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FM14: Wonderkids Shortlist

White Rose

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Football Manager 2014 Wonderkids are young players who have the potential to become world class superstars. Not all FM2014 Wonderkids are created equally so when a new game starts they will all have random potential, it will be roughly the same, but the game is designed so that in each game you start they will have slightly different potential. This means that in some saves they will turn into Football Manager 2014 Wonderkids, where as in others they may just become very good players. What we have done is compile a list of the very best Football Manager 2014 wonderkids, you are now able to download them to your game.

What do you look for in a Wonderkid

Sometimes we find it hard to develop youngsters in Football Manager. The reason behind this can often be found in the buying process. Often we scout a youngster see his potential and just sign him. The key to developing youngsters into world class players is found in the detail. Football Manager is not meant to be easy, so there is far more to the eye than a couple of good stats.

Determination and good physical stats, the rest depends on what position you’re looking for and that’s the bottom line I have found. Not any player I have signed as a youngster that has had a good potential will have a low determination all of them have or had at least a 10 attribute or higher in determination and the higher it is the quicker the rate of which a player will get to their potential.

Good physical attributes is not always accurate but helps in my personal opinion, a player that has a low fitness level will be tend to be more prone to injury and that will put a big delay on their progress in reaching their potential so many won’t reach it. If you are looking for a promising winger, a young player with low pace and/or acceleration would not be ideal, physical attributes tend to be the slowest attributes in progression many cases some won’t change or minimal changes. Next slowest attributes to progress is Mental so again look for the basics of these for the player you want in that position. They can either read the game or they can’t, but if they have the basics of an attribute course it can be gained on experience as well as training. Technical attributes are by far the fastest to progress because if done enough like in real life it will improve in allot lesser time than the other two sections would. It can take years to develop strength but months to develop technical skills such as heading or first touch.

When searching for youngsters and I don’t trust my scout’s judgement of potential I will always make sure they have 2 good main attributes for each section as well as determination (so 3 in mental), for instance if I was looking for a young promising defender I will make sure he has a good tacking and marking attribute, good positioning or anticipation and concentration attribute, jumping and strength attribute. What I mean by good depends on what division you are in, if you was in the 4th tier of the English league at least an 8 attribute would be good for all of the above for a youngster and at least 12 for a top tier for each of the main attributes for top tier division club.

Mental and Physical can be trained but without the basics you either have it or you don’t, like pace for example, you can’t train a David Beckham into a Theo Walcott type of pace it’s just not physically possible. Youngsters still need to have basic platform to start their progression but without the determination to succeed they simply won’t. Yet a player’s success often comes down to the tactic that you are playing, and if he suits that system.

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http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/368090-FM14-Free-Players-Shortlist - Free Players shortlist.

Bargain buys one has also been done but yet to post over on SI, http://footballmanageracademy.com/2013/10/26/football-manager-2014-bargain-players-shortlist/ - Can download it there.

The release clause one will take some time, but it has been started.

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it's a file for the shortlist. you need to open to go to your shortlist & then select that file to open it in the game.

appreciate it. at first I thought it was going to be a basic word/excel file we open on our computer, but then figured it might be a file for the game itself. thanks.

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