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FM 2014 Pre-Release Beta - Now Live!

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The FM 2014 beta is now live and available to those who have pre-ordered, welcome!

As is the nature of a beta version this not yet a finished product and we are still making numerous improvements ready for the October 31st release. If you have any questions about the beta, check our our FAQ, here. The official feedback thread can be found here.

Below are some of the key issues we are currently working on. Please do provide any further examples of these you come across, as well as any other issues affecting your game.

Our bug reporting guidelines can be found here, and our bug reporting forums here. Our QA team will be on hand to deal with any and every issue raised.

Known issues

There is still work being done on the way AI managers and other staff pick teams, so in some cases they may not be making the most ideal team selection.

There may be the occasional incident where the goalkeeper makes a poor attempt at a save.

There may be the occasional incident where you see wild back passes.

There is some balancing work on-going to the talking round of unhappy players.

Sugar daddies may be a too generous with their cash input in some cases.

There is still some balancing work to be done to the MLS Trade system.

FMC Match Plans left to assistant may sub players earlier than specified.

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