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Üzeyİr paÇal's the goal amk the goal [13.3.3

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just tried this with Arsenal only played 4 games so far (won 3 and draw 1)

Before this I was on a very bad run , will stick with it see how it goes. My only problem is who to play in the defensive forward position?

anyway good tactic , cheers

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how did you download it, when I try its a php file and not a tac file

Clicking on the link takes you to another site, click download link on that page and it will save as .tac.

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Been interested in putting a similar tactic together after a few months away from FM13. Was really struggling for consistency with my Wolves save in Prem.

Took some bits from what you had and put my own twist on it. Moved the MC into AMC and he on fire.

First 3 games have been good but a little weird - 5 up first half (won 5-3), 4 up first half (won 4-2), 4 up first half (won 4-3). So absolutely brutalising teams in the first half but suffering second. Any ideas?

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On 11.05.2013 at 22:34, bebahce said:

hı frıends,ıts agaın me..ı posted my 3. tactıc here.

you know ı cant wrıte more but ı can post some ss

my tactic is whıt corner tactic..



league table


and my team


and standart shouts..(must must must)


and results...










Good luck and more goal amk goal..


18.3.3 ile oynuyorum şuan... Eğer olursa daşşağını yiyimmm 

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