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Problem patching Digital Download FM08

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I just patched my FM08 digital download, but by mistake used the "boxed" version. I assume I'll have to reinstall the game, but I can't even find a FM08 Digital Download patch. Do I have to use one of the digital download versions of the other games (WSM, Futbol Manager) or has a Football Manager 2008 Digi-download patch also been released?



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Thanks for all the replies.

I solved this by:

*reinstalling the game. (I opened the /Football Manager 2008 Downloader/-directory in my Program Files and started it from there).

*ignored the fact that the game tells me an update is available (Maybe SI can fix this small, tiny issue?)

When you use the digital download you get the latest patch. No need to do anything, except find an updated database if you feel like it.

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