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What's Happening in the World Cup on your save?

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I'm watching the game Simulate the World Cup just now, and I'm currently watching Croatia versus Brazil for the World Cup Opener. It's the 46th minute and Croatia has scored two goals bringing home an early upset for Brazil.

Which got me curious...what's happening at the World Cup on your saves? Who took the World Cup trophy in the end?

Thought this would be fun considering the official World Cup draw is in 5 days! :D



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In my save France won 3-1 against England in the final, Valbuena scored all goals. Including an own goal.

Also Spain lost 0-1 against Slovenia in second round, and Brazil failed to qualify from group stage. I was quite surprised.

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On mine,

2014 - Croatia beat Sweden

2018 - Belgium beat Germany

2022 - Denmark beat Argentina

2026 - Italy beat Denmark. WC hosted by USA

2030 - France beat Argentina. WC hosted by Spain

2034 - Brazil beat England. WC hosted by Qatar again.

2038 - Brazil beat Germany. WC hosted by Mexico

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Saudi Arabia coming runner up (can't see what year) is one that instantly jumps out! Really enjoying seeing how the world cup pans out over the years.

Also, Tunisia, Bulgaria or Paraguay winning the World Cup. And Thailand on the 3rd place in 2078.

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2014 germany - england 2-1 extra time

2018 argentina - brazil 2-0 extra time

2022 france - argentina 2-0

2026 denmark - france 0-0 , denmark won on penaltys. not a bad team denmark, 6 players over 10.000.000 euros, while france has 11.

brazil in 2026 has 16 players with a value over 10m euros including 6 over 30m

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I'm in July 1st 2014 right now. Watching on the telly as a non-league manager.

Spain were knocked out in the group stage, losing to Japan.

In the first knock-out round Brazil have gone out to Portugal on penalties, Germany have fallen - to Argentina, and The Netherlands have gone too. England are still in it!!

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It can be pretty diverse and spectacular in the long run


Full picture here: http://i.imgur.com/ZZclgP8.jpg

That gives an Aussie some hope. We've only got to wait till 2026 to host the World Cup and 2134 to make the final!

In mine, can't remember all places right now, but France beat England 2-nil in the final of 2014

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