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FM Handheld 2014 [BigV 4-1-2-2-1 Tactic]

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Hello, I just want to share an interesting tactic for FM Handheld 2014.

Later I'll post some results and statistics about it, but for now I can say is an interesting Pressing/Possession/Attack aproach to the game. You can dominate ball possession in most of the games and create an huge number of goal chances. So, better the Striker and the Inside Forwards, more goals you'll get.

[b]FORMATION[/b]: [b][color="#008000"]4-1-2-2-1[/color][/b]

Team Mentality: [b]Attacking[/b]
Passing Style: [b]Short[/b]
Tackling: [b]Committed[/b]
Pressing: [b]ON[/b]
Offside Trap: [b]ON[/b]
Counter Attack: [b]OFF[/b]
Men Behind Ball: [b]OFF[/b]

[center][b]PLAYER TACTIC ROLES[/b]:

InF              InF
WBk   BPD   BPD   WBk

CmF = Complete Fwd.
InF = Inside Fwd.
BWM = Ball Winning Mid.
APM = Adv. Playmaker
WBk = Wing Back
BPD = Ball Playing Def.
GK = Goalkeeper

My humble share. Hope you enjoy it!

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