga Nacional, Puerto Rico Cup)

Saint-Martin** (Saint-Martin Championship, Saint Barthélemy Championship, SM Championship Cup)

Saint Kitts and Nevis (bmobile Premier League, SKNFA First Division, SKNFA Second Division, SKN FA Cup)

Saint Lucia (Premiere Division, First Division, 7 regional secondary divisions, FA Cup, Blackheart cup)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines** (Premier League, First Division, Regional Second Divisions (10 leagues))

Suriname (Hoofdklasse, Eerste Klasse, Randdistrictentoernooi, Beker van Suriname, President's Cup)

Trinidad and Tobago (Digicel Pro League, bmobile Super League, Regional Top Divisions (Tobago Premier, EFA, Central FA, ECU, SFA Petrotrin Super League, Media 21 NFA Premier), Regional First Divisions (Tobago, NFA, SFA Roy Jagroopsingh Second Division, EFA) TT FA Cup, NFA League Cup, EFA League Cup, SFA League Cup, Tobago Cup, TT Citizens Cup, TT Pro Bowl, TOYOTA Classic(pre-season competition), Charity Shield (new this year), Regional FA Trophies, InterCol leagues))

Turks and Caicos (WIV Provo Premier League, Turks and Caicos President's cup)

US Virgin Islands (Saint Croix League, Saint Thomas League, Saint Croix Cup, Saint Thomas Cup)

** denotes that this league cannot be true to reality due to editor bugs and/or limitations to editor


Place all .dbc files in your "My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\editor data" folder

Please delete "MotoClubSaint-Martinv.2.dbc" as I accidentally added two Saint Martin files :(, and delete "Etzella ABCS", replace this with the "Etzella ABCS Host Fix" file

When setting up a new game, you MUST select ALL editor files here - if you do not you will get American clubs in the Caribbean Champions League and lots of funniness (Grenadians love to travel apparently, they pop up everywhere without the safeguards of these fine edit files :p )

Select "add players to playable teams"

I recommend that you load all players from the Caribbean - there aren't that many anyway and it makes the experience much more enjoyable

Downloads (read instructions above first!)

Mediafire - https://www.mediafire.com/?4sldtc4651acw33

Gamefront - http://www.gamefront.com/files/24108952/Caribbean+Megapack+2014+v.2.7z

Grenada Fix (download this)

Mediafire - https://www.mediafire.com/?jfyjmdr4fnttrj8

Version 1.0 (old)

Media Fire - https://www.mediafire.com/?gzttqq9wttxpc1s

Gamefront - http://www.gamefront.com/files/23907449/The+Caribbean+Megapack+2014+v.1.7z

ABCS Tournament fix! - https://www.mediafire.com/?ke1v8wbq7k244p3 (see instructions)

Known Issues

A number of National teams will pick grey players for a couple years, this is because of the way that players are picked for national teams in the code, but it will solve itself within 10 years for each nation.

Some teams fill their squads with grey players and don't buy/acquire enough players (BVI in particular) - this is a game bug sadly :(

Some players in the French Antilles will choose France, they suck but it's not something I can solve :( - it's to do with players picking national teams that play FIFA matches.

The winner of the champions playoff in leagues with sub-leagues at the highest level (US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands) doesn't get that registered in their history or winning competitions - this is a UI bug that SI are going to fix in the next patch hopefully :)

If you load too many edit files, it will not register some of my more recent edits. If W Connection still has Venus Abbott, and Javon Sample is not part of Central FC's team then you're experiencing this bug (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/384426-Load-all-players-from-nation-ignored-Reviewed)

Links to Previous Editions

2013 - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/330989-FM13-Caribbean-Leagues-Megaback-v.5.2-(final-build)

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Why aren't you on Steam Workshop?

Valve retains the right to use these files how they see fit, including deriving commercial work from it and basically making money off it. I'm not cool with that, and I'm pretty sure it would infringe the copyright of the associated leagues in the database

What do the editor files contain?

All databases have teams, cities for each team, appropriate stadiums, awards for player of the year, young player of the year, manager of the year, and top goalscorer of the year, prize money for all competitions (where possible accurate info) and where possible appropriate kits. Nations also have some basic rivalries (to make national-team management more interesting), and also transfer preferences and knowledge. A number of the nations (who lacked players) have had a number of players added to them. Except Trinidad and Tobago (see below)

What do you mean 'appropriate'

No kits = an army of blue-white teams, so I follow a three step solution

1) try desperately to find the kits online, be it verbal description or image (this takes forever - I started editing the day of release)

2) Failing that, create a kit that mirrors the club crest

3) Failing that, assign the club a shirt colour that makes semi-sense

I definitely understand opposition to stage 3, but having all clubs in blue seems a much worse alternative than a (very small) number of clubs having colours that might not be true to the club (the default blue is unlikely to be true either)

What's special about Trinidad and Tobago?

I have over 40,000 edits for T&T, including the whole first-team squads for the pro league and Super League, all clubs in all recognised leagues in the T&T pyramid, and have tweaked their reputation.

Can I help?

If there's a nation you love, then please feel free to add players and staff. For a player/staff to be entered, you need their birthday, nationality, (preferably position) and name - that's it. Without a birthday they are utterly random, just put 0's in the "attributes" tab instead of 10's. For CA/PA, -5 is a good PA figure (70-100 PA) and doesn't break the database, although smaller nations (anyone bar the top 8 Caribbean nations) will find -4 more appropriate, -6 for créme-de-la-créme of the National team (90-120) and for special talents do any number below that (-7 to -9). For CA, if they are in the national team then put them on the lower-end of the NT scale (since if they were at the upper end they'd be in the game! For example, Guyana had values from 60 to 100 on average in NT, so when I added players to them, they all hovered around 60, same for Puerto Rico).

What is the format of the CFU Club Championship?

Every nation gets two places for their two best-placed teams in the league. Then it flows as follows;

Qualifying round (28 teams)

First Round (48 teams in total (14 from previous, 34 added)

Group Stage (6 groups of 4, first and two best runner-up qualifies for Quarter Finals)

Quarter Finals (8)

Semi Finals (4) - From here onwards a host nation is picked to host the matches - this follows the precedent followed in the previous CFU Club Championships.

Third Place Playoff - winner gets to go to CONCACAF champs league

Final - both finalists go to CONCACAF Champs league

Why hosting? Who can Host?

Hosting was seemingly introduced to cut costs in the CFU, and as another consequence the games were played within a week. I've recreated this in the semi finals and finals. Host nations are picked randomly between the nations with the best infrastructure (T&T, Jamaica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Guyana (I've possibly forgotten some)

Why does each nation get two teams?

In the basic editor, I can specify that the best X ranked nations get a number of slots, but in the advanced editor I can't see a way of doing that. This way, if you want to make Aruba world beaters you aren't always stuck with just one spot.

Why can't I manage a team in the 2nd Division Lambert Thomas Zone of Barbados?

This zone has only B teams in 2013

Why do some teams in Barbados have a B team despite not having one in real life?/Why do some of the Bermudan teams have PDL teams when not having one in real life?

I wanted the database to be dynamic - that you could take any team in Barbados/Bermuda and not be permanently crippled for anything other than being from a small village. Thus, I thought it reasonable that some teams would set up a B-team to compete in the lower leagues or a PDL team in Bermuda if they reached that stage.

Why did you include Trinidad's InterCol Leagues?

School football is roughly as popular if not more popular in Trinidad than the national league and the vast majority of Trinidadian players will have cut their teeth in this league. Thus it seemed an interesting addition, although I recommend you don't manage in the league.

Team/Nation/Player is overrated/overpowered

I am very grateful for all feedback, please post your thoughts!

Why was my match moved for some lower league team!?

The majority of teams in the Caribbean share their grounds with someone else - it's likely you've been moved to accommodate them as there weren't any other appropriate dates.

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Version History


Bug for U20 fixed next fm potentially, so had to make do this time.

Whole host of edits for Trinidad and Tobago - this was the main focus here.


Initial Release, waiting on bug fixes for U20 Championship.

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Hi V50,

I apologise I never got back to you about doing the BVI League. But I will be downloading this later and will check it out. Can't wait to have a go with it. I need to suggest more changes for the ingame BVI data anyway.

But will done for all the hard work.

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Glad to see some happy customers! Definitely interested in BVI change suggestions - I started from scratch due to editor bugs so couldn't use your edits in the end :(

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Yes the US Virgin Islands has the real competitions - the league is split between the two most inhabited islands of the US Virgin islands due to the sheer cost of doing them across the two. The league culminates in a playoff between the top teams in each league to determine the US Virgin overall winners who qualify for the CFU CL. Sincere apologies for adding two files by accident, Delete the "MotoClubSaint-Martinv.2" and keep the 2014 file

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:) Trinidad is the most complete experience, with so many leagues and real players/coaches added, but Saint Vincent and Saint Lucia can be interesting because you have the secondary regional divisions that play alongside your main league. The Guyanas (French, Guyana, Suriname) also have a number of interesting club competitions between them, as do the French Antilles (Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Martinique), although the French islands suffer from being nations that aren't FIFA (so some of the players declare for France). Cuba will be really interesting when they fix the editor bug, as it has a qualification stage, with the top teams going to the Premier Division and the bottom teams going to the First Division, and then continuing normally from there. Puerto Rico (being part of the US) has easy access to US players, which can help if you wish to dominate North America, but Puerto Ricans care less about football so there's a trade off there. Jamaica easily has the best players and probably 6/7 of the top 10 teams are Jamaica (3/4 from T&T), and if you're looking for continental glory then Waterhouse is probably the easiest.

If you care about rebuilding history, then pick Maple or Malvern in Trinidad - they were amateur legends for like 30 years in Trinidad, you might want to edit them to being semi-pro first as amateur teams sometimes struggle with the coding of FM2014. W connection and Central FC are the easiest teams to manage in Trinidad (the latter being owned by Brent Sancho and managed by Terry Fenwick), whilst St. Anns Rangers and Police FC giving you a challenge. Harvard and Paragon Sports Club have affluent fans which might matter in the long-run.

Your very best youngsters will probably be lured by Europe or the US, so try to get them on contracts if possible.

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That is definitely not right... did you load all the files? Nevermind, editor bugs whiped the host list for the tournament :( Uploading a fix now - download the file (or if you're feeling savy just add the four nations to the possible host nations list in the editor)

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I do know that the BVI is now being split in to two leagues this season, but they are still playing the cups at the moment so I don't accurately know the format and nowhere seems to have the details regarding fixtures, amount of games etc.

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Hi Pelinho, I can't find any of the duplicates you mention - are you loading my file alongside someone else's edited data? I didn't add players for the Dominican Republic or BVI so I'd be surprised if they have duplicates due to me.

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Nevermind the duplicate players, the solution is to not sign the same player you already have.

Im playing as north east stars in t and t and have just completed the first season. I won the top division and the fa trophy which i thought would have seen me qualify for the group stage of the NA champions league. However, i have not been entered and have been shuffled back by Caledonia and Defence force.

Defence force i can understand because they had just won the CFU championship but i beat Caledonia in all aspect during the season but they are in the groups?

Any ideas? Is my qualification for next season?

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In the Caribbean you need to place in the top 3 of the Caribbean Champions League in order to qualify for the CONCACAF CL, sorry :(. That's why the 3rd place playoff is so important - it's a big pay day. Great job with North East Stars though they're always the Bridesmaid when it comes to the league so you must be a legend already :p

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  • 4 weeks later...

Just to let you know my next update will have a lot of updates for Trinidad and Tobago, but I'll be waiting until the end of the transfer window (and thus the patch that fixes a number of bugs) before releasing it, although if you ask for it I will do an intermediary patch for those interested in starting a new game sooner than that.

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  • 1 month later...

I'm getting a few warnings when loading the database.

-Montserrat Championship has the wrong division level set, should be 1

-Antigua and Barbuda Second Division has the wrong division level set, should be 3

-BFA Digicel Player Development League has the wrong division level set, should be 3

-BGTT First Citizens Secondary School Football League has the wrong division level set, should be 6

Not sure if this is related to the latest database release or not.

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Yea the current file is not update compatible :( I'm having to re-edit large parts due to a bug where edits are reversed due to the updates. I've completed T&T, hoping to complete the rest in the next week but I've got quite a lot of deadlines :(

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Update: New Patch has thrown the balancing out in the region (Guadeloupan teams LOVE Lucians and Haitians, who in turn LOVE Trinis and Jamaicans, whilst Cuba turns its nose up at its own players for the NT). Will over-night test my fixes and hopefully have an update tomorrow!

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Hi Simon,

Haven't updated the patch, but they appear to have changed how "add players to playable teams" works. Before you got a (still limited) range of ages for generated players, but since the patch they're all young. Sadly I haven't got enough information on or the time to add players from the Turks and Caicos, which means they're mostly regen players. I'll be uploading the files when my final test run is done (over-night test failed as it got stuck on july 2014)

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Well that is very strange, they check out on my end - did you remove all the old files? You might be trying to use the old files rather than teh new one.

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That's really confusing, are you loading any files other than the Caribbean megapack?

edit: I am now getting the problem, the problem is with the latest patch which has really screwed everything up. It's ignoring half my edits in the T&T file and is now causing this problem with Grenada because they keep changing the damn ID range for players and clubs...

Edit2: ok I've uploaded a replacement file for Grenada. It has less edits but works.

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i've again the same problem all players teams in caribbean are 17 Yo.

All nation and all team

As I said this is an SI bug :( - since the winter patch the game will generate all regens as 17-21 years old. If there's a particular nation you want to play as I could go and add their national team, but I'm pressed for time lately :(

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