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4321 Tactic Oxford to Prem Title in 6 Seasons

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Tactic based on Kimz, so no creative freedom, but only uses short straight farrows and normal MR & ML.

Apart from original xtree tactic a few others are included hastily put together during a few games

Defend tactic for the 424

Deep Defend to waste time with a good lead

Attack to try and grab a goal



This is main tactic - Key points - No CF Split mentality CBs, FBs Man and TM




These options can be used for Home Games as greater invention up front to break down AI defence.

Attacking mentality


With creative freedom


With Free Roles



Only change LCB Tight Marking



Useful in difficult away games or to start to close out game around 60th Min.

As a change in style there is a quick counter attack tactic


Slow counter attack


SUS TACTICS - Last 10 Minute Tactics

This is Shut up Shop Tactic Man - Man marking back 4 all TM using quick counter attack


General SUS



If losing when you get a man sent off use this tactic. If winning the AI becomes highly motivated and may be worth tryiong to close out game with Counter Attack.

If you get a man sent off use this tactic



This is an aggresive attacking tactic suitable for top Teams.

4141 attacking tactic AMR and AML with free roles




I've not live tested but this is a 442 variation (2AMCs barrowed)



This is an untested 3CB 2ST tactic I set up with Rob.




For away games or relegation team try the defend tactic


Tactic used by MU 4231



No farrow tactic used by Chelsea but without barrow




Normal 4141


4312 Formation


424 Formation


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The xtree tactic is base tactic and should be used 99% of time, the others are just options if needed.

Playing the same tactic helps the gel factor and in the first three seasons 138 League games only lost 6 times. I did have a good squad for level and it is importent to buy better players and if possible look to quality of League above.

Man management is also a factor. If you have a poor run of form then check Captain interaction, as if there is a team meeting option, then this should give an instant boost in morale and if you win next game the results should flow.

Also turn down all job offers as appears to make unhappy players happy.

Certainly more factors than just tactics, but these tactics should be solid with good players.

Thanks for trying tactic.

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I do not use OI

With lower reputation clubs the best available that will come to Club, so no specific player requirements just good quality.

The tactic works both down middle with short passing between MC 2 AMCs and ST and down wings, a good all round striker is best and AMCs with good long shots. I now have M Fernandez at Oxford and he is lethal but Oxford is now a top ten club in World finishing 2nd last year and heading for title this year.

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Your tactic is so good it's ridiculous.

I started with Genoa, Italian Serie A relegation candidate.

They have around $12M to spend so I go out start buying players, only to discover that

good players don't come to Genoa.

The Italian Serie A started and shockingly enough I found myself in the 2nd place at the Winter Break!!!!

I mean you got to be kidding me here. 2nd place in the first season with Genoa?

I will see how this season ends. I don't know if I win the league, but if I didn't, a Champions League

qualification (or UEFA Cup for that matter) is still an incredible results with Genoa.

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been doing great with this tactic with my liverpool team beat benfica 7-0 away from home and man city 6-0 away from home scoring quite a few goals a game but hardly conceded any at all great work knap thanks for sharing

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Your tacs are really good Knap! Won Belgian League and Cup with RSC Anderlecht in 2012/13. In 2013/14 I switched to Besiktas Istanbul. After 18 Matches lying in 1st place (predicted 4th) with only 13 goals conceded. I've often seen tacs that score like mad, but this is the first tac were i can get cleen sheets.

I play the normal tac, but the ML/R have arrows to FL/R position. With short farrows my Wingers don't get in the game. The football I now see is marvelous!!! Hope to get an offer from the top 5 leagues to test with quality players.


P.S. Sorry for my bad english. My german is much better! :)

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i urge anyone to try this tactic i really really do it's nothing short of phenomenal hardly conceded anything at the back i've got a good defence anyway but the opp rarely score maybe one in 3 games although i'm clocking in 2-3 goals a game although i've won a few games 7-0 and 6-0 i don't use any oi instructions and i don't have an assistant manager so i'm doing all the team talks myself using for the fans and i expect a win seems to work alot cos i'm faviortes in alot of games

TRY IT!!!!

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I have been playing with zero creative freedom for a "long time" but only because the players at hand have been totally and utterly crap(in India, Iceland, BSP, etc.). It has never struck me to try this at a higher level, so thanks for the tip, I will try my LowerLeagues-tactics with a top team :)

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Mr. Hough,

1-top formation heavily depends on the quality of ST. Usually it requires a Target-man like player who can play post.

Fast striker like Rooney won't fit very well.

That is why I personally prefer 2-top systems. They tend to score more, too, but of course the defense is not as tight.

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been doing great with this tactic with my liverpool team beat benfica 7-0 away from home and man city 6-0 away from home scoring quite a few goals a game but hardly conceded any at all great work knap thanks for sharing

Only in the virtual world you can beat Benfica in the stadium of light 7-0! Even in my worst nightmares

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started a new game with this tactic playing as hull city as i was picking my team i thought i'd try and pick a team that has potential but not quite getting there i was predicted 21st place and the media suggested that i'd be relegation candidates i looked at my attack and with frasier cambell i thought i had a good forward but no back up so bought in bogdan stancu for 1 million and also thought i had a good midfield so with 1.5 million left thought i'd try and get some defence bought in a few players on loan and i've been phenominal on the pitch currently sitting in 1st place after 15 games with 0 losses and 2 draws great work

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Hey guys,

I am about to try it with Bristol Rovers. Im 17th after 8 games. Struggling to be honest. I hate the way the AI work out your tactic after a few games...

Has anyone tried this tactic in League One and how have you guys gone with it?

BTW, what does holiday mode mean?

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I've not noticed that the AI "crack" a tactic. With this tactic you may find the AI use 2 DMs or 5 in Midfield. As a tactic change long farrows or no farrows on ML/R or changing player positions may help in creating a chance in a stalemate game or changing the balance of a game if slipping away.

Worked well in League 1 with Oxford. The next steps Championship and Prem are the most difficult because of the step up in player ability required.

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The tactic is balanced so can be used home or away.

Possible tweaks

Increase tempo to top of normal

Tick Counter attack

Use a std 4141 formation

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Tried this with Man City with great results. I started using your tactic 10 games into my season, and ended up second behind Man Utd. I used the attacking version more in the beginning, then changing to the more balanced version, as per your instructions. I must say that I'm very impressed by this tactic - good work mate!

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Won the Serie A in the end (30W, 7D, 1L - 97 pts), scoring 75 and conceding 9. Second place Inter had 85 points (74 for and 30 against). Lost out in the semifinals of the UCL to Real (2-1 on aggregrate), and lost the Coppa Italia final to Napoli 1-0. Would have liked a few more goals, but still a very good tactic.

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The tactic is designed to be solid and perhaps more suited to a team getting to top. Hopefully away form is solid which should mean a tweak to improve home form to open up defences.

There are a couple of other tactics available for testing which are more attacking but less solid.

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I have a defender who is wicked in the air with 19 for heading and jumping, 19 for strength but is not too fast with a 12 in pace and acceleration. The other defender is a bit less dominant in the air 18 for heading 16 for jumping but has 19 for pace and acceleration, which one is best to use as the more attacking defender?

I am about to use this tactic for my Crewe game you recomended it in the general discussions forum. I will let you now how I get on.

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Well i dont think ive ever actually posted on the forums before, although i always check them for new stuff but i feel really compelled to do so now.

Ive been having pretty good success with the Kimz tactic for months now, and recently began a quest to turn Benevento from a Serie C2/C team into a champions league winning team but have been halted recently as the computer had completely cracked the tactic.

I tried everything from changing to tweaking to buying new players with no success, it just got worse and worse, conceding and not being able to score.

Trying this tactic has revilatized that completely, and after four seasons im back at the top of the Serie B ready for my first crack at the Serie A. I cant seem to lose, concede or not score, it is wonderful!

Ultimately, this tactics main improvement over the Kimz tactics are the space it gives the players. "Space" is the key word for me here. with short passing, and the easy movement of the players through the field, theres always someone to pass to who is unmarked so going forward is fluid, and generally quite quick, but your also not left undefended at the back like in the Kimz tactic when you do go forward.

After using Kimz for so long, it makes you realize how cluttered a tactic it is, here my players seem to have room to breath, pass and shoot.

All round, great tactic, and now i can enjoy football manager again, Woop!

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I just won Serie C1/B first season with Perugia with this tactic. Had great success, but to be honest I would expect to win the league with any tactic I played with this team.

Big wages and transfer budget and a good squd of players. I will report back after next season Serie C1/A to let you know how I got on. Seems a great tactic though.

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