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Written In The Stars

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Welcome to the WRITTEN IN THE STARS thread. After deciding to take a break from the online game for FM 12 I am back with a new clan for FM 13. We have decided to start in the English Barclays Premiership which offers you loads of cash (if you’re lucky), big name players, European competitions and competing with some of the best sides in the world.

This could promise to be the best year yet for our new clan WRITTEN IN THE STARS as with starting in the best league in the world which is sure to give clan members even more thrills, spills, relegation battles, European challenges, heart ache, you might find a gem that could prove to be a swift piece of business and have the big clubs in the world after him, blow your budget on a rough diamond and good banter (which is always the most important thing). There maybe times where arguments happen due to results and pressure of being a football manager but whatever the outcome it will be an exciting roller-coaster ride that you will want to hold on tight to until the bitter end.

We have 6 leagues loaded they are –

England – Barclays Premiership, NPower Championship, NPower League 1, NPower League 2

Italy – Serie A

Spain – La Liga

We have 4 members of the clan. The Teams and Managers in the clan are the following: -






Tuesday – 6.00pm – 11.00pm

Thursday - 6.00pm – 11.00pm


1) No using FM Scout or cheat machines

2) Committed players only

3) If you can't make a session, an e-mail in advance would be useful.

4) Start with past experience reputation set to automatic

5) You MUST Post on forum during followingEnd of August transfer window, End of January transfer window, end of season review. Everyone can post anytime other than these if they wish to do so.

6) Random Teams selected.

7) No unsettling other Manager's players when you're not actually interested in buying the player

8) Use Skype to chat during times, banter is fine, but NO foul insults, so keep it a friendly game

9) If you get sacked or resign for some reason you must continue as unemployed and apply for the jobs that are available. If you can’t get a job after 2months of applying then you can retire and get a random club one division below.

10). Matches must be played Highlights Mode "Key" or "Only Commentary". Match Speed must be at full. Replays must be turned off, you will be allowed to play 3D matches aslong as they don’t slow the game down for other members.

11) "Show Player Pictures", "Show Background Pictures" and "Show Badges" must all be unticked

12). Assistant Manager must take control of friendlies in pre season and timer will be set to 2mins for transfers. During season timer will be set to 30seconds unless end of August and January where timer will be set longer (maximum 2mins) if requested by a clan member.

13) If you have a problem with any of the rules, speak to me, don't go whinging about it to other members or keep your frustrations to yourself.

14) If a board takeover takes place and manager gets sacked, clan member may retire and go back to club if they wish.

15) Everyone must use own tactics/training schedules downloaded ones are not allowed.

16) Online shortlists are not allowed as can spoil transfer activities between members.

New to WRITTEN IN THE STARS clan will be our own voting system at the end of the season for – Manager of the season, Team of the season, Best Buy of the season and Worst Buy of the season.


Hope you all enjoy this thread and I hope to keep u posted as and when we go.

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First of all Mark, Welcome to Elland road

Thanks very much, it’s great to be here, smiles

What are your first impressions of the club?

I’ve watched Leeds over the last few years and I think they are a good side and seeing the training facilities and the stadium I think the club has a lot of potential.

Its your 1st team in management, how did you find yourself in charge of a Championship club?

I started doing my coaching badges in my late teens after I unfortunately picked up a knee injury which ended my career as a player. I then worked my way up to my pro license and when the Leeds job came up I thought I had gained a lot of experience working with the youngsters at my local club and was looking for a full time position at a well respected club. Luckily during my interview with the chairman and the board they could see my vision for the club and have giving me this great opportunity.

You have said that your going to be dipping your toes into the transfer market, do you have any targets in mind?

I have a few areas in mind where we could improve the team but of course I am going to keep them to myself, smiles.

Do you think you could push for a Mid Table place?

We'll anything can happen if we work hard enough on the training pitch

Thanks for your time Mark and good luck with your new position at Leeds United.

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In the random draw I was given Blackpool, not good but not bad the board expected a mid table finish which I thought was very reasonable my initial budget was 1m. the starting squad looked something like this(problem with screenshots cant get them to upload)

GK:Gilks, Halstead



DC:John-Baptiste, Cathcart, Evatt, broadfoot

DM:Ferguson, Silvestre

MC:Ángel, Taylor-fletcher, Gomes

Wingers: Ince, Phillips, Grandin

St: Delfouneso(loan)

Seeing I was short of options upfront I proceeded to find some attackers bringing in John Carew (free) and El-Hadji Diouf (mark is not a fan) in the centre in came Jay Tabb(loan) and defence came tom lees(loan.)

It was a good pre season winning all the friendly's except one against Porto leaving me confident ahead of the start of the season, at the half way point things looked very different with blackpool in 18th position as January approached something has to change, then I realised almost everyone's contract ended at the end of the season in haste renewing tom ince's contract (wages rising from 5k to 20k) there was a problem no wage budget, I needed to offload some players.

out went Isaiah Osborne (500k) Gomes (2m) Ángel leaving on a free not wanting a new contract same with Silvestre I was given 10m from the board giving me a large amount to spend after 3 midfielders left the club I brought in 3 big money signings bolasie (2m) tom cairney (5m) and sordell (5m) this turned the season around leaving me in 11th 6pts of play-off spots.

I have confidence in my team to go and do it.

Screenshots to come.

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So i get Wolves in the random draw. Not bad and decent team.

i have many goals set in mind for this club and tons of changes.

They didn't have best of seasons of late including relegation so here are a few plans.

1. Get back to the premiership within two years time.

2. Bring in future prospects and quality players.

ok so to start the board happily give me a decent sized transfer budget (which i gladly accept to start my changes)

Im keen on playing attacking passing game and hope to get the team fluid enough before season after first transfer window iv spent alot

but got some decent signing. (a lot of loans but all are needed) i believe in a big squad to cover all areas in every situation.

few key signing where for me.

Shaun Cummings(loan) Reading

Ben amos (loan) and Carlos Nash (free) -both are key as Wayne Hennessy is out all season.

Taking Jay Bootroyd on loan also booths my attack.

First perm transfer comes from Aiden White from Leeds(Mark)-800k BARGAIN.

llsinho comes in on loan

as does jano. digne. paddy mccourt. sergi gomez, marc muniesa.

using up my whole budget in the first window proved fantastic. winning most my friendlies and draw rest....

Start of season went didnt go too well losing 0-1 to Hull but bouncing back against Leeds(mark) 3-0 with Aiden White proving Leeds were wrong to sell him.

As i already said i want fast skilled passing attacking football.

So i set out to play 4-2-3-1 play. which has worked out well as of yet i haven't lost to any clan members apart from 2draws. and im currantly

settled in 2nd place.

EDIT:::: screenshot of transfers up to FEB 2013 to as im gettin errors with them

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Hi my name is Franz Fuchs and I'm an Austrian Football Manager. In the past I accomplished a few minor reputation successes in the German Second Division and so it was even weirder that a quite well known team as Bolton asked me for a role as their manager. I didnt have to think long about that offer and agreed to put my whole passion into the guiding that team back to the premiere Divison.

Bolton has a decent squad, the midfielders are in their best years and talented. I had two very good strikers and an dedicated 34 year old Captain. Just the line up of my CD's caused me sorrow, so i managed to get Denswill from Ajax on loan.

The season started good, still not good enough compared to my goals. I found an 4-1-2-2-1 formation the best solution for my squad and i havent regret that decision. We didnt get many goals against us and had the control in midfield against most sides. Yet only 35 year old striker and captain Davies seemed to be able to put the round globe into the squared chest. With my 1 mio transfer budget and used to capacity wage budget i decided to sell my most expensive player Mavin Sordell, who wasnt able to score as often as wanted, and looking out for a cheaper solution or even a loan out. The plan was to buy a new left attacking midfielder, so that Eagles didnt always have to play on is worse left side. Unfortunately the financial jolted club (or lets say the chairman) had something else in mind with the sum that came in from the transer. Thats the problem with a club that just got relegated: you may have a quite decent squad, but it's hard to keep them onboard or even find the money for a moderate replacement.

After all i dont think the leaving of Sordell will cause big problems in the future. After more than the half of the season Bolton finds themselves at 6th position and considering the injuries we had to take thats a good standing. The old (stupid) chairman retired and the new management is very pleased with my work.

Sometimes i feel a bit lonely in the big country away from home, all the mountains and leather trousers. But the task is thrilling me and they say my job status is very secure and I'm prepared to stay if my person is needed here. Especially when it goes to Premiere Divison.

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Well where to begin, after getting Leeds in the random draw I thought I was one of the luckiest clan members with Leeds being a fairly big club (especially in that div), good stadium and a decent transfer budget of 7m before selling anyone but oh how wrong I was.

I decided to try n get rid of most of warnocks side especially Diouf who I can't stand n Kenny who I've never really rated but it proved to be a huge struggle to find anyone AT ALL who was willing to pay wages for not just these 2 but the majority of the squad. I managed to ship a few out as you will see from screenshots below which left with alot of money to spend on wages n transfer fees. I decided since it was the championship I needed a big squad to cope with say/tues every week.




So after I got most of who I wanted in then I tried to decide what formation to go with I thought I'll stick with 4-4-2 as most of the players should be able to adapt easily enough, again tho I was dead wrong and this really cost my season in the end as I kept trying to change formation to find a winning formula.

In the end my squad never adapted and players I thought were going to be outstanding in this division couldn't put a pass together n this resulted in me going on a huge losing streak n ended up getting relegated as you can see from table below.

Screenshots to follow

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