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Determining Regen / Regen Name Nationalities - Help Needed Please

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Is there any way to gain a measure of control over regen nationalities? I'm playing FM07 and have used the 4 Scottish Leagues for my own league and want the regens who come through year-by-year to be a good spread of nationalities. I'm not wanting dozens of obscure nations represented, but an even split between English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Argentinian, etc would be a great start.

I've tried a number of things I've seen suggested on these boards, including changing the location of a club's stadium (to Italy instead of Scotland, for example), assigning lots of scouts and coaches of different nationalities to a club, and running a game with a number of other leagues playing, but none of these seem to be working for me. Each year the league clubs get 90 per cent plus Scottish regens, with the rare French or Italian kid or whatever. The greyed-out players always have the nationality of the stadium's location, but the 'real' regens coming through the youth ranks are predominantly Scottish.

Is there something else I can try?

Failing this, is there a way I can change the national alignment of randomised names coming through for the Scottish regens? I've tried changing the 'language' option for a nation, ticking Italian, French, Portuguese, etc, for Scotland's languages, but this is partly successful in that I'll get regens of a singular nationality rather than a mix. For example, I'll get dozens of regens with Scottish nationality and French names, but nothing else. I've tried leaving the language percentages as 0 (but this doesn't work at all, all the names are still Scottish) or setting them at different levels (but this just results in the names being of a single nation again).

Again, is there any trick to getting around this?

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm tired of getting ten years into a career game and having 42 clubs dominated by players of a single nation...

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