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who to get rid of ?


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I recommend that you post this in the Arsenal Thread.

The team threads are there for a reason, not only because people posting in them are usually currently playing with that team, but also because it stops the forum getting clogged up by new and, (no offence), pointless threads like this.

It's all well and good opening up a new thread, but all that will happen is that this will get closed as soon as a mod comes along.

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You should really be using the Arsenal thread. Its the most active one on the forums but seeing as you have already started a new thread, I would say that you need to get rid of the following players:

Hoyte- Already have Sagna first team and Richards could be used as backup

Pedro- No where near Arsenal quality plus you already have Bale and Lopez

Bentley- His stats are poor and do not represent his real life ability. You already have enough midfielders to play in the centre

Luis Garcia- Seeing as you are in 2010, he is ageing and needs to be gotten rid off.

Hleb- Again, another ageing player and for some reason, not really that good in the game. Very average player

Miller- Unlike in real life, in the game he will not really progress much but seeing as he is doing well for you, its your choice

One other player I might get rid off is Guardado. He is an absolutely brilliant player don't get me wrong but he does not fit into your tactic's and such a talent is wasted on the bench. Also, you can get 30mill+ for him.

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Seeing as he's sold the likes of Gael Clichy, Emmanuel Adebayor, Carlos Vela, Tomas Rosicky etc (which is about 80-100M easy) and also with the amount of money you get as transfer budget at Arsenal (40M+ season 1, 70M+ season 2, 150M+ season 3 if you do well enough), its pretty easy to make that side really.

Liverpool hardly ever seem to do well on the game. Gerrard has been "extremely interested" in joining my Arsenal side even in season 2. Same goes for Torres. Mascherano has been "extremely interested" as early as Jan. So I dont see the logic in accusing him on cheating tbh.

Also, Liverpool and Arsenal are not as big rivals as Man City and Man Utd are.

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Fabianski - Get someone better than him as rotation

Hoyte - Or move to reserves as back up

Pedro - Not good enough

Guardado - Doesnt fit into formation

Pirlo - too old

Bentley - not good enough

Hleb - not good enough

Garcia - too old

Miller - if the other strikers (RVP, Bojan, Torres, Aguero) are given games they will score more/same.

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